The Top 7 Best Kitchen Floor Mats – Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best kitchen floor mats? Your kitchen shouldn’t be dull just because it is place you have to go through cooking sessions every day. Make it comfortable and protect yourself from sliding.

It is obvious the kitchen is one of the places where a lot of incidents happen. Spillage such as cooking oil and water occur quite often and this could lead to injuries especially from slipping. Kitchen mats play an important role in ensuring the floor is oil and water free thus protecting you. There are a number of kitchen mats to choose from.

Why are Kitchen Mats so Important?

Here are some of the reasons why you need kitchen floor mats:

1. Comfort

There are instances where you will be forced to spend long hours in the kitchen. Standing and movements in and out of the kitchen may cause pain and irritation especially to the legs. But with a good kitchen floor mat, it will bring you some comfort.

2. Keep the Floor free from Oil and Water Spill

Water and oil are among the most commonly used items in the kitchen. There is a high likelihood in the process of cooking, you will spill water and oil on the floor. Oil tend to stick to floor making it slippery and hard to clean. For this reason, you need a kitchen floor mat to protect the tiles.

3. Avoid Accidents

Cooking oil is tend to slippery. So imagine water and oil spillage on the kitchen floor. This could be disastrous should you slip or anyone else. Thus the need for kitchen floor mat is inevitable to avoid such incidents.

Top 7 Best Kitchen Floor Mats Reviews

Here are some of the best top rated kitchen floor mats reviews and buying guide:

 1. Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat by Sky Mats

You can never get wrong when you go for this kitchen mat. It is one of the best floor mat you will find in the market. It has a lot of benefits. It provides the needed comfort while doing your cooking. You can actually stand for long hours without feeling fatigue or pain in your legs.

It comes with excellent combination of comfort as well as support. Other than just the kitchen, you can use this floor mat in your office. It gives you the safety while doing your chores. The edges of this mat are beveled thus protecting the use from slipping.

It is one of the best kitchen floor mat you need and you shouldn’t hesitate to buy it.

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  • Comfortable floor mats
  • Eco-friendly, made up of superior quality material
  • Toxin-free and no bad odor
  • Satisfactory and stylish


  • The color of this floor mat may fade after using some days

2. KMAT Kitchen Mat [2 PCS] Cushioned Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Rug

This is the perfect kitchen mat that you should go for. The size is just perfect for your kitchen, it blends with your kitchen. The make is so appealing for you.

Another thing, the materials used to make it are made from superior quality. Manufactured from the best PVC quality to suit your kitchen floor.

Other unique feature include being phthalate-free, late-free and with no foul odor. The design is perfect to last for a long time after heavy use without the mat losing its shape.

It can be used on any type of kitchen floor be it wooden, marble or ceramic. It will still serve you right.

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  • it is easy to clean – all you have to do is to wipe it with a piece of cloth and voila
  • an anti-slip and water resistant mat – the mat doesn’t move but stays in the same place where it was intended
  • other than your kitchen, you can use it in your office


  • The thickness of this kitchen mat is not above the mark required

3. Kangaroo Original Standing Mat Kitchen Rug

While shopping for the best kitchen floor mat, don’t miss on this one. It is appealing and provides you with best comfort while you do your chores. It gives you the relaxation you need in your kitchen without feeling tired or discomfort in your legs.

It also makes the kitchen attractive adding a natural appealing look. It is made up of superior quality materials to suit your needs thus the comfort for long hours.

It has been designed with ergonomic design to provide the comfort. It gives you satisfaction and you will not get disappointed.

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  • The design of this kitchen floor mat improves the décor
  • It is stylish thus giving you satisfaction and value for your money
  • It is phthalate –free, non-toxic floor mat
  • Beveled edges keep this mat free from slipping thus avoiding accidents and injuries from tripping
  • It is 100% waterproof


  • None at all so far

4. ComfiLife Anti Fatigue Floor Mat

Your kitchen need this kind of the floor mat. It is one of the best that can help you protect the floor and tiles of your kitchen. As the name suggests, it is comfy and anti-fatigue that will keep you standing for long without feeling fatigue or any discomfort in your legs.

The kind of comfort this kitchen floor mat has is ultimate and out of this world. While doing your kitchen duties, your comfort will not be compromised.

It has been built to withstand the pressure from your body while standing on it. Made up of finest quality to give you that satisfaction. Built from high density foam to reduce any discomfort. It is also water and stain-resistant. You can clean it effortlessly.

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  • made up of superior quality materials
  • it is multi –purpose floor mat
  • durable
  • value for money-gives you the comfort and satisfaction
  • comfort will not be compromised


  • Not recommended for mid-weight and heavy-weight people

5. Kitchen Rugs and Mats Cushioned Anti Fatigue Comfort Runner Mat

You should consider buying this kitchen mat for your floor. It comes with considerable size perfect for a large kitchen space.

The design is meant to fit and also up to the mark. Has been built with an ultra-anti-slip backing making it safe for you and your family.

Also the mat can be used on all the type of floors such as marble, wood, ceramic and other types of floors.

This kitchen floor mat is cushion supported giving that comfort you need when cooking, cleaning or going about your duties in the kitchen.

