Scrotum Rash Causes, Symptoms, Itchy, White Rash, STD, Red Heat Rash, Pictures Treatment

What is the cause of scrotum rash? Itchy rash on scrotum, could it be STD such as herpes? Heat rash, skin fungal infections or diaper rash are some of the reason of having scrotal rash. In this page, we address possible causes, symptoms including treatment on how to get of rash on scrotum in adults and baby.

A scrotal rash is not an infection but a symptom. The causes of the rash may vary and the symptoms exhibited by a person is dependent on what is causing the rash. In most cases a rash appears as a red, inflamed and itchy. The common causes include yeast infection, allergy to body lotions and shaving creams, yeast and fungal infection among others.

Use of antibiotics has also been found to cause bacterial imbalance and may result in this kind of rash. The treatment and medication of scrotum rash start with the identification of what is causing the rash, then treating it. A life style change such reducing the number of antibiotics one uses, maintaining high level of groin hygiene, regular change of inner pants and avoiding to tight clothing can reduce the chances of having scrotum rash.

See you doctor if symptoms persist and the rash becomes even more unbearable.

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Scrotum rash symptoms

The symptoms of scrotal rash vary depending with the cause and from person to person. Those with underlying health complication such as HIV/AIDS, diabetes or weak immune system will exhibit severe symptoms as compared to those who have strong immune system and have no other underlying medical condition.

The common most symptoms of a scrotum rash will otherwise include the following;

  • Itchy rash on scrotum
  • Painful bumps may start to appear
  • Red bumps
  • The rash may spread to other parts of your genital area including thighs, penile shaft and buttock
  • Constant urge to scratch your genitals
  • The skin around the genital area may start to peel and become whitish
  • Ulcers and sores may start to form
  • Blood blisters may be formed on the scrotal skin pores
  • You may experience fever

You need to see a professional health care provider as soon as the symptoms appear or persist.

What causes scrotal rashes?

A rash on scrotum can be due to a number of possible reasons. Below, we have covered a number of these underlying causes of scrotal rashes.

1. Scrotum rash with bumps after shaving

A common cause of scrotum rash is poor shaving techniques. When you shave your scrotum the razor may damage the hair follicles the skin causing a condition known as folliculitis. The damaged or injured hair follicles blocked or infected causing genital rash.

Excesses sweat and shaving creams can also cause the hair follicles to block. This is a common condition in adult males and adolescent boys. This condition can be worsen when you wear too tight or fitting clothing. Wearing inner pant when you genital area is still wet can also worsen this condition by creating a good breeding ground for bacterial and fungal infection.

If the cause of the scrotum rash is folliculitis, then the rash may be accompanied with the following symptoms;

  • Pus filled bumps on scrotum
  • Itchy and burning lumps
  • Irritating rash
  • Painful bumps.

This rash bumps and cyst caused by folliculitis on the testicle sac usually goes away on their own therefore no agent medication may be required, however people with HIV/AIDS or those with diabetes or have any kind of medical condition that can suppress the immune system, you should see your health care provide.

Anti-fungal creams and shaving creams can be used to prevent infection and relieve the skin of the itching.

2. Heat rash

Also known as miliaria, heat rash is among the most common causes of scrotum rash and many other type of rash. Heat rash is a common condition in children and adults in humid area, the reason being, the sweat pores become blocked causing sweat not to escape and cool the body.  Heat rash usually affects body parts that do have high friction.

In children it is possible for them to develop heat rash on the neck, armpits and inner thighs. Wearing too tight clothes for adults can cause heat rash. Heat rash can cause the following in both adults and in children;

  • Cause the thighs and affected area to be itchy
  • Red bumps on scrotum and inside thighs
  • Dry and rough genital area.
  • Cause the groin area to emit a bad smell
  • Cause irritation in the groin area

The remedy for heat rash you could do the following;

  • Wear loose cloth that allow for free circulation of air
  • Avoid thick lotion and body creams especially for children
  • Choice of soap should be those that do not dry your skin
  • Avoid exposure to too much heated places
  • Try regular swimming especially in hot conditions
  • Ensure that your groin area is clean and dry before wearing inner pants

3. Genital warts

Another possible cause of scrotum rash is genital wart. Genital warts is a common cause of rash and genital bumps for both male and female. It is sexually transmitted and is caused by a virus- human papilloma virus HPV, which is a strain of more than 100 viruses. Apart from the rash, genital warts may start to develop large hard bumps like warts on scrotum and penile shaft.

The virus is so common that the Center for Disease Control CDC say that there are very high chance of sexually active people to contact the virus once in their life. This a sentiment shared also by the Americans association of Dermatologist.

The virus is also more prevent in the following groups of individuals;

  • Sexually active people under the age of 30
  • People with weakened immune system
  • Mother to child during delivery
  • Heavy smokers and alcohol users.

