The Top 10 Best Kitchen Mats For Hardwood Floors: Reviews & Buying Guides

Are you looking for the best kitchen mat for hardwood floors that will give you an aesthetic look?  It may appear easy to buy the best kitchen mat for hardwood floor but the truth is, it can be a hard task. You must have heard and seen mats for ergonomic design but you’ve probably never encountered the mats that gives comfort.

While you strive to prepare meals at home for you or your family, you must agree with me that moving in and around the kitchen can be tiresome. Think of what standing long hours in the kitchen could do to your posture.

You can avoid a recurring lower backaches, knees, foot or joint pain and swelling standing for long hours by buying the best kitchen floor mats. This is important if your floor is made up of hardwood. A good kitchen floor mat is all you need to reduce the pain or discomfort that comes while preparing a meal.

Read through to understand on everything about kitchen floor mats specifically on hardwood floors.

Why Is It Important To Have A Perfect Kitchen Mat/Rag For Your Hardwood Floor?

There are plenty of kitchen mats now available in the market, it is easy to make wrong choice. Kitchen mats are important for your hardwood floor for a number of reasons. They include:

a) To keep your kitchen clean and tidy:

A kitchen floor mat is simply used to keep the surface of the floor neat and tidy. It helps to trap food particles falling down the floor quite often while cooking. It is also obvious that while cooking, water and oil spillage cannot be avoided. A floor mat in your kitchen helps to keep the place clean since it minimizes this mess.

b) To enhance beauty of the kitchen

While the kitchen is solely meant for preparing meals, you cannot overlook this part of house. A good kitchen mat should add beauty to the kitchen making it lively and warm. Most floor mats come in different designs, shape, floor patterns and colors. You can choose any that suits your floor but also one that improves the interior décor of your kitchen space.

c) To resist water and oil

You cannot entirely avoid water and oil spillage however much careful you are. It is for this reason you need a good kitchen floor mat especially for your hardwood floor. It will reduces the incidences of slipping and tripping thus avoiding injuries. It is also feels good walking on a comfortable kitchen floor with a mat on it.

10 Best Kitchen Mats for Hardwood Floor Reviews

In this section, we are going to cover in details our top 10 best kitchen mats for hardwood floors and their reviews including where to buy. We will also look at their pros and cons to make it easy for you to pick one that suits your need. Let’s begin:

1. Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat

Anytime you think of a kitchen mat for your hardwood floor, think no more. This floor mat is suitable for your floor that is why we picked it top among our list. It is made up of high quality.

It is a multifunctional floor mat not just limited to the kitchen but also other places such as your garage, bar, restaurants and other rooms.

It provides the comfort needed whether you have your shoes on or just bare feet. In fact, most buyers who opted for this floor mat have not made any complaint so far making it one of the best floor mat for your hardwood floor.

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  • Comfort guaranteed
  • Relieves any kind of discomfort especially on back, knee and foot
  • Anti- slipping and tripping
  • Beveled edge and superior base
  • Eco-friendly, made from non-toxic materials


  • Although this floor mat sticks to the hardwood floor, it may move a bit. This is a concern to some people.

2. Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug

There are a variety of kitchen mats for hardwood floors, but our research narrowed to Kangaroo Original Standing mat for your floor. Why did we include this kitchen mat for your hardwood floor? This mat gives you the best comfort or cushioning.

It will also give you enough support while doing your household and kitchen duties. It is the reason why we picked it as one of the best top 10 kitchen floor mat for hardwood floor.

It is durable, meaning it will serve you long enough without losing its shape and firmness.

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  • This mat gives you the comfort  and cushioning you need while standing on it for long hours
  • Has the highest amount of foam
  • Relieves pressure on the knees, foot and back
  • Water proof and made of textured pattern
  • Free from toxins, Phthalate free


  • Some customers complain that once it catches any dirt, it becomes hard to get rid of it and some remains can be seen even after cleaning.

3. Butterfly Long Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat Comfort Floor Mat

Butterfly Long Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat Comfort Floor Mat has been picked as one of the best kitchen mat for hardwood floor. It gives you the comfort while working either on standing desk or hardwood floor.

Some of the features that makes it to be among the best kitchen mat include being durable and built with ergonomic design.

It is suitable mat with a foam that can help relieve anyone suffering from joint, knee and back pain.

