Terro Ant Baits Review –Does it work?

Are you thinking about buying Terro Ant Baits? This guide here is all you need. It will provide detailed review to help make sure what you are going to purchase and use.

Ant invasion is a common phenomenon throughout the United States. Dealing with ant requires careful approach since ants are not only tiny creatures but also intelligent.

Ants are somehow difficult to deal with because they can from large colonies where they hide from people.

Terro Ant Bait can be purchased from Amazon. This ant bit is one of the most recommended product to control pests. It kill many kinds of different ant species. The product is conveniently packaged, no-spill cups so it is easy to use them around their homes.

But does Terro Ant Bait works? Let’s find out from the review below. We will provide the pros and cons of Terro Ant Bait including key features.

TERRO Ant Bait Rating

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Terro is known as one of the biggest industry and manufacturers of a number of products that are meant to capture and eliminate quite a number of different species of ants. Liquid ant bait is one of their most known products. It has been conveniently packaged with multiple stations.

This ant bait is designed to work and used in both indoors and outdoors. Again, you don’t have to handle the insecticide with your bare hands. The trap can be place in multiple locations in your house such kitchen cabinets, counters, the garage etc.

Does this ant bait really works? Does Terro ant bait really get rid of the entire colony? The active and main ingredient in this ant bait is boric acid; which is extracted from borax.

Borax is pesticide recommended and approved by the EPA for pest control. It is mild toxic substance. It has the potential to kill entire colonies of ants usually within a couple of days or weeks. But its efficiency can last for a maximum of two weeks.

The Pros and Cons of Terro Ant Bait

Ants around your home can be annoying. Imagine these tiny creatures moving in and around your house in large number causing destruction! You need to find the best way to deal with them using the best ant bait like Terro.

Before going for Terro Ant Bait, you need to analyze the risks vs the benefits of using the ant baits.

Terro Ant Bait, from research and experience comes many positives but we cannot overlook the negatives that comes with it as well.

Here are the pros and cons of Terro Ant Bait:


  • It kills many different species of ants
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor ant problem
  • It uses slow-acting poison that can kill an entire colony including the queen
  • Conveniently designed bait stations that do not leak their chemicals
  • The company has a great return policy and excellent customer service


  • It can take 1 to 2 weeks to be fully effective
  • Not safe to your pets or children
  • Use borax, it is poisonous and shouldn’t be touched or ingested by humans or animals

Terro Ant Baits Key Features

If you are going to use Terro Ant Bait to get rid of ants in your home, then you should know the key features this product it has over other products.
Here are the key features:

a) Ease of Use

The instructions on how to use this product are clearly indicated on the product. They are extremely simple. Some of the instructions include:

Remove the baiting stations from the package, place it around your home and finally pick up and dispose of stations as soon it is done.

There are no complications or difficult procedures to follow when using this ant bait. It is convenient to use.

b) Flexibility in Implementation

If compared with other baits and pesticides, Terro ant bait can be place inside or outside your house without any worry of ever being rained on. Inside your house, place them in the kitchen. The bait is small enough to fit anywhere in your house. The bait is covered with a plastic sheath making it difficult for pest and children to get through it.

c) Fast – acting formula

Terro ant bait has a fast acting formula, meaning once the ants ingest the bait they will die within a couple of hours to a few days. Of course, before dying the ant will carry some of the bait to the colony. It can take a week or two for the member for the colony to die including the queen.

This is good for a large infestation. You can rest easy with the knowledge that your problem will be solved within days.

d) No Handling of the Chemicals

Most of the ant baits in the marker today requires you to physically touch them. It could be granules, dust or poisonous liquid baits. Terro ant bait on the other hand comes packed in stations.

The ants can reach the attractive poison but not possible for your pets and children to reach the toxins. But still, keep your pets and children far away from this product. Always wash your hands after use.

e) Effective on Different Species of Ants

Most ant species will not survive when they ingest Terro Ant Bait. This product is effective in eliminating of sweet-loving ants but can also get rid of different species of ants. For instance, common black ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants, cornfield ants are not going to survive this ant bait.

TERRO Ant Bait Review

In this section, our review will be based on these criteria:

1. Active Ingredient

Terro Ant Bait uses boric acid as its main active ingredient. Boric acid is derived from borax. Boric acid is highly efficient pesticide that can get rid of a number of different species of ants.

How does boric acid works? It disrupts the stomach of the ants before damaging their nervous system and finally causing failure of the body leading to death. The granules has the potential to scratch the ant’s interior.

