Bed Bugs in Pillows, Can Bed Bugs Live in Pillow, How to Get Rid with 4 Easy Steps

Can bed bugs live in pillows? How do you kill and get rid of bed bugs living in your pillows? Bed bugs just like any other pest are good at hiding. They tend to find places where they can easily hide and find their food source, in this case human blood.

Your pillows is perfect place for bed bugs and come out whenever you fall asleep to feed on your blood. There is a common myth that bed bugs can only be found living in your mattress. But the fact is that, bed bug infestation can also be found in your pillows among other bedroom furniture and bedding.

Bed Bugs in Pillows

Although bed bugs are known to occur mostly in mattresses, these pests can also lay their eggs in pillows among other places such as drawers, bed sheets and in your bedroom. Bed bugs are fond living somewhere on the surface, usually close to their source of food but have the ability to hide especially during the day.

Like many other pests, bed bugs also reproduce. This implies that if you see one or two bed bugs in your pillows, there is a high likelihood of an infestation of bed bugs. In your pillows, the bed bugs are likely to lay eggs and reproduce.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Pillows?

Like we’ve mentioned before, bed bugs can live in pillows. In fact, bed bugs can hide in pillows although not as frequently as they can in mattresses. Pillows gives them a close proximity to their source- your blood. Whenever we sleep we tend to hold our pillows. This gives the bed bugs a perfect chance to get close to your skin and suck blood.

The other reason why bed bugs would live in pillows is the mere fact that the underside of the pillows is usually dark. This implies that you are likely not to see them.

The pillows in most cases has a lot of creases in the fabric. A good scenario for the bed bugs to take hide and attack as and when you fall asleep. This gives the bed bugs a feeling of safety.

While you sleep, you often move the pillow around. This happens to scare the bed bugs which implies that pillows only get infested when situation is severe. It also indicates that for bed bugs to be found in pillows, there has to be a severe infestation under your bed or in mattresses.

Do Bed Bugs Lay Eggs in Pillows?

Absolutely yes! Bed bugs will lay eggs in your pillow. But for this to happen, it means that there’s already an infestation elsewhere either under your bed or mattresses.

When bed bugs mates, the female can lay eggs for 6 to 8 weeks afterward. A female will lay eggs where she gets somewhere safe. Your pillow if not frequently checked could play a perfect spot for the bed bugs to lay eggs.

 Other than your pillow, a female bed bug will choose perfect spot to lay its eggs. Such place include: a nearby furniture, another part of the mattress, the crack between the headboard and the wall, the crack between the baseboard and the wall and the gap between the carpet and the wall.

While killing bed bugs in your pillows, make sure you also get rid of the bed bugs in these places. Bed bugs living in your pillows is a sign of an infestation that cannot only be limited to the pillows.

Can Bed Bugs Live in a Memory Foam Pillow?

Although it is very unlikely but it is still possible to find bed bugs living in a memory foam pillow. If the bed bugs can get access and enter inside your pillow, they could also harbor on the foam or in the seams of your cover.

Some pillows are made in such a way that they provide a lot of surface area for the bed bugs to live on. This requires you to make a thorough inspection or still make sure you understand the design of pillow while treating it.

The memory foam pillows and mattresses are completely flat. It is not difficult to see any bed bug.

Can Bed Bugs Live in Feather Pillows?

Feather pillows are comfortable. So, can bed bugs live in feather pillows? To be honest it is not easy for bed bugs to hide in feather pillows unless the pillows have cracks which bed bugs can get inside.

There is nothing special about feather pillows have to ordinary pillows. Bed bugs will most likely hide where there are tiny creatures can squeeze in and hide. If bed bugs hide in a feather pillow, the only option is to throw it away. Why? It can take time to find the small bed bugs.

What Are the Signs of Bed Bugs in Pillows?

Looking for bed bugs in the pillows isn’t easy. They are good at hiding and they don’t come out easily especially during the day.

Bed bugs are tiny brown pests that appear as an apple seed in terms of color and shape. You can also look for fecal stains. Once you spots stains on your pillow may be a sign of infestation inside or underneath your pillow.

Another sign of bed bugs infestation is the presence of old eggshells. This is a common sign. The truth is the eggs get bigger while growing. In the process, they shed their shells, which can be seen on the pillow.

