How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast, Overnight or Instantly with Spoon, Toothpaste, Cap

How to get rid of a hickey fast or immediately is something most of us want to know a day after or the morning after. But what is the quickest way to remove a hickey on lip, breast, face, forehead, neck, chin or chest for men and women? You can actually heal hickey bruises fast in just 24 hours or overnight with toothpaste, a coin, bottle cap, spoons and other home remedies as explained below.

Kiss marks or love bites are those marks that are left after aggressive kissing. In a different description, hickeys are bruises that result from the pressure of kissing on the skin, lips, face, forehead, breast area and the neck. Why would you want to get rid of hickeys instantly or overnight? Normally, these bruises are a sign of what you were doing the night before and you will want to remove them before going to work. So, how do you get rid of a hickey fast and easy?

How to get rid of a hickey fast overnight on neck face
Hickeys are bruises and can be treated fast with these remedies.

How to Get Rid of a Hickey Fast or Extremely Fast

While very few methods or cures for getting rid of hickey bruises work almost instantly, most of these methods will give you fairly good results and your hickey will be gone in a relatively short time. Home remedies and treatments include cold spoons, toothpaste and bottle caps. Toothbrushes and combs are also used to heal love bite bruises faster or immediately.

1. How to remove hickeys with toothpaste

According to the Home Remedies Organization (see sources at the end), toothpaste works as a fast remedy for hickey bites and bruises because it fades the discoloration and makes the swelling disappear faster. It is also effective in calming inflammation. But which toothpaste should you use to heal bruises fast or in a day?

A website called What Is a Hickey recommends mint toothpaste and lotions that contain peppermint because they help increase the circulation of blood that will treat the hickey fast. Here’s how to use toothpaste on a hickey bruise.

Toothpaste that has mint can help soothe hickey bruises fast
Toothpaste that has mint can help soothe hickey bruises fast
  1. Take a small amount of mint toothpaste or peppermint oil or lotion.
  2. Apply to the area with a hickey or love bite mark – lips, neck, around mouth and chest.
  3. There should be a tingling feeling on the skin. Allow it to sit for some time until the tingling subsides.
  4. Wash off the toothpaste after with a towel dampened with warm water.

If you want to get rid of hickeys fast in a day or just 24 hours, you might need to repeat these steps a few times in the same day. However, be careful because overdoing it will cause irritation on the skin, which might be bad especially if you have a soft and sensitive skin.

2. Use parsley to get rid of hickeys in a day, 24 hours or by tomorrow

Pressure bruises are worse because of the inflammation that they cause on the skin. Parsley is known to be one of the best remedies for hickeys because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. According to WH Foods, parsley contains concentration of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, which makes it capable of getting rid of hickeys in a day. After applying parsley leaves on your skin, face, lip or mouth area, the bruise will be gone a day after or by tomorrow. Here’s how to use it.

  1. Take fresh parsley leaves and crush them in a bowl.
  2. Apply and spread the crushed leaves over the area that is affected and leave it on for a couple of minutes.
  3. Rinse it off with cold water.

Some people claim that this parsley hickey remedy is quick enough that it gets rid of deep hickeys or the dark blue marks within hours.

3. How to get rid of a hickey quickly with a spoon

Why cold spoons? And how to they heal hickeys that fast? From the understanding of what these bruises are, a simple remedy such as cold compress or warm compress can be applied. Hickeys are a type of minor blood clot or minor internal bleeding.

Hickeys on the face can be embarrassing if you have no idea they are there
Hickeys on the face can be removed with a cold spoon compress. Image source –

In order to remove a love bite quick or almost instantly, the best way is to break down the clot and allow blood to flow in the area affected. Cold spoon remedy is one of the best ways to break apart the clot and “reduce the bleeding in the ruptured capillaries by constricting them.” [Source – How Hunter]

  1. Put a stainless steel spoon in a fridge for 10 minutes to freeze it or make it cold enough.
  2. Place the spoon onto the hickey on face, neck, lip or breast area and gently massage the area for about two minutes.
  3. If the spoon warms up, put it in the fridge again and repeat the procedure three to four times in order to quickly get rid of hickeys on face, forehead or wherever it is.

4. Can a coin get rid of hickeys instantly?

Another instant method of removing hickeys is using a coin. It has been touted to be one of the quickest ways to clear bruises. What a coin does is that it will make the hickey mark look like a scrape and not a kissing mark. This is a great method to clear hickeys instantly before work.

Since using a penny for hickeys is not a treatment or way of healing the bad bruise, it is more of a concealing method or if you like, one of the best ways to hide hickeys in minutes. Here’s how to use a coin for this.

