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Just noticed bluish, fluid filled bumps on lips and along the mouth lining! These are mucous retention cyst also called mucocele. The bumps may appear on cheek, roof of mouth and floor of mouth. In this article, we have provided you with information about the causes, treatment and possible home remedies that can help you get rid of the cyst.

Mucocele on Lips
Mucocele on Lips

Mucous cyst or mucocele are harmless and painless bumps filled with mucous. The bumps are formed when the salivary gland inside mouth become clogged and filled with mucous. The cyst are common on the lower lip but can appear anywhere along the mouth lining.

What Causes Mucocele on Roof of Mouth and Lips?

A number of causes can be responsible for mucous cyst on lips and roof of the mouth. The following are the possible causes:

Trauma and injuries

Trauma and injuries of connectivity tissue on lip may lead to the swelling and the inflammation of the salivary gland appearing there. The bumps will be filled with mucous to form what the mucocele. Avoiding this kind of injuries can help prevent against the cyst. Seek medical attention if the bumps last for so long or start to get unbearable.

Lip biting

Consistently biting your lips has the same effects as trauma and injuries. With discontinued biting, the bumps should clear on their own unless they are infected or caused by an underlying medical infection.

 Lip piercing

Mucous retention cyst may also occur after a lip piercing. This could be caused by bacterial infection or an allergic reaction to the jewelry used. Make sure the objects used during piercing are clean and sterilized. Avoid sharing to reduce chance of disease infection. Instead of doing the piercing at home, have a professional do it for you.

Oral cancer

Oral or mouth cancer might also be the cause of these cyst. The cancerous growth might cause the blocking of the salivary glands thus causing the cyst to develop. Have a dentist look at them. An early diagnosis and treatment increases the chances of treating the oral cancer.

Canker sore

These sores are small shallow lesions that develop on the soft tissues in your mouth or at base of gums. They can be painful but are not contagious. They can make eating and talking difficult.

Cold sore

These are inflamed blister in or near mouth. They are caused by herpes simplex virus. They are also referred to as fever blister.  They can heal on their own within a week or two.

Poor oral hygiene

Not brushing your teeth r maintaining high dental hygiene may cause the accumulation of bacterial that can lead to the blocking of the salivary glands. The result is mucous filled bumps we are calling mucocele.

Mucous Cyst on Lip Picture

Below and throughout this article we have provided some photos of how the cyst look like. Take note that the images are only for illustration purpose and cannot substitute a physical medical diagnosis. It is important to have your dentist or a general health practitioner examine the cyst and prescribe the right treatment option.

Mucous on Lip Picture
Mucous Cyst on Lip Picture
Mucous Cyst on Baby's Lip Picture
Mucous Cyst on Baby’s Lip Picture

Mucous Retention Cyst on Lip

Mucous retention cyst, or oral mucocele are bumps formed by the swelling of the connective tissue. They consist of a fluid known as mucin. Mucin are family of high molecular weights, they are common in animals and human and are able to form gel.

The cyst have a bluish color and are common in children and young adults. Since they lack epithelia lining, this kinds of swelling are said not to be true cysts. The size of the mucocele will vary from 1 mm to several centimeters. They are also slightly transparent with a blue color as mentioned. The cyst may last from days to years. It is common for some people to have recurrent swelling with occasional rupturing of its contents.

The inner lip is the most common location for these cyst. The bumps can also be seen on the inner side of cheek, the interior ventral tongue and the floor of the mouth. Those appearing at the floor of mouth are referred to as ranula. Mucous retention cyst are rarely found on upper lips. From the name, they are basically mucus lined bumps that can also occur in the paranasal sinuses most commonly the frontal sinuses.

There is a variation between this kinds of cyst.  A common variant are those appearing on the palate, retro molar pad and posterior buccal mucosa. These are known as superficial mucocele. They appear as single or multiple vesicles and burst in ulcer or lesions. Once held, this type of mucous retention will always recur in the same sport they were.

Some inflammation or swelling can resolve on they own after some time. Other might be chronic and will require surgical removal. Nonsurgical removal option will include a salty water gargle, twice or thrice a day to remove he fluids trapped underneath the skin. Seek medical attention if the cyst persist.

How long do mucous cysts take to heal?

As said mucous cyst are harmless and do not pose any health risk. The cyst can develop anywhere along the oral cavity but are more likely to develop on inner part of the lower lip. In mouth, the cyst are formed when the salivary glands become clogged and filled with mucous.

These cyst are benign, if left untreated the bump can take so long to heal. The duration will however be shortened with treatment which would include surgery depending on how large the swelling are. So to answer your question, how long do mucous cyst take to heal? Well it will be in the range of between a few days to a couple of year depending on how large or small the retention is.

As mentioned early, the chances of the cyst recurring are also high. We believe the best way to prevent the cyst from recurring in the future is to surgical remove them. Also avoid things like lip and cheek biting.

How do mucous cyst on lip look like?

A mucous cyst resembles a bump, basically it is a transparent, bluish mucous filled bumps appearing on along the mouth lining. The bump can appear anywhere on the mouth, it could appear on the palate, floor of mouth or on inner cheek lining.

The classification of these bumps will depend on their location along the mouth lining. The most common site for these cyst is on lower lips. These bumps will appear raise, bluish, soft when touched and at times lesions that are less than one centimeter. Have a dentist diagnose them to confirm this.