Blood stains from the bed bug bites is also another sign of bed bugs infestation on the pillow. Don’t miss out on other signs such as dead bed bugs, their scent which smells like a mixture of rotting wood and cilantro.

Steps & Instructions on How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Pillows

Here is how to get rid of bed bugs in pillows. Follow the steps and instructions:

1. Put all Pillows in Sealable Bags

The first key step is to put all the pillows infested with bed bugs in sealable bags. But before that, carefully inspect if there are bed bugs inside or underneath. You cab purchase the sealable bags online – Buy on Amazon

Follow the procedure below:

  • Wash the pillows first then dry them
  • Put the pillow in the sealable bag
  • Seal the bag completely and check if there are cracks and tears on the bag
  • In case there are cracks or tears, replace the bag
  • Once the bag is sealed, the bed bugs inside will begin to die since they don’t have access to the host and no new bed bugs will gain access
  • Leave your pillows inside the bags for 2 weeks

2. Wash the Pillows

Here is how to go about it in this section:

  • Use a sealable bag to transfer the pillows into a washing machine
  • Do this carefully while extracting the pillows not to disturb the bed bugs or scatter them around your house again
  • Using hot water in your washing machine begin the laundering process
  • Use a dryer to dry the pillows
  • If you don’t have a dryer, repeat the laundering process several times to make sure that all the bed bugs are dead
  • Allow the pillows to dry

3. Use of Pesticides

Note: if you intend to use pesticides, it is important to note that, using pesticides on your pillows can be dangerous. Why? It may take a couple of weeks before you ever use them again.

Here is a procedure on using pesticides to get rid of bed bugs on pillows:

  • Place the pillows in the washing machine
  • Run the washing machine with hot water
  • Let it wash the pillows completely
  • You can spread the pesticides directly on the pillow, underneath and any other place where you suspect there could be bed bugs. You can buy the pesticide online –Buy on Amazon  
  • Dry the pillows up
  • Pack the pillows in sealable bags and leave it for some days to make sure that all the bed bugs are dead

4. Use Diatomaceous Earth

You can purchase food-grade diatomaceous earth online- Buy on Amazon.

Follow this procedure on how to use diatomaceous earth powder to kill bed bugs in your pillows.

  • Scatter around the diatomaceous earth powder directly on the pillows and underneath
  • Leave for a couple of hours or days
  • Repeat the procedure several times in a week
  • You can now wash the pillows or use a dryer complete the task

The reason why we emphasize food-grade diatomaceous earth is because it is not dangerous. You can also use the pillow after the treatment. But for effective results, repeat the process one more time.

How to Clean Bed Bug Infested Pillows

Here is a brief discussion on how you can clean pillows that have bed bugs. It is simple, when it comes to pillows that you suspect have bed bugs, laundering is highly recommended. Laundering doesn’t just clean you pillows but also make sure that all the bed bugs are dead.

You can also use a dryer to get rid of the bed bugs in your pillows. If the pillows aren’t heavily infested, doing both of these can help clean and get rid of the bed bugs completely.

The Best Body Pillow Bed Bug Covers

To kill bed bugs in your pillows, we have recommended these best pillow covers- you can purchase them online.

1. Smooth SureGuard Pillow Protectors

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 This is a premium quality pillow protector to keep bed bugs out. It is affordable. It comes in two. It is 100% waterproof with a 10- year quality guarantee.

It has a super-fine zipper on the outside of the protector, keeping your pillow safe and bed bug-free.

It is made for all types of pillows. It has a smooth cotton surface that will guarantee you sound sleep – Buy on Amazon

2. UltraPlush Premium Waterproof Pillow Protectors

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This is one of the best product you will find in the market for protecting your pillows. It comes in a pack of two fair enough for its price.

It has elegant look such that you won’t even notice whenever it is wrapped around your pillow. It is great in protecting against bed bugs, moisture and any other type of pest.

It has no toxic chemicals that would make you allergic thus great for your and the entire family.

The product comes with a 20 years of warranty, UltraBlock made sure that you can take it take back and change it whenever it is necessary.

It comes in different dimension, meaning that you can use to any size of the pillow – Buy on Amazon


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