It is ideal not just for its ability to serve you long without losing shape but also add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen floor

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  • It is multifunctional, you can use it in other places not just limited to the kitchen floor
  • Variety to choose from in terms of color,
  • Available in 3 different lengths
  • Durable
  • Gives you the best comfort. Build from soft and cushiony apparel thus gives you the comfort, cutting of fatigue while standing on it for long hours
  • Anti-slipping and tripping kitchen mat, beveled edges


  • Some customers consider it a bit expensive

4. Amcomfy Premium Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat

While looking for that kitchen mat for your hardwood floor, take into consideration this mat. Amcomfy Premium Kitchen Anti Fatigue Mat appear in our top 10 best kitchen mat for hardwood floor for a number of reasons.

One, if you are forced to stand in front of a desk or just the kitchen for long hours, then this is the recommended mat for you. It has been made up of a supportive cushion that will relieve you from any discomfort or pain especially, the knees, back and joint pains.

This mat is worth the price since it offers amazing grip and doesn’t move on the floor. It cushions you from slipping or tripping.

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  • Anti-slipping pad to prevent tripping, offering excellent grip on the floor especially when it is wet
  • Appealing giving your kitchen a vintage outlook
  • It doesn’t lose shape even when you use with high heels on. Has a rebound reaction
  • Has smooth beveled edges thus prevent you from slipping and tripping
  • Non- toxic material thus safe to work on
  • User- friendly
  • Durable mat


  • Quite expensive but worth it

5. Oasis Kitchen Mats, Leather Grain Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat & Kitchen Rug

If your floor is made up of hardwood then this is the ideal kitchen mat for it. It is supportive to keep you comfortable long enough while you keeping on working and doing your kitchen chores. It helps you stand for long hours while working without feeling fatigue.

Other than just giving you the comfort, this kitchen mat is known for its durability. It also improves the appearance of your kitchen as well.

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  • Beveled edges to prevent slipping or tripping thus protecting you from injuries
  • Comfort is up to the mark
  • Build with grade thickness and stability
  • Non-toxic materials, eco-friendly and no bad odor
  • Durable, it lasts long without fading or losing its original color


  • Not easily delivered internationally, limited to some locations.

6. HEBE Kitchen Rugs

You can never go wrong when you opt for Hebe Kitchen Rugs as the kitchen mat for your hardwood floor. This mat is designed to give you comfort and relieve the pressure on your back, legs and joints for standing for long hours in the kitchen or anywhere else you decide to use the mat.

This mat is anti-slip preventing incidents that would arise moving in and out of a wet and slippery floor.

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  • Anti-slip mat
  • Water and stain resistant
  • Durable
  • It comes with polypropylene fiber and latex backing
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor
  • It also add an attractive appeal to your kitchen


  • Not any at the moment

7. Camoone Non Slip Kitchen Mat

Finding the best kitchen mat for your hardwood floors should end on Camoone Non Slip Kitchen Mat. This mat is suitable for large spaced floors. You can also use it on other floors such as ceramic, tiles or marbles. It still works fine.

This mat is not only comfortable but the elegance makes it one of the best to be used on hardwood floor. It adds attractiveness in your kitchen making it lively.

If you opt for this mat, you are likely to use for long without worrying that it would lose shape. It remains stable for really long.

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  • It is a non-slip, thus it will prevent you from falling or slipping
  • Waterproof, thus it doesn’t get bulky after absorbing water
  • Available in wider range of designs, adds the warmth and color to the kitchen floor
  • It is hypoallergenic. Free from all toxics, thus safe to use
  • No bad odor


  • It resembles pretty much like plastic

8. EverGrace kitchen mat

This is a unique kitchen mat for hardwood floor. It has unique printings themed for kitchen floor. It is made up of premium non-toxic PVC leather, which makes it last for long hours of use.

The mat has also a non-slip base that keeps it in place on the hardwood floors and all other types of floors such as marbles, tiles, carpets and laminate,

Other key features include being stain-resistant, making it easy to clean with a simple piece of damp cloth. It also prevents water seeping and oil making it one of our best top kitchen floor mat for hardwood.

Last but least, this kitchen rug allows a quick rebound reaction, thus allow movement and adjusting to your weight.

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  • Made up of non- toxic materials
  • Durable leather
  • Water and oil resistant
  • Offer quick rebound reaction
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfort guaranteed


  • The design may not suitable for modern themed homes

9. iDesign Formbu Bamboo Floor Mat

With this kitchen mat on your hardwood floor, you can be guaranteed that pressures arising from walking and standing for long hours in the kitchen is solved.

This mat has been carefully made taking in consideration the design and functionality. It is purely bamboo designed to complement your kitchen floor. Some of the unique features include being water resistance thus avoiding incidences of injuries from slipping and tripping.

The base is made up of non-skid high quality materials thus it doesn’t move from where you it is intended to stay. It is easy to clean, just wipe with a wet piece of cloth and some detergent.