Types of mucous retention cyst

As said, the type of the mucous retention cyst will depend on the location the cyst are appearing on. Since they can form on different site, other types apart from those appearing on lip will include

  • Vocal cord, note over using the vocal cord will not cause these cyst to appear
  • On Salivary gland caused by trauma or damage
  • Throat, caused by post nasal drip down.
  • Maxillary mucous retention cyst occurring in the maxillary sinus.
  • Inner cheek
  • Palate and floor of mouth

Treatment for Mucous Cyst on Lip

For superficial mucous retention cyst, they are harmless, painless and do not pose any health risk. That is why most will not require any treatment to treat them, they can clear on their own. However, if the cyst of mucous retention prove problematic or have referred, below are some possible medical way to get rid of them.

Surgical removal

As said, surgery is the most assured way of avoiding the recurring of the cyst. A dentist or general practitioner will make an incursion around the mucous cyst then drain the mucous out. For most people, it takes a round a week or two for the wound to heal completely.

Surgical Removal of Mucous Cyst on Lip Video

Oral antibiotics

For bacterial infections causing the blocking and clogging of the mucous glands, your health care provider will diagnose the extent of these infection and prescribe the best antibiotics.


Another common procedure available for treatment is freezing the cyst with liquid nitrogen. A laser beam may also be used to remove the material from the cyst by irradiating.

Micro-marsupialization for children

For children and young adults, a minimal invasive micro-marsupialization can be used. This is a minimally invasive technique carried down under topical anesthesia. The procedure is carried out by draining the accumulated saliva and creating a new epithelialized track along the path of the sutures.

Steroid injection

For large inflammation and enlarged cyst, your doctor may inject you with steroid and corticosteroids to shrink the cyst and reduce their cyst to relieve pain and discomfort.

Laser removal

A laser beam may also be used to destroy the cyst especially if they are caused by oral cancer.

Draining the cysts

The doctor may also drain the cyst by making cut or incursion or creating a pouch on sides of the mucus bump and draining the entire contents out. You should not try this at home, the procedure is painful and could end up open you up for more infections.

Mucous cyst symptoms

A mucous retention cyst occurring on lip is painless and harmless. The cyst can also be bothersome. Due to their conspicuous nature, these cyst can be really frustration. They are however asymptomatic, but when the symptom are present they will include:

  • A bluish fluid filled bump
  • Soft, round and painless lump on lips, cheek, palate or floor of mouth
  • The bump can move when felt with the finger
  • Raised swelling on lower lip
  • Lesions less than a centimeter can also be seen

How to Remove, Get Rid of Mucous Cyst on Lip – Home Remedy

Below we have provide you with some possible home remedies you can use for mild or small mucous cyst on lip. Remember this are harmless swelling that appear on the mouth. Mucocele can be left to heal on their own, if however they are accompanied with itching and pain the natural remedies described below can be of really great help.

Since mucocele develop on salivary glands, their presence can result in excessive saliva production inside mouth. These can cause problems during speech and difficulties while eating. To relive the swelling or manage the symptoms, the following remedies can be used.

1. Raw organic honey

Honey is a proven antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory, honey has been used by a lot of people t traditionally treat infection back at home. When applied on mucous cyst appearing on lip, it can help gradually reduce inflammation and relieve other symptoms like itching.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric used to treat a number of skin and oral infection, can also be a great antibacterial for oral infection causing mucocele. Prepare a paste of milk and turmeric powder. Using a cotton ball, gently apply the paste on the cyst. Do this repeatedly for a week for optimal result.

3. Sage

Sage, an aromatic herb found along the Mediterranean region can serve as a good natural remedy for these kind of cyst. The herb is commonly used for religious rituals, the smoke from burning this herb is believed to bless, cleanse and heal a person or objected being smudged in this kind of rituals.

4. Sea salt gargle

Sea salt can effectively be used to treat mucous cyst. It is rich in healing and inflammatory property that can be helpful in relieving most symptoms. The salt can be applied directly on the affected are or gargled. Just mix a tea spoon of sea salt in water, stir to mix and gargle the mixture. Do this twice daily for a week or two and the cyst will be long gone.

5. Glycerin

Glycerin a rich source of antiseptic and healing properties is another perfect choice for a natural remedy to heal and treat the mucocele appearing on the lower lips or anywhere along the mucous membrane. Glycerin will help provide relief from this swelling such as the itching, pain and burning sensation.

Although the process is time taking, at the end you will end up finding the best treatment for the cyst. Just apply the glycerin and leave it for some time before rinsing it off. Repeat this twice daily for optimal results.

6. Castrol oil

The other highly effective remedy for treating the cyst is Castrol oil. To make an even more effective remedy, you can mix the Castrol oil with honey and apply on the inflamed cyst appearing on your lip. Leave this paste on the lip for around 20 minutes before you rinse it off. Repeat this twice daily, every morning and night before you go to bed.

7. Ice pack

To calm down symptoms like itching and burning sensation caused by the presence of these mucous cyst, you can simple put an ice park on the lips and hold it for 10 minutes. Ice is among the best remedies for relieving burning and itching with little or no side effects.

8. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil rich in topical antifungal and antiseptic properties can also be an effective remedy for mucous cyst. To apply the remedy, add some tree oil to a table spoon of honey and apply on the swollen bumps. Take note tea tree oil should only be used as a topical treatment.

9. Yogurt

If you are unable to access all the remedies described above, we are very sure you won’t miss yogurt. Yes yogurt contains a lot of medical properties that can help relieve most of the symptoms of mucocele. Drinking yogurt can help get relief of itching, burning sensation and other discomforts caused by the cysts.

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