You should also avoid direct contact with boric acid granules, it can cause poisoning, seizures and death. But, Terro ant bait has been sealed to reduce the risk from handling it directly with your hands

2. Ease of Use

Like pointed earlier, Terro Ant Bait is easy to use. All you have to do is unwrapping the package and placing the stations in the infested areas. This makes it easy for people who wouldn’t want to handle the pesticides.

3. Customer Service

The firm that owns and manufactures Terro ant bait, is known to offer a wide range of pest control products. Terro Liquid ant bait is considered to be the best therefore rated as “Gold Standard” that can help to get rid of ants

4. Effectiveness                                      

The fact that Terro ant bait can kill most or all type of different species of ants, makes it effective. The product once applied can take a few days to get rid of the ants and the entire colony.

5. Is this Product user friendly especially to Pet and Child?

We’ve mentioned earlier in the post that this product is not safe to your pets and children. You should keep it away your pes and children. Terro ant bait is packed in baiting stations thus it limits the exposure to you and pets or child.

How do Terro Ant Baits Work?

Terro Ant Bait has been considered the most popular product to get rid of the ants. It is highly recommended by professional pest exterminators. Like we have discussed before, it has been used to kill almost all types of ant species. It comes in nicely packed with no-spill containers to be effectively used for indoors and outdoors.

Like many pesticides, Terro Ant Bait has a delayed effect. It uses borax as the active ingredient. Borax is the poison that is effective in killing insects. When the (worker) ants eat the poison, it will carry some of the bait to the colony. Within a couple of days, the whole colony will be wiped out.

How to use Terro Liquid Ant Bait?

You can use Terro Ant Bait anywhere in your apartment to get rid of ants. It is simple to use. All you have to do is to take the stations from the pack and place them anywhere you notice the ants. The instructions are clearly written on the package.

The Terro Company claims that it can take up to 3 days to see the effectiveness of this product.

Terro Ant Baits are not working?

There are instances where some people have raised concerned about Terro Ant Bait not being effective. But the truth is that, such cases are rare. The truth is there are cases of misapplication. It is wise to read the instructions carefully before you can apply this ant bait.

The instructions are usually simple to follow. Just check on the package and read the instructions before applying. Note that, this bait will take 3 days to start noticing the results.

Where to get Terro Ant Bait

There are a number of online and stores where you can get and buy Terro Ant Bait. The most common online store is Amazon. It would cost between $3 to $20, this depends on the number of stations you would to purchase and the level of infestation of ants in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions on Terro Ant Baits

Here are some of frequently asked questions on Terro Ant Bait:

1. How does Terro Ant Bait Controls Ant Invasion?

From the review, this Terro Ant Bait has borax as its active ingredient that is responsible for the death of ants in your home. Although it is a slow-acting bait, it will kill not just a few ants but the entire colony of the ants including the queen.

The worker ants will eat some of the bait and obviously carry some of it to the colony where the rest will feed on the poison. This will mark the end of the colony and your problem will be solved in a couple of days.

While using this ant bait, make sure you remove all the available food near the ants or anywhere where the ants can access the food. You shouldn’t give the ants an alternative food source other than the ant bait.

2.  Is it Possible to use the Ant Bait Outdoors?

Absolutely yes! Terro Liquid Ant Bait is designed to work and control ants inside and outdoor as well.

The Terro Ant Bait is packed with pre-filled bait stations. You should not bother about spillage and weather patterns. This ant bait doesn’t lose its efficiency from harsh environmental conditions such as the sun, rain or even snow. But keep on changing the bait periodically let’ say after 3 months to get desirable results.

3.  Why are Ants avoiding Terro Ant Bait Killer?

One of the reason could be you haven’t refreshed the bait station. Two, there could be other food sources around and ant are probably feeding on that food avoiding the bait. Starve the ants by removing all other food sources such that they are only left with the bait as the food source.

4. Does Terro Liquid Ant Bait has an Expiration date?

Of course NOT. This ant bait has no expiration date. Its effectiveness or the main ingredient is almost infinite. But you have to keep on changing the bait stations after every 3 months to achieve desirable results.

Final Thought

Anytime you have an ant invasion in your home, you should consider using Terro Ant Bait. From the review and discussion above, it is fair to say Terro Ant Bait is one of the best ant killer product in the market. It comes with its own station and conveniently sealed to prevent contact with the toxins.

Again, the ant bait is effective in almost all types of ants and the stations can easily be trashed after use. Boric acid, the main ingredient in Terro Ant Bait, is also an environmental friendly comparing to other insecticides.

The manufacturer of Terro Ant Bait provides stellar customer service and for this reason they are a reputable company dedicated to serve a growing demand of customers both online and offline customers.


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