How to Get Rid of Fordyce Spots, on Lips, Shaft, Labia Fast, Naturally, At Home

Fordyce spots also known as Fordyce granules are visible sebaceous gland that appear in most individuals.  Most commonly, these spots will appear around the genital area, the face, on lips and in mouth. Here is an insight on how to get rid of the spots appearing on lips, penile shaft, and labia fast and naturally at home.

Fordyce spots appearing around the lips and genitalia are in most cases confused for those caused by herpes lesions. Though they may appear in the same position, Fordyce spots are very different from herpes lesions. Unlike Fordyce spots, the bumps caused by herpes will look like red blisters or ulcers, they are initially very itchy before becoming painful. Herpes spots are also larger than those of Fordyce spots.

Whereas Fordyce spots are not contagious, those caused by herpes simplex are very contagious and can easily be infected from person to person through close physical contact. The spots caused by herpes will fade away within sometimes, on the other hand, Fordyce spots could be permanent and will sometimes get worse with age.

Anyone could suffer from Fordyce spots regardless of age and gender. Most of the Fordyce spot will form part of the skin with no hair strands. Sebum, a natural oil secreted by the sebaceous glands, will get trapped on sebaceous gland. Fordyce spots will appear on the shaft of the penis and on labia in females. The spots are also common on upper lips of both males and females. The spot can occur as bright red papules or as pale, yellow or pinkish spots on the said skin surfaces.

How to get rid of Fordyce spots on lips

It is important to understand that Fordyce spots are very common and can affect anyone. Most are harmless and of cosmetic concern. Most of the treatment prescribed by a dermatologist can be expensive and have severe side-effects.  That is why there is no standard treatment for this spots. Since most cases of these bumps are harmless, it is easy to get rid of them at home with simple natural remedies.

How to Get RId of Fordyce Spots on Lip
How to Get RId of Fordyce Spots on Lip

To get rid of Fordyce spots on lips, you could try the following simple remedies. Remember, it is important to have a dermatologist diagnose the bumps to establish that the bumps are indeed Fordyce spots. By doing so, you minimize the chance of confusing the spots for a more serious underlying skin condition. The remedies will include the following:

1)   Apple cider vinegar

O use apple cider vinegar for Fordyce spots, you will need a considerable amount of apple cider vinegar say 3 tablespoons, a glass of cold water and a spoon. Those who have used apple cider vinegar for any skin condition will tell you how effective the remedy is. Apple cider is not only good for Fordyce spots on lips but can also be used for many other skin conditions.

Apple Cider Vinegar for removing Fordyce Spots
Apple Cider Vinegar for removing Fordyce Spots

A solution of cider vinegar can be useful for relieving skin symptoms such as itching, irritation, inflammation and the burning sensation possible symptoms of Fordyce spots. To use apple cider vinegar as a home remedy for Fordyce spots on lips, you will need to do the following:

  • Into a glass of water, add the 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • Gently stir the content of the glass with the spoon
  • You could choose to either drink some of the mixtures preferably 2/3 or apply the remaining on the infected part of the lips.
  • Do this repeatedly twice or thrice for optimal result.
  • You should not apply the apple cider vinegar solution on your infected skin, doing so might lead to pain and a burning sensation.
  • You should also not use the remedy often on the skin, it could lead to the irritation of the skin.
  • If a remedy of apple cider is used in the right way, Fordyce spots on your lips are sure to disappear or become highly less visible

2. Garlic juice

Another best remedy you could use for the spot on lips is garlic. Garlic can be used for both the treatment and prevention of Fordyce spots on lips and other parts of the body. Garlic is both a strong anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant. When used correctly, garlic could help fight those unaesthetic tiny bumps appearing on lips.

Garlic Juice is good for Treating Fordyce Granules on Skin
Garlic Juice is good for Treating Fordyce Granules on Skin

For Fordyce spots and other skin condition, you can always consume boiled water with garlic drops for an immediate effect or mix the spice in food. To prepare a remedy of garlic, you will need, 2 pieces of garlic, some amount of water, a blender, and lemon juice. Do the following:

  • Crush the two garlic and transfer them into a blender
  • Add the water to dilute the extract of the garlic
  • To add some flavor and other properties, add some amount of lemon juice
  • Blend the resulting combination to a achieve a perfect mix
  • Transfer the mixture into a clean container
  • Drink the solution
  • Do this twice or thrice or a more accurate result.

3. A mixture of turmeric and milk

Turmeric is a strong herbal remedy for most of skin condition. The herb is antiseptic, antibacterial, and antipyretic. This properties of turmeric make it an effective solution to reduce the inflammation of the skin and reduce symptoms such as itching, irritation and feeling of burning sensation. To use turmeric as a remedy for the Fordyce spots on lip, you will need to:

  • Add a tablespoon of turmeric powder in a cup of warm milk
  • You could also choose to make a paste of turmeric with apple cider vinegar
  • Gently stir to mix the powder and milk
  • Drink the resulting solution
  • Repeat this twice or thrice in a day
  • With apple cider vinegar, you can apply the resulting paste on the affected area,
  • Leave the paste on before rinsing it off
  • Do this repeatedly to relieve the symptoms and get rid of the Fordyce spots on lips

4. Drinking plenty of water

For Fordyce spots and other skin conditions, the simplest solution is usually to remain hydrated. With a hydrated body, you are able to boost your immune system that could otherwise cause the spotting on the sebaceous glands and on lips and other body parts.

