How to Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches in Your House

Oriental roaches, Blatta Orientalis, commonly referred to as water bugs or black beetles are fond of living outdoors in damp areas such as basements and floor drains. They can infest homes especially in summer. Like most roaches, they are omnivorous and tend to eat on almost everything. They feed on filth and decaying matter.

Do you know how to get rid of oriental roaches? How can you identify oriental roaches? What are oriental cockroaches?  Learn more in this post

What are Oriental Cockroaches?

Scientifically referred to as Blatta orientalis, has a dark brown to black body and a flat shape. It is one of the largest cockroach species that measures around 0.7 to 1.14 inches in length.The males are about 25 mm long with wings that covers three-quarter of the abdomen. The color of the males ranges between shiny black to a dark reddish-brown in color.

The female oriental cockroach is 32 long with no wings; only large wing pads. The color of the female also ranges from black to a dark reddish brown in color. Neither the male nor the female can fly.

Just like other species of cockroaches, oriental roaches have the normal egg-nymph-adult life cycle.

This type of cockroach specie is commonly found in wet and damp places. Generally, they prefer outdoor habitats. But while looking for food, you are likely to encounter oriental roaches in your home. They may also come inside your house to lay eggs especially when the weather outside is harsh such as extreme cold conditions.

How to Identify Oriental Cockroaches- What Do Oriental Cockroaches Look Like?

What do oriental cockroaches look like? How can one identify oriental roaches?

How does a Male Adult Oriental Cockroach Look Like?-Picture

Here is to identify a male adult oriental cockroach look like: in terms of size, the male is 25 mm long maximum. It has wings that covers three-quarter of the abdominal segment. It has a shiny black to a dark reddish-brown color.

How does a Female Oriental Cockroach Look Like-Picture?

To understand how a female oriental cockroach look like, below is a picture.

 In terms of size, a female oriental cockroach is 32 mm long. It doesn’t have wings but only large wing pads that covers a section of the segment of the body. In terms of color, female oriental cockroaches have a shiny black to a dark reddish-brown color.

What do baby Oriental cockroaches look like?

How do you identify oriental nymph? As soon as they are hatched, oriental nymphs are whitish in color. But soon after they turn a pale brown color and as they eventually mature they darken. Their bodies tend to have a banded appearance which becomes less pronounced the darker they become.

A newly hatched oriental nymph measure up to 6mm long about the size of grain rice.

Baby Oriental Cockroach Pictures

Here are the pictures of oriental nymphs:

Do Oriental Cockroaches infest Homes?

Although their natural habitat is outdoor, oriental cockroach can at times infest homes. They tend to come in homes during summer and once they are inside, they tend to remain on lower floors. Just many other different cockroaches, they are omnivorous and thrive by eating on almost anything including food crumbs and rotting animals and plants.

You are also likely to see them in large numbers near water sources especially in your kitchen sinks and leaky water pipes.

Signs of an Oriental Cockroach Infestation

What are the signs of an oriental cockroach infestation? Here are some of the signs to look out for just in case you suspect that there are oriental cockroaches in your home.

1. Egg Capsules

One of the main sign of roach infestation is having egg cases or ootheca in your home. It could be somewhere in your kitchen cabinets, drawers, cupboards, basement, under the fridge etc.

The egg capsule may appear dark brown or reddish in color; and measure about 8 to 10 mm in length. A single ootheca can hold up to 16 eggs. The female will place the egg casing in secure area that is warm and near to the source of food. This happens almost 30 hours after the ootheca is produced.

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2. Odor

If the infestation is severe or rather the population of oriental roaches is large, you may feel a certain odor that is unusual. The smell is in most cases musty. The scent comes from chemicals released by the roaches to communicate, send signals and interact within the population.

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3. Dead Cockroaches

Dead oriental roaches can also be the signs to look out for. These dead roaches can be as a result of old and natural death. Dead and decaying oriental cockroach can also release a bad smell.

4. Sightings

If the weather is warmer, you are likely to see oriental cockroaches outdoors. This is a sure sign of oriental cockroach infestation. You are likely to see a big black cockroach with wings. They mostly like to appear from drains and sewers grates. You may also spot a few around your kitchen skin or trash bin when they are looking for food.

Are Oriental Cockroaches Harmful or Dangerous?

Are oriental cockroaches harmful or dangerous? Just like most species of cockroaches, oriental cockroaches are harmful and very dangerous. They carry pathogens and a lot of viruses, bacteria parasites on their bodies.

If they contaminate surfaces or food with their feces, it can lead to food poisoning, diarrhea, dysentery, and salmonella among other serious health risks. They can also bite but the bite only happen when the infestation is severe.

Like all the cockroaches, they shed their skins and poop everywhere. This can trigger asthma and allergic reaction especially in young children.

What Do Oriental Cockroaches Eat?

What do oriental cockroaches feed on? Oriental roaches are not different from other types of cockroaches. They are known to feed on garbage, decaying materials or filth. The fact that they live around water sources such as drains, sewers or leaky pipes, they are known to be very dependent on water.

Oriental cockroaches are known to live without food up to a month but cannot survive for more than two weeks without water.

Can Oriental Cockroaches Climb Walls?

Most cockroaches can climb walls. However, oriental cockroaches cannot climb walls especially if it is a smooth surface. They lack specialized pads on their feet to scale up a wall. Unlike the other species, oriental cockroaches in most case prefers the floor avoiding walls or ceilings.

How Do You Kill and Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches?

Here is how you can kill and get rid of Oriental cockroaches. Follow these steps:

1. Remove Oriental Cockroach Attractions

The best approach to successfully get rid of roaches is by eliminating any food leftovers, spillages and repairing leaky water pipes and taps. Make sure there is enough ventilation and use dehumidifier in humid rooms.

2. Sea All the Entry Points

Deny the roaches access to your homes by sealing off any holes, cracks on the floor and walls. Use caulk to seal these access points. You can also place mesh screen on the window and vents.

3. Application of Insecticides

Cockroaches and most insects are killed using sprays, foggers, baits and dust. Sprays are commonly used indoors when the infestation is large but caution must be taken. Foggers may not be effective against oriental cockroaches since you have to leave them in a room where for a lengthy period of time.

It is easier to get rid of oriental cockroaches using sprays especially in their entry points such as cracks. Baits are also effective against a large infestation. The fact that roaches will eat the bait laced with poison and later die makes it effective.

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Here are some of the Oriental killer solutions:

a) Combat Roach Killing Bait:

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b)  Advion Gel -Syngenta Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

This ant bait attracts roaches to feed on it thus die from poisoning. This gel comes in tubes with droppers for filling cracks. It lasts longs making it effective in getting rid of large oriental cockroach infestation.

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c) Bengal Roach Killer

You can get Kill oriental roaches with this spray. It is a topical roach killer in cracks and crevices. You can easily apply but you have to take precaution not to inhale the fumes.

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How to Prevent Oriental Cockroaches from Returning-Tips

As soon as you get rid of oriental cockroaches, you should thing of how to stop re-infestation and make sure they don’t return. Here are a few tips to:

  • Remove all the trash away
  • Clean all the dishes as you as you are done using them
  • Stop leaving any food out overnight
  • Use dehumidifier to reduce moisture
  • Use caulk to seal any gaps around the doors, windows, water pipes, baseboard and all other entry points for these insects
  • The basement should be well ventilated and with no leaks that can attract the roaches


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