How to Get Rid of Crazy Ants, Guide & Control Naturally, Home Remedy

Incase you’re wondering on how to get rid of crazy ants, then wonder no more. This guide is here to help you on how to kill the crazy ants at home, inside the kitchen, bathroom or even in your car. The post will try to discuss some of the proven natural home remedies to get rid of crazy ants.

Crazy ants are known to be an invasive species of ants the have spread throughout the world. If you come across your home a large groups of ant frantically moving around then you might be having an infestation of crazy ants.

Unlike other ant species that tend to move in a straight line, these ants tend to move in frantic or strange movement. They also reproduce quickly. It therefore calls for fast action to get rid of them. So, how do you get rid of crazy ants? It can be quite difficult to get rid of crazy ants for their unpredictable and strange movements.

Crazy ants tend to forage far away from their nests making it difficult to trace their colonies. But all hope is not lost. Start by getting rid of them in your house thereafter set up outside ant killer baits. Start by using insecticide dust in all of the spots of your house that you can see the crazy ants. Secondly, search for all possible entry or access points and dust them as well.

You can also opt for insecticide sprays in place of dust treatment. But most importantly, it would be best if you seal those entry points for good. Once you’re done getting rid of the crazy ants in the house, set up door ant killer baits. This method is not as instant as insecticide sprays. It means you’ll have to wait up to a week for them to eliminate the entire colonies.

What are crazy Ants?

 Crazy ants also known as Nyalendria fulva are known to be an invasive species of ants that are believed to originally come from South America into the United States. They were first discovered in 2002 in Texas and since then they have spread through the whole of Gulf Coast region including, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. We have different types of crazy ants.

What does a crazy Ant Look Like?

There are different types of crazy ants but generally their size especially for the workers crazy ant is around 3 millimeters. Their mandibles are distinctively long in comparison to the rest of their body. Needless to say they are easily recognizable.

In terms of color, crazy ants are completely black but some species are dark brown, they are rather small when you compare to other ants. The legs are generally long when compared to the rest of their body.

What Do Crazy Ants Eat?

Like most ants, crazy ants have a similar diet of the other ants. They feed on small insects, seeds, leftover food, plants and sweet fruits. It goes without saying to keep your home clean from any food scraps if you want to control and prevent them invading your home.

Types of Crazy Ants

Before going straight to how you can get rid of crazy ants, it is good to know that there are several types of crazy ants. The most common ones include:

  • Rasberry/ tawny crazy ant
  • Longhorn/ black crazy ants
  • Yellow crazy ant
  • Caribbean crazy ant
  • Brazilian crazy ant

Crazy ant have a distinctive feature when it comes to their colony organization. In most cases, other types of ants have one queen per colony but when it comes to crazy ants they have multiple queens in one colony. The number of crazy ant queens can go up to queens in one colony. This attributes to their fast reproduction rate.

How to Get Rid of Crazy ants in the House – kitchen

Ants generally show great interest where there is source of food, and this is the kitchen in your house. They are known to also show interest in everything that uses electric pipes. Crazy ants love places where there is warmth, which is the kitchen. Here they can easily access food. You’ve probably noticed them behind the kitchen counters and electrical sockets.

One of the most instant remedy to kill these ants is using an insecticide spray. Although this is a temporary method, it helps to eliminate the crazy ants fast and instantly. It helps to reduce the population of crazy ants in and around the kitchen. Make sure to protect food supplies from the insecticide spray. Finally, do a thorough cleanup of the kitchen once you are done getting rid of them.

Insecticide spray may not get rid of the entire colony but it provides a relief especially if the kitchen is heavily infested by the crazy ants.

How to Get Rid of Crazy Ants in the Bathroom

Generally, ants are attracted to places with high levels of humidity and your bathroom is one of them. Crazy ants too are not exceptional. Ants can sometimes hide behind the washing machine or at times below the tub only if the find a crack in the tiles. Like in most cases in your house such as the kitchen, use dust or insecticide sprays to control and eradicate their population.

Crazy ants in car- What to do?

What should you do when crazy ants invade your car? Ants in general will invade in place in your yard including your car in search of food. When they enter the car, they leave a trail of pheromones behind them. This is how other ants will follow.

First, begin by checking your car for any food leftovers and do a thorough cleaning of the entire car. These ants easily sense food anywhere even when it is in your car. So keeping it clean as possible is one way of stopping an invasion. You should probably change where you park car for some time, this makes sure the ants lose their pheromone trail.

It is obvious when you park your car near an anthill or their mound, the ants will invade the car hoping to get some leftover food. It is advisable to check the surrounding of the car to ascertain whether there are crazy ant colonies around.

Do Crazy Ants Bite or Sting – Are they Dangerous?