For dry lips or mouth caused by the Fordyce spots, drinking water helps keep the lips hydrated, this will prevent cracking thus relieving the itching, irritation and burning sensation. Water has a lot of benefits, some of the benefits will include the following:

  • Water helps maintain the balance of body fluids
  • Water in the body helps maintain body calories
  • Water will also help energize your muscles
  • A hydrated body will make the skin appear smooth and looking good
  • Water is important to the kidney for removing toxins from the body
  • Adequate hydration helps maintain normal function of the gastrointestinal tract, this will help prevent constipation

5. Essential oil such as coconut oil

The medicinal properties of essential oils such as coconut, tea tree, olive oil and others make them great options not only for Fordyce spots on lips and other body parts but also for other annoying and irritation skin conditions. Coconut oil, for instance, is a strong anti-inflammatory and also contains anti-itching qualities.

Coconut Oil is essential for treating Fordyce Spots on Lips
Coconut Oil is essential for treating Fordyce Spots on Lips

Olive oil, on the other hand, is a strong antibacterial with an antiseptic remedy. You can use each remedy independently but to make it even more effective you could choose to use a mixture of the remedies. Here are some steps you could follow to prepare a natural remedy with coconut oil.

  • You will need a moderate amount of pure coconut oil, some cloves of garlic, a cooking pan, a source of heat and a cooling place
  • Pour the cooking coconut oil into the pan
  • Into it add the garlic cloves and warm the mixture
  • After the content of the pan boils for a moderate amount of time, separate the cloves from the coconut oil
  • Cool the resulting oils for some minute
  • Gently apply the oil directly on the affected area
  • Leave the paste on for some minutes before rinsing it off with a running water
  • Do this twice daily until the Fordyce spots on lips disappear

6. Boost your intake of vitamins

The other simplest way of getting rid of Fordyce spot on lips and other body parts such as the penile shaft, and labia is by increasing your daily intake of vitamins. Whereas your body requires a wide arrange of vitamins on a day to day basis, there are at least six of those vitamins that work great in the treatment of Fordyce spots on lips.

To get rid of Fordyce spots, you will need vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and K. most of these vitamins can be attained by boosting your daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains. This will include kales, carrots, crabs, salmon, beef liver, strawberries, kales, kiwi, cauliflower, liver oil, maitake mushrooms, avocado, parsley, papaya, olive, asparagus, beans, eggs, cucumber, soya beans and Brussel sprouts among others

7. Apply raw aloe Vera gel

The other effective remedy that will work well in getting rid of Fordyce spots on lips is aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is one of the most natural form of treating Fordyce spots and many other skin conditions. Aloe Vera is rich in antibacterial, antibiotic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties. This properties make aloe Vera not only good for external skin infection, but also for internal condition such as urinary tract infection.

Aloe Vera Gel is a natural home remedy for Fordyce Spots
Aloe Vera Gel is a natural home remedy for Fordyce Spots

To use aloe Vera as a remedy for getting rid of the Fordyce spots, you will need to:

  • cut fresh leave of aloe Vera plant
  • wash it and cut it lengthwise
  • squeeze the gel in into a cup
  • for children, you can add an equal amount of raw organic honey if you are to apply it on their lips
  • Gently apply the gel on the affected area,
  • leave the paste own for some minutes before rinsing it off with clean water
  • do this twice in a day

How to get rid of Fordyce spots on labia

On female labia or vagina, Fordyce spots take the form of small yellow or white spots.  Many women suffer from Fordyce spots on and around the genital area. The appearance of the spots is unsightly, giving the appearance of suffering from a sexually transmitted disease rather than Fordyce spots.

Labia Fordyce spots can cause distress and concern to most female sufferers. This could be detrimental to their sexual life. This should not be the case, because, as mentioned, Fordyce spots are harmless and do not pose any health risk. The bumps are also not contagious thus cannot be transmitted from one person to the other through physical contact.

Fordyce spots on vagina and labia are harmless, there is thus no pressing need to seek medical treatment. If the spots are causing itching, irritation, inflammation or burning sensation, most of these symptoms can be relieved at home using simple natural remedies. Below are some of the remedies you could use to get rid of Fordyce spots on labia.

Lemon juice

Lemon contains citric acid good for treating the bacterial infection on the skin dermis. Lemon is not only good for blackheads and pimples, its rich properties make it an even better remedy for Fordyce spots appearing lips, labia, penile shaft and other body parts.

  • Squeeze the lemon to attain the juice,
  • Using a clean cotton swab apply the juice on the affected part of your labia
  • For a more effective remedy you could mix the lemon juice with aloe Vera or make a paste of turmeric with it
  • Do this repeated twice or thrice for optimal result

Olive oil

Olive oil is the other natural occurring remedy you could use to get rid of the Fordyce spots o labia. Apart from reducing the Fordyce spots from the skin, olive oil also helps keep the skin hydrated and minimize the chances of getting the spots again. Olive oil is thus an idle solution for not only getting rid of the spots on labia but other parts of the skin.