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  • The size is large enough to fit the kitchen space
  • Anti-slip design thus safe to use
  • Durable
  • Made of super quality materials – high density PVC
  • Eco-friendly


  • None to discuss so far

6. Wizgree Rubber Floor Mats for Kitchen Anti-Fatigue Mat

Here is another kitchen floor mat that will give you comfort and the satisfaction you need while going about your chores in the kitchen. It is made up of the best quality raw materials thus you wouldn’t disappointed if you buy this floor mat.

This kitchen is durable, made up of high-grade eco-friendly rubber. As the name suggests, it is anti-fatigue floor mat. The design is attractive having holes and perforations to help the mat trap dirt. It is easy to clean, you can hose it.

It fits well in all types of floors including wooden, marble and ceramic.

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  • it is versatile kind of mat, you can use it in the kitchen, bar, restaurant and many other places
  • has holes/ perforations that trap dirt
  • made up of high quality materials
  • durable


  • None at the moment

7. HEBE Oversized Anti Fatigue Comfort Mats for Kitchen

Still looking for the best kitchen floor mat? Such no more, this kitchen mat gives you the best comfort you’ll need in your kitchen. It is easy to maintain and cleaning it is effortlessly.

It is a waterproof and oil resistant that means you would be worried at all while cleaning. Again it is versatile, can be used in more than one place other than the kitchen. It is 100% recyclable mat.

It is non-skid mat which guarantees safety while going about your kitchen chores.

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  • Water and oil resistant proof
  • Easy to clean
  • Guarantees safety since it is non-skid
  • Cushion support thus giving you comfort
  • Versatile/ multifunctional mat


  • Some consider this mat to be too narrow

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Floor Mats?

There are some factors to consider before buying that kitchen floor mat. This guide here is to help you make the right decision. Here are some of the points to note:

1. Area of your Kitchen

It is crucial to take into consideration the area of the kitchen first before buying that mat. The area of your kitchen will help you choose the right floor mat, a large surface area requires a large floor mat.

2. What’s the Purpose?

Ask yourself what is the purpose of the floor mat. A kitchen mat should provide you the comfort and safety. Buy a kitchen mat that will keep your floor free from oil and water spills. You have to consider the above requirements, it makes it easier to purchase the mat.

3. Features

What are the features of kitchen floor mat that you intend to buy? Go for that floor mat that have the best features, it may cost but it is worth it.

Kitchen Floor Mat Buying Guide

This section is vital and I couldn’t just leave it out. The guide to buying a good kitchen floor mat is as important as the floor mat. This is information is helpful that is why I had to include it.

Before buying a kitchen mat, consider these factors. They Include:

1. Size

Size plays a huge role whenever you want to buy your kitchen floor mat. It is among the lists or points to consider. You know how large or small your kitchen is, so take into account and choose the right floor mat for your kitchen. A good mat should fit the intended kitchen space.

2. Materials

Among the points to consider before you buy that floor mat for your kitchen should be the materials. The things involved in coming up with the kitchen mat. A good kitchen mat should be one that is durable and comfortable.

3. Features

Obviously, always check the features of the mat you intend to buy. Top among the list of the features to look out for should be anti-fatigue feature, water and oil resistant, anti-skid, and among others.

4. Ergonomic design

Ensure that the kitchen floor mats gives you the protection you need. Other than that, the mats should be stylish to increase beauty to your kitchen. All the products mentioned above have this design.

5. Non- toxic

A good kitchen floor mat should be non-toxic, chemical free or in short eco-friendly. All the mats reviewed above are phthalate-free. Also they are latex and odor-free to keep your family safe.

6. Anti-fatigue

This is vital feature to look out for. The good news is that, all the product discussed above are anti-fatigue that will make you and family to spend long hours in the kitchen comfortably.  A good kitchen mat should release stress from different parts of your body without losing their foam.

Why I recommended these kitchen Mats

Before reviewing the floor mats in the post, we had to consider a number of factors that led to recommendation. Our research narrowed to these lists. Here are the reasons:

1. Easy to Clean

All the kitchen mats discussed above should be easy to clean. Contrary to the idea that a floor mat requires thorough cleaning, the truth is what we have reviewed here are easy to wash and require little effort to clean. You can use vacuum cleaners to clean these mats or simply clean it with just cloth.

2. Multifunctional

Floor mats reviewed here are not just limited to kitchen but also in other places such as your office, rooms, restaurants, bars and other rooms in your house.

3. Durability

Most of the kitchen floor mats discussed in this guide are durable meant to serve you for quite longer time. The materials used to make them are of high quality thus guarantying long term service.

4. Materials

Other than the reasons mentioned above, we looked into the materials used to make the floor mats before reviewing the floor mats for your kitchen mats. Of course al the materials used to craft the mats are of superior material.

Frequently Asked questions, FAQs

  • Can I customize the kitchen floor mats?

Absolutely Yes! But this will cost a dime. You can with help of embroideries and logos you can customize floor mats to suit your specifications.

  • Are the Kitchen Floor Mats waterproof

Most floor mats are designed to resist water. This is one of the reasons why kitchen or floor mats are manufactured to make the kitchen floor dry and clean. This is to keep you safe from slipping or tripping.

  • Are the Kitchen mats compatible with wooden floor?

Like we’ve mentioned, these floor mats are versatile and therefore can be used on not only your kitchen floor but also on other floors as well such as ceramic, tiles, marbles and among others.

  • Is it possible to slip or trip on the floor mats?

The floor mats recommended above are not only stylish but ergonomic as well. The kitchen floor mats will always protect you from any kind of slipping and tripping.

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