Bed Bugs in Carpet, Pictures, Signs & How to Get Rid

Bed bugs in your carpets can be embarrassing and annoying. Just think of what your guests would think of you when they see bed bugs crawling on your carpet! What are the signs of bed bugs in carpet? Can bed bugs live carpet?  In this post, we will answer all these questions including how to get rid of bed bugs with tips on how to remove the bed bugs from the carpet. Read more.

Bed bug infestation in carpet is not uncommon. Bed bugs can live for a long period without food. They can hibernate a whole year as long as they find a good residing place. So, underneath your carpet could provide a temporary home for the bed bugs before they come out looking for human blood.

So it is possible for bed bugs to live in carpet. How do you know if bed bugs are in your carpet? What are the signs of bed bug infestation in your carpet? We will talk about bed bugs in a carpet and ways you can get rid of them.

In brief, you can get rid of bed bugs in carpet by vacuuming, steaming, using heat and diatomaceous earth powder. Read more to learn some tips to remove bed bugs from the carpet.

Signs Of Bed Bugs In Carpet

An infestation of bed bugs in your carpet is a sign that your bedroom is also infested. Otherwise, what would bed bugs be doing in your carpet if not in your bedroom where they can easily access and suck your blood?

A close look in the carpet, you will notice a few bed bugs. Lifting your carpet and checking underneath, you cannot miss bed bugs in there. If you are keen, you may see bed bug eggs scattered in there.

Another sign of bed bugs would be from the bites on your feet. Bed bugs are likely to crawl on your legs to draw blood.

Another sign which is somehow obvious is itchy bites from the bed bugs. This happens when you are in your living room probably watching TV and bed bugs emerge from the carpet to draw blood. Bed bug bites are usually itchy and the marks tend to appear in a line or cluster.

Bed Bugs In Carpet Pictures

Here are few bed bug in carpet pictures.

Can Bed Bugs Live A Carpet?

Can bed bugs live and survive in a carpet? If your house is infested with bed bugs, there is no doubt some bed bugs will find their way into the carpet. Your carpet just like your bedroom, beddings, bedsheets and pillows could be the perfect spot for bed bugs to hibernate. This can happen if you don’t regularly clean the underneath of the carpet.

Here are some of the reasons why the carpet may harbor bed bugs without your knowledge.

a) It Provides a Perfect Hiding Spot

The carpet is a good hiding spot where bed bugs would find refugee after attempts to kick them out of your bedroom. If you have a dense carpet, then it even makes sense to find bed bugs in there. The carpet provides a good space for the female to lay eggs and reproduce.

b) Bed Bugs are Always on the Hunt

Bed bugs are always on the run to look for their source of food. That is why it is common to find them in bed since they can easily access human blood. There is a good chance you will carry a few and spread bed bugs in your carpet.

c) They are always on the move

Bed bugs are always on the move from place to place. Since they don’t fly, they are able to move and crawl like many pests in search of food. It is not unlikely to find bed bugs in carpet if they are sure they can access your blood.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Carpet

Here are ways to get rid of bed bugs in carpet:

I) Vacuuming

Vacuum cleaning is one of the easiest and effective way to get rid of bed bugs in your carpet.

To remove bed bugs from your carpet, follow this procedure

  • Remove everything from your room such as furniture and clothes
  • Clean and wash your furniture and clothes
  • Store them in a safe place
  • Get your vacuum clean and assemble it
  • Vacuum the carpet
  • Repeat the process until you are certain the carpet is vacuumed
  • Use plastic bags to store your carpet

When using a vacuum cleaner with a bag, make sure is sealed tightly and dispose the bag away carefully. Otherwise, if the vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a bag, dispose the content into a sealable bag and throw it carefully. You can purchase a vacuum cleaner online – Buy on Amazon

II) Steaming

Steam is one of the effective way to get rid of bed bugs in a carpet. Using a steamer, set it the highest temperature setting. You can combine steam cleaner with vacuum cleaner for greater results.

High temperature settings makes sure heat penetrates though the carpet to reach the bed bugs underneath. Make sure to steam a wide area of surfaces to completely get rid of the bed bugs. Allow the steamed carpet to dry before using it again. A steam cleaner can be purchase online –Buy on Amazon

III) Diatomaceous Earth

Scatter diatomaceous earth powder on and underneath the carpet. Make sure you do this before you use a vacuum cleaner – (Buy Diatomaceous Earth on Amazon).

