Top 10 Licking Mats for Dogs, Puppies – Reviews & Guide

Having a pet specifically your dog or puppies being playful and start to chew everything in sight? Get your dog and puppies a licking mat that is not only safe but also manages the dog’s anxiety. You might have face a challenge getting the best licking mat for your puppy or dog, but here is the solution for you.

In this article, find a detailed reviews and guide on the best 10 licking mat for puppies. If you intend to feed your pet slowly, then here are some of the best licky mats for your pets.

You can use the licky mat to feed the pets their favorite meal. This will be a bonus just in time to calm the dogs easily. A good licky mat should keep your puppies preoccupied for a quite a long period. Let’s begin.

Top 10 Best Licking Mats for Puppies/ Dogs

Below, find the detailed features and reviews on the best 10 licking mats for your puppies or dogs. We’ve factored all the key features, pros and cons and come up with the list on the best licky mat to choose from.

1. Lickimat Classic Dog Slow Feeders for Boredom & Anxiety Reduction

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Lickimat classic dog slow feeder is one of the best for your pet’s need. It helps in reducing anxiety level in dogs and breaks boredom. It is one of the best product found in the stores. It is available in buddy, play date, soother and buddy patterns.

This lickimat gives your puppies a fresh breath, keeping the puppies gums and teeth strong. It is made from chewable food-grade rubber thus highly recommended by both vets and dog handlers. Again, it is environmental friendly since it is silicon-free

Key Features/Pros:

  • Come in different styles and patterns
  • Environment friendly –has no silicon
  • Reduces stress/anxiety/boredom
  • Recommended by vets and professional dog handlers
  • Made from chewable food-grade rubber
  • Easy to clean (can be dish washed)


  • Close supervision to prevent your puppy from chewing the mat off

2. BWOGUE Puppy Lick Mat

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I consider this product one of the best for puppies especially when they have to overcome boredom and reduce anxieties. It will keep your pets occupied and excited. It also helps to keep the gums and teeth healthy giving your pets tasty treats.

For pets suffering from anxiety issues, it helps to keep their mental health in good condition. Use this mat to sooth your puppies whenever there are loud noise and firework outside. It is perfect for training your dogs. Again, highly recommended by vets.

Key Features/Pros:

  • Good for relieving anxiety and boredom
  • Slow feeds pets thus assist in digestion
  • Strengthen teeth and gums
  • Good for calming and soothing your pets
  • Easy to clean
  • Helps in relieving chocking and bloating


Keep checking on the dog otherwise it is so easy for the dog to chew the mat off

3. RYPET Dog Lick Mat

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While there are quite a variety of licking mats for puppies, you cannot miss on this one. Rypet is the best lickmat for distracting your dogs while feeding them. It assists in feeding the dogs and preventing bloating.

This is an amazing product and I had to include it in my list, it is flexible designed in flexible silicone bone shape which attracts your puppies. This mat makes it comfortable bathing your puppies. The pets’ favorite spread in this licky mat also makes their teeth and gums healthier. The mat works as distraction to your pest when being groomed or from loud noises.

Key Features/Pros:

  • Appealing to the pets
  • Made from silicon which makes it to stick to the surface
  • Distract the pest while grooming them
  • Assists in good digestion and prevents from bloating
  • Has more than one function


  • Loose grooves thus delicate when cleaning

4. Andyrex Puppy Lick Mat

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While looking for the best licky mat for puppies you cannot surely miss on Andyrex puppy lick mat. It is one of the best licking mat available in the market. Some of the key unique feature include easily sticking on smoothing surfaces. It helps in feeding the puppies with their favorite food. It is soothes and calms your pets but also works their snack.

It helps to distract pets while you can comfortably wash the dog. It also has good suction power. This product is made from high-quality food-grade silicone which is safe to your pets.


  • Good for all types of dogs
  • Tasty food/spreads can be spread on this licky mat
  • Made up of food-grade silicon
  • Easy to wash
  • Has good suction power
  • Convenient to use
  • Superior quality material


You cannot microwave or heat the licky mat

5. Hyper Pet Dog Lick Pad

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Hyper pet dog lick is a slow feeder shaped as a bone to attract your puppy immediately they see it. Some of the wonderful features including having the ability to serve different types of spreads thus highly recommendable.

It is made with a good capacity to hold enough amount of food or snacks. It is a slow puppy feeder in style. You can use it to feed for all kinds of dogs. Since it is a slow feeder kind of mat, it prevents gulping slurping down of foods a common features in most pets.


  • Can hold enough amount of food
  • Best alternative for slow feeding bowls
  • Proper meal and snack both served on the licky mat
  • Helps in improving digestion of your puppies
  • Easy to wash
  • Suitable for serving healthy treats
  • Good in slow and healthy feeding thus prevent choking


  • Doesn’t hold wet food
  • You have to be keen to make sure the pets doesn’t chew off the mat

6. Industri Buddy Dog Licky Mat

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Industri buddy dog licky mat is one of the best licky mat developed by professional. Designed to meet the needs of your pets.

You can use for all kinds of dogs and sizes. In addition, it keeps pets entertained and occupied for quite some good time. You can use it on the pets to distract them while grooming them. Works too as an anxiety remover. All the types of tasty treats can be served on the mat, this includes the wet, dry, spread or chunky and raw food.