Treatment for the virus is not available, however, once diagnosed with the virus, you doctor may prescribe medication to prevent the symptoms, relieve the pain and reduce the chances of infecting other people with the virus. Medication would thus include; imiquimod such as Aldara, podofilox and trichloroacetic acid (TCA)

To prevent attacks for those not infected with the virus, you can have yourself vaccinated against the. This virus. This helps prevent certain type of the virus and reduce the chances of cervical cancer in women.

4. Herpes

Genital herpes is the other sexually transmitted infection that might cause scrotum rash. It is caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV). The virus is very contagious and can be transmitted form one person to the other through body contact and sex. For children, they can contract the virus and have it in their boy for the rest of their lives.

Signs of Herpes on Scrotum Skin
Signs of Herpes on Scrotum Skin

Those with herpes may experience the following symptoms;

  • Blisters may start to appear on the scrotum and around the genital area
  • They may experience a lot of pain during urination
  • The genital area may become itchy and painful
  • Small, red bumps on scrotum and penile shaft
  • Smelly groin
  • Swelling and inflammation of the hair follicles

The treatment of rash and bumps caused by genital herpes focusses on getting rid of the symptoms and preventing the spread of the virus from one person to the other. Currently there is no medication for the virus. Once you visit a professional health care provider and you are diagnosed with the virus causing genital herpes, then your doctor is more likely to prescribe acyclovir, valacyclovir or famciclovir.

Avoid engaging in careless sexual activities or having too many sexual partners.

5. Allergic reaction

Also called scrotal dermatitis, allergic reaction of the scrotum to external substance such as soap, body lotion and shaving creams is the other common cause of scrotum rash. The rash is not harmful and usually clears on its own without any medical condition.

Wearing too tight clothing’s can also cause scrotal dermatitis. A combination of increased temperature, excesses seating and tight clothing’s all lead to high chance of having the scrotum rash. The rash can be itchy, irritating and painful.

Avoiding all this irritant is the best way of avoiding this kind of rash. Antifungal and anti-itching creams can also be used to sooth the skin. If symptoms persist, and the rash fails to clear on its own within a week, please visit a health care provider.

6. Jock itch

Jock itch is a fungal infection caused by candida fungus. Medically known as tinea cruis, jock itch is a harmless skin disorder that clears up after a week or two. The condition is common in adult males and adolescent boys. The rash caused often itches, burns and the affected area can be seen to be red and scaly.

Jock Itch Symptoms
Jock Itch Symptoms

Treating the condition is done with over the counter topical antifungal creams, gels and lotion. Making the groin area clean and dry can also help prevent or cure jock itch. Please visit a doctor if the scrotum rash fail to go away

7. Fungal groin infection

The other possible cause of scrotum rash is fungal infection. Ringworm in the groin area can cause a rash on the scrotum. The rash can be accompanied by bumps which are small, scaly are may begin as painful sore on the testicle sac.

The fungal infection can also affect other parts of the body that are moist, and wet, this is the perfect breeding ground for the fungus.

If the rash fails to clear, you can use antifungals creams, gel and lotion to help soothe the body and prevent the chances of infection from the open scrotal sores.

8. Yeast infection or diaper rash for children

Yeast infection are also caused by a fungus candida fungus, in males yeast infection is associated with swelling, itching and irritation in the groin area, scrotum, penis, inside thigh and buttocks. In children, yeast infection has been found to cause diaper rash.

Yeast infection is most common in areas that are moist and humid. To reduce or prevent this kind of rash;

  • Apply anti itching creams and lotion
  • For baby apply powder and petroleum jelly
  • Ensure groin area is clean and dry
  • Avoid too tight clothing’s for both kids and adults
  • Regular change of baby diapers

Scrotum heat rash pictures

To have a visual help of how a scrotum heat rash looks like, have a look at the following images.

Rash on Groin Scrotum area Picture
Rash on Groin Scrotum area Picture

White rash on scrotum yeast infection

Yeast infection occurs due to the warm and moist environment. The condition is common in children who wear diaper and female. In omen it affects the vagina, it is thus referred to as vaginal yeast infection. The cause of the infection is the result of taking antibiotics. The rash cause   itching, redness and swelling.

In children, yeast infection is caused by the warm and moist environment of the diaper, it is thus called a diaper rash. The rash caused is red, scaly and may include bumps and blisters most of the time. In adults and teenager, yeast infection can be caused by wearing too tight clothing

Yeast Infection on Scrotum Skin
Yeast Infection on Scrotum Skin

The people with the highest risk of yeast infection can include;

  • Those with overweight or those with obesity
  • Those with health condition that suppresses the immune system
  • Those with diabetes

For babies treating the yeast infection involves constant changing the diaper and allowing free circulation of air. Applying baby powder and petroleum jelly can also help in keeping the groin area dry. For adults using antibiotics, you can get over-the-counter probiotic to help level the bacterial imbalance in the body.