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  • Has a non-skid underside preventing you from slipping
  • Easy to clean
  • Made from natural bamboo thus a perfect design for hardwood floor
  • Water and oil-resistant fabric,
  • Durable, serving you for long without losing its shape


  • The floor mat comes in dimension of 72×24 inches which some may consider larger to be used for kitchen space

10. iCustomRug Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat

ICustomRug Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat provides the ideal comfort you need while working and going about your duties in your kitchen. The type of materials used to come up with this kitchen floor mat is high density called polyurethane memory foam.

This design makes it to appear in the list of our top best kitchen mat for hardwood floor. This mats is also long lasting, durable. It uses long lasting Textilene surfaces that gives the extra feel and texture to your bare feet while doing your kitchen chores.

It is also water and stain resistant thus easy to clean and maintain. It also has slightly beveled edges to keep it on the floor without moving.

The design and quality of the materials used is meant to blend with the rest of your furniture and fixtures at home, meaning it has a wide colors to choose from.

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  • Design with high density polyurethane memory foam
  • Uses Textilene design to provide extra comfort
  • Water and stain resistance
  • Slightly beveled edges

Points To Consider Before Buying Kitchen Mat -Guide

Before buying that kitchen mat for your hardwood floor, there are factors to consider to suit your need.

Here are some of the factors:

1. Types and Sizes of Rug

There are a number of mats or kitchen rugs available in the market but getting one which suits your need can be a difficult task. You have to go for the kitchen floor mat that fits your hardwood floor.

Although we have almost similar sizes and shape, they differ in coverage. That’s why it is important to get one that will cover the space in your kitchen. It will save you cost.

2. Design

There are quite a number of designs available in the market. But when buying that floor mat for your kitchen, go for the modern design that complements modern kitchen theme.

3. Gel or Foam

This is important. A good kitchen floor mat for hardwood floor should have different layers and cores. This ensures the mat provides a rebound reaction that will give you comfort and ensures safety. Most kitchen mats are uses anti-fatigue design to offer convenience and relieves pressure when standing for long hours in the kitchen.

4. Ease of Cleaning

While it can be tiring preparing meals and standing for long hours in the kitchen, cleaning the mat should be another burden. Obviously, we all want a mat or rug that is easy to clean.

Go for that kitchen floor mat that is easy to clean with a simple piece of cloth, mild detergent and water.

What Kind of Mats/Rugs Are Safe for Hardwood Floors?

It is important to understand the kind of kitchen floor mats that are safe for hardwood floors. In this section, we will expound a little on some of them.

Natural fiber mats/rugs

These kind of mats or rugs are made from plant fibers such as seagrass and jute then woven into mats tight enough to prevent space for dust or water to enter through. They have a natural latex backing which prevents any kind of destruction on the hardwood floor.

Synthetic rugs/mats

A good kitchen mat or rug for hardwood floor should be made up of synthetic materials. In the list we have provided quite a number of them. Most of them are manufactured from rayon, polyurethane, nylon and acrylic to complete a look similar to mats made from natural raw materials.

Anti-fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are also good for your hardwood floor. But they need to be cleaned more than the mats from natural latex backing

FAQs on Kitchen Floor Mats/Rugs for Hardwood Floors

This section will attempt to answer most commonly asked questions asked on kitchen mats for hardwood floors.

Here are some of the questions and their replies

Are rubber backed rugs bad for hardwood floors?

Absolutely No! Rubber backed mats are not bad for your hardwood floors. But you have to keep on moving it from time to time, otherwise if kept in the same place for too long without cleaning the surface, they can distort appearance of the floor.

Always try to clean the backside of the rubber backed rubber too, when cleaning the top surface of the rug.

How do I protect my hardwood floors in the kitchen?

Always try to protect your hardwood floor from sharp materials. You can do this by covering your hardwood floor with either rubber, PVC or fabric mat. To protect your floor effectively, you have maintain it. Let this be a key priority. Cleaning it with mild soap and water is enough to protect the floor.

Are Gel Pro Mats safe for hardwood floors?

Absolutely Yes! All you have to do is maintain them well. These kind of mats are able to sustain heave loads. But they are perfectly fine and safe to use on hardwood floors.

Final Thoughts:

This post was to make it easier for to pick the best kitchen mat for hardwood floors. It means, it is not hard now to make a choice regarding buying the best mat for your kitchen use. From the list and reviews, you can tell there are plenty of products available in the market with each having unique features, pros and cons.

Always take into consideration the features and price range that would suit your need to prevent going for the wrong ones. GOODLUCK!


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