Do Cockroaches Sleep, At Night, Day, How DO They Sleep? – Fact & Information

Do cockroach sleep? When do roaches sleep? How do they sleep? These are some of the question that this post will attempt to give details on. Just like other animals and pest, roaches do sleep. Cockroaches are nocturnal which implies that they are active during the night and sleep during the day. This post will discuss how and where cockroaches sleep. In addition, the post has information on the methods to deal with cockroaches while you are asleep.

You can never miss to notice cockroach infestation due to their unique way and ability to hide in dark places. Roaches are nocturnal implying that they are more active at night and hide when the lights are switched on.

It is also common to see a few cockroaches during the day but still they tend to behave in a nocturnal way to survive. A larger cockroach infestation tend to disrupt their circadian rhythm, you are likely to notice them any time of the day.

How Do Cockroaches Sleep?

Cockroaches are good at playing hide and seek to survive. This unique survival instincts makes them to feed during the night and rest during the day avoid any threats. Circadian rhythm determines when they should sleep commonly referred to as the period of immobility.

Light doesn’t destroy the roaches but their sleep can be disrupted especially by the artificial light while they are sleeping.

Do Cockroaches Sleep on Their Backs?

Contrary to the popular myth, cockroaches do not sleep on their backs. During this period of rest or immobility, they have three different ways of rest: immobility, locomotion and limb or antenna movement without movement.

Roaches do not sleep kike mammals do. Instead, they tend to show a period of inactivity and become less responsive to the environment. This period of immobility or inactivity can be described as resting phase or simply sleeping state of cockroaches.

The only time cockroaches will lying upside down or on their back is when they are sprayed and killed by insecticides. This position can be often confused as if the cockroaches are sleeping. When the cockroaches are sprayed with the insecticides, they poison the insecticides makes the roaches to become weak and they involuntarily roll on their back when they die.

How Long Do Cockroaches Sleep?

Like mentioned earlier in the post, cockroaches are active during the night. This is the period where they will be moving in search of food. It means that they are less active during the day. This period of inactivity during the day marks the resting or sleeping phase.

When Do Cockroaches Sleep?

Cockroaches like all other animals and human need enough period to rest. If deprived sleep, their normal biological process can be affected greatly. Lack of sleep can reduce reaction time thus it can be difficult to run away from threats and predators.

If you are keen enough you will see cockroaches during resting phase only moving their limbs or antenna. It happens just before they fall asleep and become completely inactive.

Do Cockroaches Sleep at Night?

Cockroaches are nocturnal insects meaning they are fully active during the night. It begins at midnight when they start to come out of their hideouts when it is dark when you are asleep and little or no activity is happening in your house.

Do Cockroaches Sleep During the Day?

Having said that cockroaches are nocturnal insects, it goes without saying that they do sleep during the day. They become inactive or rest during the day. As soon as it begins to dawn, they go back to their nest or hiding places running away from threats or predators.

But cockroaches are not necessarily afraid of light, that’s why there are some cases where you will discover a few cockroaches wandering in your kitchen searching for food and water during the day. It happens when you are dealing with larger infestation.

Where Do Cockroaches Sleep?

Cockroaches have no particular place where they sleep. They can sleep anywhere but they prefer dark and narrow spaces. This helps them to hide from external threats or predators. Remember that cockroaches live in dark and damp places.

Cockroaches prefer to sleep in places like under your furniture, behind carpets, inside wall cracks, inside cupboards, near decomposing organic matter, near leaky pipes, etc.

How Do Hissing Cockroaches Sleep?

Like all other cockroach species, the Madagascar hissing cockroaches have the same sleeping behavior. They are nocturnal: they become mostly active during the night and less active during the day. But the male hissing cockroach tend to show weird sleeping pattern. The males can be seen fighting during the day. This happens only mating purposes.

Do Cockroaches Crawl on People When They Sleep?

 Cockroaches always keep their distance. It is unusual to find cockroaches crawling on people while they are asleep. It can only happen accidentally especially when there is a large number of them. This is the only instance although rare where the cockroaches will crawl on people to feed on dead skin, food spills or crumbs.

Do Cockroaches Crawl in Your Mouth When You Sleep?

It is uncommon for cockroaches to crawl on your mouth when you are asleep. Only in some unusual cases you will find one or two cockroaches crawling around your mouth or ears. But rarely do cockroaches move near human let alone crawl on the mouth.

If this happens, just know you are dealing with a large infestation of cockroaches in your house and you should find ways to eliminated them fast.

Do Cockroaches Bite You in Your Sleep?

It is uncommon for cockroach to bite you in your sleep. Although there are few reported cases of cockroach bite in while people are sleeping. This can happen when you are handling a larger infestation of cockroaches and there is limited food sources. The bite can happen on your eyebrows, toenails, eyelashes and hair.

A cockroach bite can cause a red bump, allergic reaction or infection if the case is severe.

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What To Do If You Can’t Sleep Because of Cockroaches –Solution

How do you deal with cockroach depriving sleep? If can be frustrating when there is large infestation of cockroach depriving. If the number of cockroach grows and become a menace to deal with, then here is a solution.

Identify the area of infestation to get a clear picture about the number of cockroaches and the amount of insecticides required to get rid of them. You may call pest control exterminators if you feel overwhelmed.

How to Keep Cockroaches Away While Sleeping – Tips

To keep cockroaches away while you are sleeping, here are a few tips:

  • Remove food leftovers from your bedroom
  • Keep trash out of the bedroom regularly
  • Keep your bedroom free from moisture
  • Seal all the cracks and all the possible nesting sites
  • Do not leave food crumbs or wraps near or on your bed while sleeping
  • Place cockroach repellents in your room to keep the cockroaches away- some of the repellents include plants such as peppermint, rosemary, bay leaves, etc.

How to Sleep in Hotel with Cockroaches?

What happens when you check into a hotel and find it is infested with cockroaches? The first and immediate response would be to call front desk for help. But you can deal with roaches on your own. Keep the room lean and remove moisture to keep the roaches away.

Use repellants such as


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