  1. Hold and stretch the area affected so that the skin is well stretched out.
  2. Using a large coin or penny, scrape outwards to distort the hickey mark.
  3. Spread the deep blood clot outwards so that it ends up looking like a scrape mark and not a kissing lips mark.

Note, this may be the right way to hide hickeys but only on some areas of the skin. Do not use a coin on your lips or around the mouth. Also, make sure the coin is clean or sterilized to avoid getting a skin infection from it.

How to get rid of a hickey overnight

Overnight remedies hickey bruises include some natural treatments and homemade cures such as rubbing alcohol, aloe vera treatment, vitamin K and warm compress. If you have a fresh hickey that has been there for just a few hours and you want to remove it overnight, here are 3 fastest ways to get rid of it.

Use rubbing alcohol

According to Top Home Remedies, this remedy can remove bruises in a matter of 24 hours. Rubbing alcohol is known to have not only soothing and cooling but also disinfecting properties. So, how do you use rubbing alcohol to heal a hickey fast?

  1. Dampen a piece of cotton ball using rubbing alcohol.
  2. Dab it on the neck, forehead, lips or mouth area with the hickey.
  3. Massage the area gently using the cotton ball for a few minutes.
  4. Apply a good moisturizer on your skin to cancel the drying effect of rubbing alcohol.

You can use this treatment two or three times a day in order to get rid of the hickey overnight or within 24 hours.

Banana peel natural remedy for hickey bruises

To minimize the appearance of hickeys on your skin, take advantage of the cooling and soothing properties of bananas. When the bruise is broken down due to the cooling effect of the peels and the potassium effect, the hickey marks will disappear fast or within a day.

  1. Get a ripe banana and peel it to get the peels.
  2. Cut the peels to a good size as you see comfortable to apply on the hickey.
  3. You may put the peels in a refrigerator to cool them. This is optional though.
  4. Place the banana peels on the bruise for about 20 minutes, making sure the inside of the peel gets in contact with the bruise.
  5. Repeat this procedure two or three times in order to heal the hickey overnight.

Use a bottle cap to get rid of a hickey easily on forehead, face, neck, chin, chest and cheek

Hickey bite marks on the forehead, on the face, neck and chin are common. While healing it will be the ultimate goal, you may want to just distort the whole scar in a few minutes or within the hour. Bottle caps work almost like coins. If you do not have bottle cap, you can use a chapstick cap or a lipstick cap.

Cold spoon compresses get rid of bruises fast
Cold spoon compresses get rid of bruises fast
  1. Ensure you have a small cylindrical cap for this method. A lipstick cap or chapstick cap can also do if you do not have a bottle top or cap.
  2. Place it right on the bruised area on face, neck, cheek or chest.
  3. Put pressure on the cap by pressing down into the skin.
  4. As you apply the pressure, twist the cap so that the skin also twists with it.
  5. Keep the twisted cap (with skin) in position for a few seconds before releasing.
  6. Repeat just a few times within fifteen minutes to get rid of a hickey fast.

Note that while the pressure is necessary, ensure you do not overdo it because you can easily worsen the bruise.

Comb or toothbrush removes hickeys in minutes or in an hour, right away

Combing or brushing gently on and around hickeys gets rid of them because it helps stimulate blood flow around it. As the blood flows, it restores nutrient supply to the area making it heal faster. Within a night, the hickey will have gone. Here’s how to use a brush to get rid of a hickey right away or ASAP.

  1. Obtain a toothbrush that has strong bristles.
  2. Brush the hickey on the skin with it making sure you apply some pressure. Do not overdo the pressure as it will break your skin and cause bleeding.
  3. Do it the right way and the hickey will be gone in a few hours.

Is it possible to get rid of a hickey in an hour or how to get rid of a hickey in minutes?

While some hickeys disappear within an hour or just minutes, others will stay on you for a couple of days and disappear on their own after a few days. The question is, what should you do to treat a bad hickey?

A small hickey bruise from a love bite or kiss is likely to clear on its own in a day. However, a deep seated one can be a challenge to remove. Bad bruises will need treatment to soothe them because they can turn irritated and feel like they are burning. Aspirin is one of the medicine you can use at home to soothe the inflammation on the bruise. If any of the above methods do not work for you, you can try the home remedies for hickeys below.

Home Remedies for Hickeys – natural treatment for love bites

Hickeys on the eyelid or around the mouth or on lips can be very uncomfortable. When they turn into dark hickeys, they become a nuisance to your looks. Here are a few home remedies that will help you with how to get rid of bruises fast, instantly or overnight.

