Does Boric Acid Kill Bed Bugs- How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs with Boric Acid

Does boric acid kill bed bugs? It is really effective to use boric acid to get rid of bed bugs? Boric acid is effective in getting rid of the bed bugs because of its composition. But it is somehow difficult to use on bed bugs directly because of their evasive nature and they completely feed on blood. But boric dust can kill the bed bugs when they are exposed for some day.

Does Boric Acid Kill Bed Bugs?

Boric acid is one of the popular pest control ingredients known for killing pests such as ants, bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches etc. The question is does boric acid kill bed bugs? Is boric acid really effective in getting rid of bed bugs?

This article will give guide you on how to use boric acid to get rid of bed bugs.

What is boric acid?

What is boric acid? This is a chemical that is used as an ingredient in pest control. It can be used as a granule, liquid baits, gels and dust.

For boric acid to kill and eliminate the bed bugs, they need to be attracted to the bait and consume it. Otherwise, if the bed bugs don’t eat the boric acid, nothing will happen.

In most cases, boric acid is combined with other bait to attract pests. Usually in ants, sugar or protein is the bait while boric acid is the poison. When the bugs eat the bait, they end up eating the boric acid thus die eventually.

Does Boric acid kill bed bugs?

Obviously no. Boric acid is not effective for killing bed bugs. Why? Bed bugs are not usually interested in anything else other than the human it is practically impossible for them    to eat the boric acid.

It is impossible to combine boric acid with human blood. Boric acid will be best in getting rid of ants or cockroaches.

How Does Boric Acid Kill Bed Bugs

As mentioned, boric acid is a chemical compound that is used as an ingredient in many insecticides. It has a greater potential in killing pests really fast. It is usually combined with baits such as sugar and protein to attract insects.

So, how does boric acid works? Boric acid works in similar manner in all the pest. The trick is to make the pest eat it which will cause problems in their stomach affecting their nervous system leading to death.

Does boric therefore kill bed bugs? The chances of boric acid to kill bed bugs is zero. Practically impossible. Obviously, the bed bugs will not eat it. As mentioned, bed bugs are only interested in human blood and it is not possible to lure them using blood.

But you can use boric acid to deter them. They will not necessarily die but it is a good step to keep them away. All you have to do is to spray boric acid mixture on places you want to protect.

Bed bugs can still inhale the boric but in most cases, they won’t die. Although the death rate for dust is estimated to be 33%.

It is now evident from this discussion that boric acid won’t do any harm to the bed bugs or their eggs. Boric acid needs to be ingested, in this case, it is not likely to happen.

Is Boric Acid Effective for Bed Bug Control?

If you are going to use boric acid to control bed bugs, know this. We’ve mentioned that boric acid does not kill bed bugs for reason stated above. But still, boric acid can show some effect against bed bugs.

To effective control bed bugs using boric acid, you will need to spray heavily on the infested areas. Fingers crossed. Obviously, the bed bugs will not ingest the boric but inhale it. Depending on how much you’ve sprayed, it can cause dehydration and suffocation of the bed bugs.

Don’t try use the boric acid the conventional way. It won’t work. Like we said earlier, bed bugs don’t eat the boric acid.

You may try to use boric acid with other combination of pesticides. Boric acid alone is not effective in getting rid of the bed bugs. Note, bed bugs have a higher reproduction rate. Boric acid alone won’t get the job done.

How to Use Boric Acid for Bed Bugs

You may decide to use boric acid to get rid of bed bugs. If you choose to give it a try, then here is how to use boric acid for bed bugs. But like we said earlier, boric acid alone cannot effectively get rid of bed bugs. Try combining it with other methods and pesticides such as Diatomaceous Earth.

Here’s how to use:

  • Place boric acid powder around the legs of your bed. If the bed bugs go through the powder while in the process of finding a host to feed, of course they won’t die but some will die days after exposure.
  • You can also make a liquid borax acid solution. This is convenient and easier to apply then boric acid. The trick here is to spray the mattress and the carpet heavily with boric acid. In addition, spray your beddings and carpet with warm water. The goal here is to suffocate the bed bugs such that after inhaling it, some are likely to end up dead. Make sure thereafter to vacuum the surfaces sprayed on with boric acid to get rid of either dead bed bugs or unconscious ones.
  • Apply the liquid borax acid on other furniture where you highly suspect there is an infestation of bed bugs. Try spraying the acid in and around the areas and give it time. After a while, use a steam cleaner or just an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

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Boric Acid and Borax – Differences?

Boric acid and borax – is there any difference? In this section, let’s briefly discuss the differences between these two.

The difference between boric acid and borax can be described from the very beginning. The process of production is what separates the two. While borax is mined from the ground, boric acid come directly from borax.

To come up with boric acid, you have to put borax into boiling water and hydrochloric acid. Once the mixture cools down, then start the process of boric acid crystallization.

The process involves filtering boric acid crystals. The purity level can be adjusted depending on one’s need.

Two, while borax is mined from the ground, boric acid on the other hand is in the powder form. Boric acid doesn’t get a chance to form a rock.

Borax can be toxic for human. It causes irritation on the eye and can be harmful if accidentally swallowed. Always keep any borax away from reach of children and pets.

Boric Acid vs Borax vs Diatomaceous Earth for Bed Bugs: What Is Better in Killing Bed Bugs?

Diatomaceous earth is similar to borax. In fact it is applied in the same manner as borax. You can set traps for pests like in this case, bed bugs. Sprinkle enough around the bed to keep the bed bugs away. Sprinkle some of the diatomaceous earth on the surface where the bed bugs are likely to crawl.

The effect of diatomaceous to that of borax is more or less the same. It causes damage to the exoskeleton dehydrating the bed bugs before the finally die.

To kill bed bugs with diatomaceous earth, you may be forced to combine it with other insecticides. It is practically impossible to get rid of the bed bugs with diatomaceous earth alone.

Having said that, clearly there is not so much difference when you use either of the two.

Boric acid on other pests is amazing but on bed bugs it is not effective in controlling the bed bugs.


From the post, it is now evident that boric acid is not a good method of getting rid of bed bugs. It is effectiveness in controlling bed bugs is practically impossible. You may need to combine with other methods to see results and this may take time.

In this regard, I highly recommend using other types of pesticides such as diatomaceous earth. If you find it overwhelming to get rid of bed bugs, you can as well call professionals.

You can alternatively use heat treatment which is one of the surest and safest way to get rid of bed bugs at home.

Keep reading ours, there are more other effective ways and pesticides that we have written that can help get rid of bed bugs.



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