How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Bathroom Drain, Tiny Black Ants – Effective Methods

Once in a while every homeowner has had to deal with ants at some point or another. Ant infestation can be annoying especially when they invade into your house and in particular in your bathroom. These creature are tiny, small and black in color.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Bathroom Drain

Ants contribute to the ecosystem in away even though they are annoying. Naturally there are over 12000 ants in the world. These tiny creatures just like humans are out here to survive. It is not uncommon to see them moving in patterns looking for food, shelter and water. They live in large colonies and a have a queen.

Ants are known to penetrate in tiny places such as wall cracks, crevices and bathroom drain. You would wonder why ants would suddenly appear in your bathroom drain. This is common as they are constantly looking for moisture and food debris.

Why would ants be in your bathroom? What type of ants go in a bathroom? How do you get rid of bathroom? This post will answer all these questions. Find in the post, some effective ways to get rid of ants in your bathroom drain including the best insecticides and natural home remedies to deal with the ants.

Why Would Ants Be In Your Bathroom?

Having an ant infestation in your house and specifically in your bathroom is a common problem. Though one would wonder why in the bathroom drain! Ants are commonly found in the kitchen and dining area, this is where they come to look for food.

In some cases, ants find their way into the bathroom. Ants will find their way in the bathroom, if they have built their nests in there. Although they are small in size and appear harmless, ants can cause so much damage. Some ant species like carpenter ants can cause significant damage on wooden structures while the odorous house ants are dirty and can bring a lot of bacteria into your house and bathroom.

Another possible reason why ants are attracted to the bathroom, is the scents and odors coming from the sanitary drains. The sanitary drains tend to gather motionless water that could possibly have rotting human hair.

Needless to say, probably not a major reason but ants could get attracted to the bathroom for breeding reason. The shower room environment tend to make a good environment for breeding.

Which Types Of Ants Go In A Bathroom?

There are several types of ants that can invade your bathroom. For obvious reason, ants will invade your bathroom to seek food or shelter. Having said that, the main types of ant you are likely to see in your bathroom are argentine ants, carpenter ants and ghost ants.

Carpenter Ants

This is one of the most likely ant that tend to frequent and probably build a nest in your bathroom sink or drain. For obvious reason, the bathroom is in most cases damp, which provides the appropriate shelter for the carpenter ants to build their nest as well as access your home when searching for food.

Carpenter ants are naturally stubborn and can cause structural damage. If you suspect the ants in your bathroom are carpenter ants deal with them as fast as possible.

Ghost or Odorous House Ants

This is another type of ant species you are likely to see in your bathroom drain or sink. Of course, just like the carpenter ants, they will find their way into your bathroom in search of food for their colony.

Argentine Ants

The chances of meeting an argentine ant in your home and bathroom is very high. Argentine ants are somehow large and they prefer sugar based diets and they tend to build their nest in wet and damp areas. Other than the bathroom, you are also likely to meet these ants and their colony around your toilet bowel.

Getting Rid of Ants in Your Bathroom Effectively

To get rid of the ants in your bathroom effectively, do the following:

1. Locate and seal the Ants’ entry points

To effectively get rid of ants in your bathroom drain, locate where the ants are coming from. Ants crawl through any hole in the house and your bathroom is no exception. As soon as you find their entry points, seal them instantly. Make sure you seal all their entry points with caulk.

2. Keeping the Shower Dry

Most ants will move in search of water and food. Always keep you shower dry to prevent an infestation of ants in your bathroom. A damp or wet area attracts the ants, and they will find a way into your bathroom. Try to fix leaks in your bathroom and once you are done, clean up your shower.

3. Dehumidification

This involves getting rid of atmospheric moisture. Ants naturally tend to thrive in moist areas where they build their nests. The steam in your shower provides warmth to these tiny creatures. Don’t allow the steam to cloud in the shower, this attracts the ants.

While dehumidification happens, make an effort to repair leakages. Ants like to build shelter from the clogs.

4. Use Insecticides

Insecticides are effective in getting rid of ants in homes and in your bathroom drain. There are quite a number of insecticides that would have your job done. Use insecticide spray to get rid of the ants in moist places in your bathroom.

Insecticides have chemicals which can be harmful to humans and pets. Always take precaution when using them to get rid of ants in your bathroom drain.

5. Ant Baits

Other than insecticides, ant baits are equally effective in eliminating ants from you bathroom drain.

Below is a list of ant baits that are known to produce amazing results.

Syngenta – TRTD11568 – Optigard Ant Bait Gel Box

This is one of the best ant bait in the market today. It works effectively on all ants and other pests. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor control of ants. Use it to get rid of ants from cracks and crevices.


Home Plus Ant Killer (4-Pack), Metal Ant Traps


This ant bait kills the queen and the entire colony within 24 hours of application

Steps To Eradicate both Big and Tiny Black Ants in Bathroom Surfaces

Whenever you want to get rid of ants (big and tiny), here is how to do it. Follow this simple steps to eliminate the ants.

1. Identify What Attracts the Ants

Ants both big and tiny like many other pests, move from one place to another seeking food and water. It is for this reason, they are commonly found in the kitchen and now in the bathroom. The key and initial step in eliminating ants from the bathroom is cutting of the water supply. Repair leaks and drips in your bathrooms.

Make sure that there is no stagnant water, and the sinks are frequently wiped to keep moisture out of the bathroom.

2. Follow the Ant Trails

Another key step is to follow the ant trails. Ants are known for moving in a certain organized pattern thus leaving a trail. Use this trail to discover the pathways used to access your bathroom and where they are coming from.

3. Seal Cracks

Tiny black ants in your bathroom are likely to use the cracks within the walls and tiles to invade the bathroom. Make sure that the all the cracks are properly sealed. Replace the old caulk. This should also be done outside too. Seal all the openings and cracks to deny the ants entry into your house and bathroom drain.

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of the Ants in the Bathroom Drain

Using home and natural methods is a quick way to deal with an invasion of ants in your bathroom drain. Here are some of the home remedies to appy:

1. Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is quick fix to get rid of ants in your bathroom drain. It works for both the tiny and big black ants. Sprinkle the baking soda down the drain and then almost immediately follow with equal quantities of vinegar. While using vinegar, you may be forced to open all your windows and the doors if necessary.

Vinegar is acidic in nature and requires ventilation. Once you are done, flesh the dead ants and rinse the remains of the baking water with warm or hot water.

2. Dish Soap

To get rid of ants effectively from your bathroom drain, add this natural method to you list. It is simple to execute. All you have to do is to mix soap and water in a spray bottle. Then spray directly on the ants and follow the trails while spraying the mixture. This mixture is effective and kills the ants very quickly.

3. Boiled Water

This is another ant killer that works perfectly fine. Bring water to boiling point. Use a kettle to pour water in the bathroom drain. It is a fast method and kills the ants almost instantly. Be careful not to burn yourself in the process.

4. Salt

You can use common table salt to get rid of ants in your bathroom drain. Salt is considered as a natural killer for ants and other insects. You can add salt with hot water and then allow it cool before spraying the ants.

5. Cinnamon

Ants don’t like the smell of cinnamon. It is too strong for them to stand. Use cinnamon to repel the ants in your bathroom. Being a natural ant repellant, cinnamon will keep the ants away from your house and bathroom. You can mix cinnamon with essential oil such as tea tree oil, this mixture will produce a strong scent that will deter ants from your bathroom.


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