Crazy ants are known to originate from the same territory to that of fire ants. Unlike fire ants, crazy ants do not sting but would rather bite. Their bite is not poisonous and the pain doesn’t last for more than a minute or two. When they bite, it doesn’t cause any allergic reaction. They only worry is their number which can be overwhelming if they take over your yard or home.

Having originated from the same territory as that of fire ants, it is interesting to know that they develop an antidote for the red fire ant’s venom. It is a rare case recorded where one insect can neutralize the venom of another insect.

How to get rid of crazy ants inside the House– Steps by Steps Instructions

The influx of crazy ants indoors or inside the house can be annoying. First, it is hard to locate where the ants are coming from. Their unpredictable and frantic movement makes it even hard to identify their entry point. This is where you place ant killer baits in random place where you suspect the ants are coming from.

If they notice the ant bait, the will form a steady line of worker ants and pull the bait to their nest. This is how you’ll get the chance to follow them and see where they are coming from. Then you can use some type of dust or granule insecticide preferably one with a residual effect and seal the entry spots. Dust or granules insecticide has shown the best result since it covers more ground especially for their unusual movement patterns.

Generally, other types of ants that you can see foraging through your home, you can use an insecticide in the form of a spray. To take care of this problem for good, the best way is to use find where the ants are coming from.

Crazy Ant Killer Products

Use the following commercial available products to get rid of crazy ants:

1. Terro 3lb Ant killer Plus

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To get rid of crazy ants at home, use this product. It comes in form of granules and you can only use for outdoor use. It is made conveniently such that you cannot touch the granules themselves. It is easy to use, just shake the granules and they will fall out of the bag. This ant killer will kill the ants once it comes in contact with the ants, precisely within 24 hours.

2. BASF Advance Granular Carpenter Bait

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This ant killer product is recommended for carpenter ants but it can also kill crazy ants. It is packed in granular form and can be conveniently used for both indoor and outdoor use. Treat the infested area.

Note: Do not use any other product when you intend to use this ant killer otherwise it will reduce its effectiveness.

3. Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide

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Delta Dust Multi Use Pest Control Insecticide, is another effective ant killer. You can use it kill and eliminate crazy ants in your home.

It works for both indoor and outdoor use. This dust starts working within 24 hours of application. – Buy on Amazon

4. Hot Shot HG 4480 Aerosol

You can use this product on all different kind of ants including crazy ants. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. It is effective since it kills the crazy ants on contact and has a good residual effect. It is also water-based thus it doesn’t leave any stain or smell behind after use.

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How to Get Rid of Crazy Ants Outside

Outdoors, it is quite easy to get rid of crazy ants. Why? Just follow their trails and find their mounds and nests. Once you locate the mound and nest, it is advisable to use liquid insecticide to specifically destroy the ant nests. This is only easy if you find their nests. Crazy ants are famous for foraging far away from their nests. Actually, it can be difficult to find their nests than killing the entire colony.

The more environmentally friendly method to get rid of crazy ants outdoors would be the use of ant baits usually in the form of granules. Just spread the ant bait granules near the crazy ant nest and just wait for the results. As soon as the crazy ants start pulling the granules inside their nests, the results will begin to show.

How to Get Rid of Crazy Ants Naturally – Home Remedies

Here are some of the recommended home remedies to help you get rid of crazy ants naturally fast.

1. Diatomaceous Earth

This is one of the most effective and common home remedy you can apply to kill and control any ant infestation such as crazy ants. It is sold in powder form. You can place it anywhere you find larger group of crazy ants. To make it even more effective, you can mix it with sugar to attract more crazy ants. Note, you should not mix diatomaceous earth with water, it loses its effectiveness –Buy on Amazon

2. Vinegar Solution

Vinegar solution is also another effective home remedy to kill and repel ants. When you spot the places crazy ants have used to access your home, you can use a spray made of vinegar solution. Add vinegar solution in water in a ratio of 1 to 3 to make the spray. Then spray where you see the crazy ants. The smell is strong enough to deter the ants from invading your home. Make sure you use the vinegar solution regularly.

3. Borax

Another DIY home remedy to get rid of crazy ants’ invasion in your home is using borax. Make a bait of borax by mixing 1 tablespoon of borax, ½ cup of sugar and add a cup of warm water. Then soak balls of cotton in this solution and place on the ant trails. The crazy ant will carry the bait laced with borax to the colony and feed on it.  


When dealing with crazy ants, just know that you’re not dealing some regular ants. It can be easy to deal with other ants’ species than it is dealing with crazy ants. They are different. Other ants are somehow predictable and as soon as you determine their trails, you can easily use ant bait to eliminate them. Crazy ants are quite difficult to understand. However, the methods are similar. Just find where they are coming from. That’s it.

Although crazy ants are not harmful, they come in large numbers. They are really a nuisance. If you find it overwhelming to deal with the ants, you can call professional exterminators.

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