Eraser for hickey bites and bite marks

A dark hickey can also be removed using an eraser of a pencil. This will sound weird, but it is said to work just fine.

  1. Dry the area with a dry cotton wool.
  2. Put the eraser tip of your pencil on the bruised area.
  3. Press it on as you rub in circles, doing it gently enough not to hurt yourself.
  4. If the hickey is painful or hurts, put ice cubes on it first before this procedure.

Heal hickey on eyelid with eye drops

The Home Remedy Shop recommends removing love bite bruises on your eyelid using eye drops. This method is known to shrink blood vessels and reduce the inflammation and irritation or redness.

  1. Pour a few eye drops on the hickey.
  2. Let it sit for about 2 minutes
  3. Rinse with clean and cold water. This should work faster.

Lemon juice to lighten hickeys on dark skin

Lemon juice is known for its fast skin lightening ability. It can also help lighten dark hickeys on dark skin. Lemon can be used with a comb. Lemon bleaches and lightens and diffuse the dark hickey fast.

  1. Dab some lemon juice on the hickey area.
  2. Comb the area with a gentle brush or comb to diffuse and lighten the clot.

Massage using fingers

For old hickey bruises, you can use light massage to dissolve it. A fresh bruise can be painful and can turn red if irritated.

  1. Put a drop of almond oil or cocoa oil on your finger.
  2. Place a clean finger on the bruise and massage gently.
  3. The massage will increase and stimulate the circulation of blood around the hickey.
  4. This will reduce the swelling of the hickey.

Peanut butter natural cure for hickeys

A few people dispute methods such as peanut butter and battery as a home remedy for removing hickeys on face fast. However, some will bet that it works for them and effectively at that.

  1. Apply peanut butter on the hickey.
  2. Massage a little, lightly.
  3. Leave it that way overnight to cure bad hickeys.

Preparation H or Vitamin K

Does preparation H help hickeys? Can it remove a love bite bruise? According to The Organic Beauty Expert, preparation H has anti-inflammatory power and is used to treat puffy eyes fast and even get rid of dark circles under eyes quickly. You can also use it for bruises and such internal wounds. Try applying a little of the hemorrhoid cream on the hickey and see if it will heal on time.

Eating foods with vitamin K is one of the fastest ways to heal hickey bruises too. If not foods, apply vitamin K cream on the affected area, topically so that it can absorb the clot and reduce the discoloration from the clot.

Tea bag treatment as a warm compress

Warm tea bags too can help a hickey disappear in time.

  1. Dip tea bags in boiling water for about 2 minutes.
  2. Put the wet tea bag on the area with the bruise.
  3. Allow it to sit until the tea bag cools off.

Apple cider vinegar for kiss marks

Vinegar also helps reduce the appearance of kiss marks. According to Home Remedies for Life, vinegar improves blood flow to the skin, including affected area. This makes the body absorb and get rid of the pool of blood clotting underneath the skin.

  1. Mix vinegar with a little lukewarm water.
  2. Dab a clean cloth in the solution.
  3. Gently massage the area affected to remove the hickey.

Note: use this remedy for bruises that are old, at least 24 hours to 36 hours later.

Makeup to hide hickeys fast – lipstick and concealers

The last resort is to use makeup to hide the hickey. Makeup might include applications and also clothing. Turtleneck clothing can hide hickeys on the neck, while makeup such as concealers and lipstick will help hide facial hickeys and hickeys on lips.

If all these methods don’t get rid of bruises fast, you may want to use medications such as aspirin or Excedrin. Excedrin is used to thin blood and get rid of the clot. Vitamin K medications will also remove hickeys because they will prevent further clotting of blood.

References and Sources


  1. The only thing that removed my hicky the fastest was tingle indoor sun tanning lotion. I needed it (the hicky) gone before it even got there so it dawned on me. Tingle sun tanning lotions pulls blood up to the surface of the skin (feels like icyhot) making your tan deeper once the redness goes away. After applying the tingle lotion to the hicky area it was gone within 15 hours. I’ve tried the spoon method to no avail.
    If you’re able to find a tanning salon that has individual packets of tingle lotions for sale give it a try. I used a high tingle 15 & it worked.

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  3. The Article is very well defined “how to get rid of Hickey”. Actually, Hickey is basically a mark on your skin and the mark that you see is from damaged blood vessels. Just like other bruises they respond to cold to reduce the mark and reduce swelling. However, the hickey will still remain anywhere from 5–15 days.


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