For natural medication, organic yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics. It contains live bacterial cultures and supplements that contain the required bacteria.

Intensely itchy red rash scrotum skin STD, Herpes

An itchy scrotum rash can be embarrassing and cause a lot of discomfort. The constant urge to scratch your groin area make it impossible to sit in public places and associate with other. What then are the causes of this rash? Can the rash be sexually transmitted?

Red Bumpy Rash on Scrotum - STD
Red Bumpy Rash on Scrotum – STD

Genital Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease. It is caused by a herpes simplex virus. In male the symptoms include;

  • Sores on penis, scrotum, groin and thigh
  • Scrotum rash
  • Blisters on scrotum and
  • Itchy red rash on groin area
  • May experience pain during urination

For effective medication and treatment, you need to have your doctor diagnose the symptoms. You should avoid self-medicating since this can make the condition worsen. Abstain from sexually activity and maintain high groin hygiene.

Itchy scrotum rash treatment

Treating a scrotum rash start with identifying the actual cause of the rash. If the rash are caused by environmental factors such as diaper rash for children, then treatment will involve the use of baby powder and petroleum jelly. Ensuring that the baby diapers are changed often, the diaper are dry and not moist and there is free flow of air, then you can be able to prevent this kind of rash.

For adults, you should avoid wearing too tight cloths, and excess over-the-counter use of antibiotics. You can also try; antifungal creams, anti-itching gel and lotion or anti-inflammatories to help soothe the skin. If after use of the following the rash worsen and the rash do not go away, you need to see your doctor and tell him that.

For treatment of individual cause, please refer above on the causes of scrotum rash above.

Red scrotum rash causes

In both children and adults the common cause of red scrotum rash can include the following;

  • Heat rash, occurs in hot humid condition, it is the result of excesses sweating that clogs the sweat pores, the rash caused are red and itchy. The area stings and it is possible to have small blisters
  • Tight clothing and underpants with elastic band causes, folliculitis, which is the inflammation of the hair follicles. Due to the irritation and sweating, the scrotum may develop red itchy rash which cause you to be very uncomfortable.
  • Genital herpes, this is a sexually transmitted infection caused by human papilloma virus. They affect the genital area and may cause painful blisters and sores. It is also possible for affected people to develop small and flesh-colored bumps that maybe very itchy.
  • Fungal infection, an example is jock itch. It is common in men and adolescent boys. The rash caused is often itchy and burns. The groin area becomes red, flaky and irritating.

Scrotum rash on baby

According to a parent’s website, the most common cause of scrotum rash on baby is diaper rash. When your baby has had the same diaper for long, the humid and wet environment causes your baby skin to develop red flaky rash. The rash can be itchy, painful and irritating causing your baby to have sleepless night and have a lot of discomfort.

The other possible cause of baby rash is friction from wearing too tight clothing. As the cloths keep rubbing the skin, your baby may start to develop skin red skin rash around his groin area. You can use baby powder to dry the genital area and leave the kid without cloth for a day till the rash go away. Petroleum jelly and moisturizing body cream or lotion can also be soothing to the skin to reduce the itching and irritation.

Scrotum rash won’t go away

For baby and most adults, reducing the irritation causing the rash and maintaining high level of genital hygiene speed up the healing process of scrotum rash. Anti-itching and antibacterial cream, gel and lotions can also help get rid of the rash.

When the rash becomes persistent, and even after use of all this treatment option the rash fails to go away or recur, then you need to immediately see a health care provider.

This is a common condition for people with diabetes, obesity, those with HIV/AIDS and the ones with weak immune system. Those who continue to use antibiotics can also experience this kind of things as a result of bacterial imbalance. To remedy this, you can use probiotic foods such as yogurt, kefir and dark chocolate.

Rash on scrotum treatment-How to get rid

For most people, scrotum rash are harmless and can be treated at home. Treatment options aims at reducing the itchiness and preventing the rash from spreading to other body parts such as penis, thighs and buttocks.

At home the following can be used to prevent, treat and get rid of scrotum rash.

  • Yogurt, this is a natural probiotic that help maintain good levels of bacteria in the body,
  • Aloe Vera is a natural antibacterial, anti-itching and anti-inflammatory, when the gel is applied on the scrotum rash, it can help soothing it by reducing itching and preventing infection
  • Cold compress to soothe the genital skin especially for kid to relieve the itching and inflammation.
  • Baby powder for kids to dry the genital area before you wrap the baby in a diaper.
  • Dry you genital area properly before putting on clothes.
  • Avoid too tight clothing and rubber stretch inner pants, this will prevent folliculitis and ensure free circulation of air to avoid fungal and yeast infection.
  • Regular change of underpants to prevent mycobacterial build up which causes fungal infection.
  • Maintain high level of genital hygiene

How to Get Rid of Red Rash on Scrotum, Penis, Balls and Testicles -Video

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