  • Gently clean your genital area with warm water and antibacterial soap
  • Apply the olive oil on the affected area with a cotton swab or your hands
  • Leave the paste for about an hour
  • Do this repeatedly daily for a week

Tea tree oil

For Fordyce spots causing irritation and itching around the genital area, a naturally anti-inflammatory agent might be of help. A good such remedy is tea tree oil. A mixture of tea tree oil and lemon juice might be the answer you might be looking for to get rid of the Fordyce spots.

Tea tree oil is also a strong antiseptic agent that can work well to reduce the inflammation of the skin and prevent bacterial infection. Tea tree oil is also a good remedy for getting rid of Fordyce spots appearing on the penile shaft and other parts of the body.

Chamomile tea

Another strong natural remedy for getting rid of Fordyce spots is chamomile oil. When used, the oil from chamomile flowers can help relieve the skin of the itching, inflammation, and irritation caused by the presence of Fordyce spots on lips, labia and the penile shaft.

A common advantage of using chamomile leaves is that, unlike other natural herbs, chamomile leaves will have no side effects when used on skin. The remedy can also be used to treat hives, sunburn and other skin condition.

Use a fresh garlic

The other strong natural home remedy you can use to get rid of the Fordyce spot is fresh garlic. Garlic is rich is rich in antioxidants that basically remove free radicals from the body. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties that will help shrink the bumps to get rid of them.

You can consume garlic in boiled water or mix it as a spice in food. All this will help give an immediate relief for the symptoms and the Fordyce spots.

Ways to get rid of Fordyce spots fast

Fordyce spots are a major concern to many people. Even though the condition is harmless and non-contagious, most people will look for the most effective ways to get rid of the Fordyce spot as fast as possible.

Most of the sufferers of Fordyce bumps are advised to let the spots be as in most cases they might dissipate by themselves. Since most people are self-conscious about their appearance, most will seek treatment for cosmetic purposes.

Here are some of the common treatment methods used to get rid of Fordyce spots fast.

  • Punch excision where a dermatologist makes tiny hole in skin targeting the Fordyce spots
  • Pulse dye laserwhich involves delivering a high concentrated light beam on the skin surface with the spots
  • Carbon dioxide laser or electro desiccation
  • Cauterization,in this procedure, Fordyce granules are removed by burning them out by applying a fine probe
  • Cryotherapy,this involve freezing the cell or tissue using liquid nitrogen
  • You might also use over the counter topical creams and gels

How to get rid of Fordyce spots on balls

Fordyce granules can occur anywhere on the body. Just as the spots occurring on lips and labia, Fordyce spot occurring on balls can be annoying, irritating and discomforting. Since the bumps are not harmful or contagious, they should not scare you that much. No medical emergency is required, most these symptoms can be managed and controlled at home with natural remedies.

You can use citric acid found in lemons and oranges to simple exfoliate the skin. This way you are able to reduce the irritating, itching and the burning sensation on the penile shaft.  Applying apple cider vinegar can also offer relief for the said symptoms. Also using essential oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, and other natural oils help keep the skin nourished and the sebaceous glands clean, this will help reduce the chances of developing the spots again.

How to get rid of Fordyce spots at home

From our discussing, we have seen that Fordyce spots are common and can occur to anyone. The spots are harmless, painless at times and are not contagious. That means when one person is infected with the bumps, they cannot infect other people with the spots even with close physical contact.

To get rid of Fordyce spots at home, you can use any of the following:

  • Topical prescription or non-prescription gels and cream
  • Maintain good hygiene by washing the infected are with warm water with an antiseptic soap
  • Jojoba oil
  • Try an asparagus paste or eat a lot of to boost you immune system
  • Eat a lot of broccoli to increase your levels of vitamins
  • See your dermatologist if the spots last for more than a week

How to get rid of Fordyce spots naturally

As said, most cases of Fordyce spot are harmless, and can be managed and controlled with simple natural remedies such as:

  • Apply a paste of turmeric
  • Oatmeal bath
  • Apply raw organic honey on the spots
  • Aloe Vera
  • Tea tree oil and many other natural remedies

How to get rid of Fordyce spots on penile shaft, foreskin – Home Remedies

Through this article, we have provided some of the natural home remedies you can use to get rid of Fordyce spots on lips, labia and balls. The rich medicinal qualities contained in most of the remedies makes them effective choice for treating and getting rid of the Fordyce spots on penile shaft and on foreskin.

If you have tried the remedies but you still have the spots or other symptoms such as pain, irritation and itching persist, please see your dermatologist for diagnosis as soon as possible. You could also adhere to the following preventive measure of Fordyce spots and other skin bumps. You will need to:

  • Maintain proper hygiene
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes
  • Avoid scratching or popping the spots
  • Eat a considerable amount of asparagus
  • Fight of the Fordyce spots with spinach

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