Will Cockroaches Crawl In Your Mouth?

Thinking that a cockroach can crawl in your mouth is disgusting. Roaches are filthy carrying germs and can transmit diseases. If a cockroach gets in your mouth, be sure to get ill. Can roaches go in your mouth? What would happens if you accidentally swallowed a cockroach? Do you know how to keep roaches away while you sleep? This post will answer all the questions in details. Read more.

To begin, it is so rare for a cockroach to crawl into your mouth. Cockroaches are afraid of human and can never get too close. Crawling into your mouth puts them at risk of being killed. But be sure, if stay too close to a nest, there could be a chance of a flying roaches getting into your mouth.

If you swallow a cockroach, your stomach will perceive it as food and the roach will be digested. Note that roaches carry harmful bacteria. So what happens when you accidentally swallow one? Keep on reading to find out.

You can keep roaches away from your bed while sleeping. There are quite a number of natural repellents that repel roaches. Your bedroom shouldn’t attract roaches in the first place. Be sure to keep it clean free from clutter, food and dirt to keep the roaches away and the risk of getting and crawling into your mouth at night.

Can Roaches Go in Your Mouth?

Like it or not, you may have unknowingly eaten insects while you sleep. This is a disturbing fact. But the good news is that, cockroaches are unlikely to get anywhere close to your mouth even while you are sleeping.

Your mouth could attract roaches since it is warm and moist but roaches are not stupid to get close. While sleeping you tend to release carbon dioxide that indicates that there is living organism, this is enough to warm cockroaches of impending danger.

Roaches will come out of their colony looking for food, water, shelter and maybe warmth. Your mouth could offer a few of these but not enough for the roaches to go inside. But a flying cockroaches could accidentally fly into your mouth while you are sleep. This could happen if you are too close to their nest. Some of the flying cockroaches include: Asian, brown, smoky, American cockroaches etc.

But this is also rare, roaches don’t come too close when humans are present. Although cockroaches are more likely to crawl inside ears since the ear canal happens to be warm and offer some kind of protection. Roaches respond to touch enjoying the feeling of things against their bodies; probably the reason they squeeze between spaces.

What Happens If You Accidentally Swallow a Cockroach?

As mentioned, it is so unlikely for a cockroach to get inside your mouth. But accidents do happen, right? Assuming you accidentally swallow a cockroach, what would happen? In most cases, the roach would be digested and the bacteria. Like food, it will excreted out of your body as feces.

Remember, your stomach has acid which can dissolve the roach and dilute the bacteria. What if this doesn’t happen in time, you probably get sick. This can be bad if you are allergic to cockroaches. You are likely to develop symptoms likes:

  • Skin rashes
  • Nasal congestion
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Dizziness
  • Wheezing
  • Swelling of the face, throat and mouth
  • Coughing

If you are allergic, cockroaches can trigger asthma. Cockroach poop and saliva contain specific proteins that act as allergens in asthmatic people.

You are also likely to suffer from this other diseases:

Salmonellosis – a condition caused by the salmonella bacteria that may lead to fever, diarrhea and vomiting.

You could also suffer from E. coli infections: which affects the guts causing fever, nausea, chills and muscle cramps

Listeriosis; bacterial infection that attacks weakened immune system causing fever, muscle aches and diarrhea.

How To Keep Cockroaches Away While You Sleep

How can you keep roaches away while you sleep? There is so much one can do to keep roaches away while you are sleep at night. They include:

a) Remove Food

An infestation of cockroaches is signal that there is source of food. if your bedroom has any crumb, leftover food, clear them out of bedroom. Clean your bedroom such that there is nothing that attracts the roaches, this means if you have a habit of eating or carrying food to your bedroom then you need to stop. Roaches cannot invade where there is no source of food.

b) Get Rid of Moisture

Other than food, moisture or water attracts roaches. Keep your bedroom free from moisture. Avoid leaving water in glass and thereafter placing it in your bedroom. If you must carry water to your bedroom, be sure to put it in a watertight bottle that cockroaches can’t get into.

c) Regularly Clean Your Bedroom

A clean room doesn’t provide the ideal settings for a cockroach to live. Cockroaches are filthy and live and hide in clutter as their nesting spots. Cockroaches can survive on paper, cardboard or anything that has nutritional value especially starch.

To keep roaches out while you sleep, clean your room. This include putting away loose clothes, dusting your room, sweep the floor etc.

d) Use Gel Repellents

Gel repellents come in handy especially when natural repellent don’t work as effective as you would wish. Cockroach baits are effective in killing them quickly and also continue to kill them over time including those that may have missed the bait. A cockroach will eat the gel bait and take it others in the nest, where they’ll die.

Placing a few gel baits in places where the roaches could possibly be hiding is an effective method to keep roaches out while you sleep. Place the bait under your bed and behind the cabinets.

e) Seal Windows and Doors

To keep roaches out of bedroom while you sleep, be sure to seal all cockroaches’ access points. Seal the holes in the walls, cracks, open windows and the gaps underneath doors. This approach helps to keep the roaches out, in the process use baits and cockroach baits to completely kill the roaches.

f) Use Natural Repellents

Use natural repellents to deter roaches from accessing your bedroom, this would guarantee you no cockroach would come close to your bedroom. Natural repellents are toxic free thus harmless to humans.

Cockroaches hate the smell of natural repellents such as: catnip, peppermint, eucalyptus, bay leaves, lemon, oregano, rosemary etc. Place these natural repellents in a corner in your bedroom while you sleep. Be sure no cockroach would come close to your mouth while sleeping.

g) Remove Trash

This should be one of the simplest and effortless thing to do. You want to keep roaches out while you sleep? Remove trash from your bedroom. Be sure to empty your trash can especially if there are rotten foods in there.


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