  • It is toxic and chemical-free
  • Manufactured from non-silicon material thus environment friendly
  • It improves teeth and gums
  • Helps in soothing the pets
  • Great alternative for puppy lick


  • The mat doesn’t stick to the surface of the  floor,
  • Cannot be washed with a dishwasher

7. JASGOOD Pet Lick Mat, Slow Feeder Lick Mat

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Still looking for the best pet lick mat? Jasgood is one of the best licking mat for your dogs. It is a circular pet like mat which I rank among the best out there. Just like the other licky mats discussed in this post, it helps to distract your pets and breaks boredom. You can use this licky mat to put spreads such as soft bananas or peanut butter or any of your pet’s favorite meal.

Use this licky mat to improve the health of your puppies since it slow feeds and increases the salivation of the pet. Again, if you want to help your dog with anxiety, use it to calm the pets.


  • Made with great design/rubber button keeping the mat firm on the ground
  • Soft and durable
  • Microwave proof and freezer friendly
  • Alternative for slow feeder bowls
  • Increases appetite and digestion
  • Non-toxic materials quality


  • Has a textured pattern. Can be quite difficult for puppies to lick all the food. It can cause the dogs to hurt their tongue

8. Outward Hound Fun Dog Lick Mat

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 One of the best licky mat for you pets. It comes in different sizes, shapes and pattern. It is designed to look like a bowel-circular shape. It is highly recommended by vets. It is good for the mental health of your puppies.

The design is superb thus makes it easier to calm your pets and also slow feeding them. The lickmat helps to improve digestion, prevent bloating, and choking. The base is made from non-slip rubber thus it doesn’t move, keeping it one place.

With this mat, be guaranteed your pet will develop healthy eating habits other than keeping the mental stability of your pets.


  • Non-slid base
  • Comes in different colors, design and patterns
  • Easy and safe to dish wash
  • Improves digestion of pets
  • Keep mental stability of the dog
  • Chemicals and non-toxins free
  • Helps the pet to slow feed
  • Anxiety and stress reliever


You cannot freeze or microwave proof this licky mat

9. PeSandy Dog Lick Mat

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While looking for a dog lick mat that can perfectly distract your dog while bathing it, look no further. We have PeSandy Dog Lick Pad. You can also put the dog’s favorite delicious spread on this mat. It will keep the dog calm and soothe it.

Well, your dog anxiety problem will also be solved. Built from superior quality material such as silicon which makes it durable. It comes as a pack of two pads that makes it easier to feed more than one dog at the same keeping them busy. It is easy to wash this lick pad either by your hands or dishwasher.

The base is made of silicone which makes it to stick on the floor in one place.


  • It is easy to dish wash
  • You can freeze to give your dog a cool treat
  • It is durable-made from silicon
  • The base is made from silicone thus non-skid
  • Good in slow feeding thus prevents choking
  • Comes in double pack


  • Has a powerful suction cups, that can be bad for your young puppies
  • Needs close supervision otherwise it can be fatal

10. ZOLEN Dog Slow Dispensing Treater Mat Dog Lick pad

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Get this product for your dog. One of the best licky pad for treating dogs while grooming them. This is a good licking pad to distract your dogs. Again, like most of the licky pads discussed in this post, it ranks among the best top 10 for its unique features. Use it to spread your pets’ delicious meal.

It easily sticks to the ground without moving an inch. The licky pad is ideal to calm and soothe your puppy (tried and tested). It helps to keep the pets free from anxiety and loud noise or fireworks outside.


  • Easy to clean
  • You can freeze it
  • Ideal for slow feeding
  • Stick to the flat ground
  • Made from superior quality, silicon chemical-free


  • It can be difficult to remove once it stick to smooth surfaces

How to Choose the Best Licky Mat for your Puppy – Guide

This section is to help you choose the best licky mat for your pets. There are some factors to consider. We have listed the points to consider before buying the licking pads for your dog.

Factors to consider before buying Licky Pad:

Here are some of the points to consider when shopping for that licky pad:

  • Size – this is important, choose the licky mat according to the size of your pets’ tongue
  • Texture – the best licky pad for your puppy should have groovy texture and lickable pattern that will excite your pet, sooth and calm it.
  • Material – the material used in manufacture of the mat should be made of rubber or food-grade silicon and toxic-free
  • Easy to Clean – go for that licky pad that you can easy clean or dish wash and store properly
  • Most licky mats for puppies should be the one that can be frozen and are microwave proof
  • Cost – there are a variety of licky mats, go for that which fits your budget
  • Finally, buy that licky pad that is able to keep your puppy occupied and also relieves anxiety.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here are some of the most asked question on licky mats for puppies

1. What are Licky Mats Made up of?

Most of the licky pads for pets are made up of rubber materials that are chewable and keep your pets distracted.

2. Does the Licky Mat Stay fixed in one Place?

Absolutely yes! They are made to stay in one place on the floor or flat surface. They are all made up of silicone

3. Are Licky Mats Easy to Clean?

Yes! The mats are made up of rubber materials, so it is easy to clean and store as well

4. How is a Licky Mat useful to my Puppy?

It helps to keep the pet occupied while grooming it. It calms and relieves anxiety especially from loud noise and fireworks outside. This improves the health of your puppy. It increases salivation, increasing the appetite and improving the dental health

5. What are the Treats I can Serve on the Licky Mat?

This entirely depends on the choice and taste of your pet. Anything ranging from bananas, peanut butter, pumpkin or chicken broth.

6. Is a Licky Mat Safe for My Puppy?

Absolutely Yes! But always watch on your pets, while licking their treat, they do not chew off the mat in the process.

Final Thought

I believe the information provided herein is helpful to get the best licky mat from the ones we’ve talked about. As put above, the licky mats have more than one function including keeping the pets calm, increases salivation, and keeping good mental and dental health of your pets.


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