  • Sprinkle the powder to cover all the areas of the carpet
  • Give it time for the powder to work on the bed bugs
  • Vacuum the carpet while the powder is still on it
  • Repeat the process a couple of times

IV) Use Double-Sided Tapes

Before using double-sided tapes, start by steaming your room. Thoroughly clean your room leaving the carpet inside. Apply the double-sided tape around the carpet as well as the underneath. This will make the bed bugs unable to walk. If they do, they stick immediately.

You can use the tape to seal cracks in your wall or bed. Underneath the bed, apply the tape too such that bed bugs don’t get out.

Tips To Remove Bed Bugs from Carpet

Here are a few tips to help you remove bed bugs from the carpet:

Ensure other household items are not infested

Before thinking of getting rid of bed bugs from your carpet, understand the infestation could be somewhere else. Start by locating where the major infestation is. Once you get rid of the bed bugs in such places then it will be easy to remove bed bugs from your carpet

Clean your room

Clean means removing the bed bugs from their hideouts. Bed bugs are known to breed quickly. This means, if you take time to clean your room, you will discover new bed bugs, eggs, nymphs and their shells.

Use Double Sided Tape

Double sided tape is one of the common items to use to remove bed bugs from the carpet. The aim here is to trap crawling bugs. Place the tape around the carpet to trap the bed bugs.


Use steam to kill and remove the bed bugs from your carpet. Bed bugs cannot tolerate high temperature.


Vacuum will help remove the bed bugs easily from the carpet.

4 Best Products for Bed Bugs in Carpets – Treatment

Here are some of the best products for bed bugs that you can use to treat bed bugs in carpet.

1. JT Eaton Kills Bedbugs Powder

Here is one of the best bed bug carpet powder from JT Eaton.  It is basically 85% diatomaceous earth. It is a 7-ounce bottle. Although it is referred to as a powder but it is sprayed thus making it even easier to apply in infested carpet.

Other than the carpet, it can also be applied around the floor, in cracks and around the electrical outlets making it versatile.

It is specifically meant to kill bed bugs thus its popularity. When applied on bed bugs, it attaches itself to the outer shell of the bed bug, dehydrating it thus killing it instantly.

Bed bugs are not resistant to this powder thus making it effective in getting rid of the bed bugs. You can also use it successfully kill cockroaches, ants, fleas, ticks, etc.-Buy on Amazon

2. Rockwell CimeXa Insecticide Dust

This is an amazing insecticide dust that comes in a 4-ounce bottle. If you purchase it, you get two bottles.  This insecticide is lethal when it coming to eliminating bed bugs. it is basically amorphous silica which gives it the sheer power to get rid of bed bugs fast.

For this powder to work, the bed bugs have to come in contact with the dust. You can combine with vacuum cleaner then apply it –Buy on Amazon

3. Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Food-grade is a non-toxic type of diatomaceous earth to help you get rid of the bed bugs from your carpet. It is packed in a 6-pound bad enough to eliminate bed bugs effectively over a long period of time.

Other than killing bed bugs, you can also use to get rid of cockroaches and ants. it is affordable and safe to use around your homes –Buy on Amazon

4. Flea Powder for Carpets

Flea powder is purely made of cedar and it is perfect for killing bed bugs, mites, fleas and all other types of bugs at home. This is a deadly powder to get rid of bed bugs and it lasts for long. Other than being affordable, it is a safe solution to get rid of bed bugs quickly and easily.

Home Remedies that Gets Rid of Bed Bugs from your Carpet

Here are some of the home remedies to use to get rid of bed bugs from your carpet.

a) Alcohol

Using alcohol that is 90% or more is effective in killing bed bugs in your carpet.

  • Put alcohol in a spray bottle
  • Spray around your carpet and other likely places bed bugs are hiding
  • Repeat the procedure twice in week until the bed bugs are completely gone

Cautiously use the alcohol, it I very toxic and also flammable.

b) Hydrogen Peroxide

To get rid of bed bugs effectively, spray hydrogen peroxide directly on the bed bugs. Although, hydrogen peroxide kills bed bugs on contact, it can leave some stains on the furniture.  You can spray underneath the carpet.

c) Vinegar

Use vinegar not just to kill the bed bugs but also to repel them from coming. Vinegar will kill the bed bugs on contact which implies you have to spray them. But to make it even effective, combine it with diatomaceous earth for it eliminate both the bed bugs and larvae.


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