Do Cockroaches Fart: Fact & Information

Do cockroaches fart? Just like humans insects like cockroaches once they eat food that get digested. In the process, their guts will release gas or fart. A cockroach tends to remove gas that accumulates in its intestines. If the gas if not released tend to build up and cause damage to its organ. The gas is released from the anus.

Studies have shown that many insects such as termites, scarab beetles including roaches they fart. This gas is best described as methane gas due to the presence of methanogenic bacteria in their stomach.

Do cockroaches fart? As mentioned earlier, cockroaches like many other insects fart quite a lot. Cockroach diet is one of the filthiest diet. They feed on dead decaying matter, fungus and rotting wood. All these contributes to the microbes in their stomach responsible for the cockroach fart. Their diet will determine how often or how much the fart is.

Do Cockroaches Fart: Facts & Information

Yes, cockroaches do fart and they may do it quite often. This depends on their diet, surroundings, behavior and the type of microbe present inside their guts. Remember that cockroaches feed on almost anything including: dead decaying matter, rotting wood, leftovers, mold, fungus etc.

It is this kind of diet that enhances the production of methane and hydrogen. The gas helps to digest the food. Once there is a build of gas in their diet, it created pressure and if not released it can damage the organs.

Why Do Cockroaches Fart

Roaches are known as one of the common indoor pest. Their unique behavior and ability to survive makes them hard to completely eliminate. They are fond of living near damp and filthy areas such as garbage or near dead decaying matter which forms part of their diet.

Inside the guts of roaches there are quite a high number of bacteria that helps in digesting food. Like most insects, cockroaches produce fart that is a mixture of carbon dioxide and other gases. The fart cannot be noticed since they gases (methane and hydrogen) do not produce any smell.

Other insects like termites are known for their frequency in farting. This can be attributed to their diet which consist of rotting wood, fungus or soil. Also, they have large quantity of methanogenic bacteria in their gut. One common similarities between cockroaches and termites is their ability to produce gas frequently.

When Does A Cockroach Fart?

Cockroach tend to fart throughout as long as they keep on eating and live in habitats that would this happen. The fart is basically methane, fatty acids and hydrogen. There are instances where a dead cockroach will still emit methane gas for about 18 hours.

Here are instance when cockroaches fart:

  • Young and Early in Life – Cockroach tend to fart when they are young or early in life. When the nymphs are beginning to develop their gut microbes and bacteria to aid in digestion, farting is normal.
  • Mating – during mating both the male and female tend to release gas just like most living organisms. If you are keen, the fart is loud since physical exertion during mating.
  • Sickness – although it is rare, a sick cockroach may produce a slightly louder fart.
  • Pooping – a common occurrence when roaches are relieving themselves. As they poop, they fart too.

How Often Does A Cockroach Fart?

One would wonder, how often does a cockroach fart in a day? To be honest, you cannot tell how often cockroaches fart. It is said in various articles that cockroaches fart once in every 15 minutes. But this have been ruled out according to some studies which claim that it is only a myth.

According to a study published in a journal of Applied and Environmental Microbiology, states the frequency of cockroaches fart depends majorly on their diet, behavior and the type of microbe present in their guts.

The change in diet causes the variation in the microbe present inside the guts of the cockroaches. This tend to affects the production of gases such as methane and hydrogen gas.

Do Cockroaches Fart Every 15 Minutes?

There is a claim that cockroaches tend to fart every after 15 minutes? While this claim might be controversial, there is some truth in it. Researchers tend to disagree with this school of thought. They do not have a concrete number, but according to studies, cockroaches at least once per day.

Cockroaches can fart after every 15 minutes depending on their diet and environment. Cockroaches are known to feed on rotting wood, decaying matter, food leftover, fungus and anything else they find. This can create a significant amount of methane gas.

Cockroaches that eat more rotting wood will fart more often. For instance, American cockroach can fart up to 35 g of methane gas yearly. This is more than 43 times of their average body weight.

Cockroaches Fart Every 15 Minute Fake or Not?

According to studies, this is a myth. There is no concrete number of times how often cockroaches fart. Cockroaches tend to produce gas depending on what they eat and their surroundings. There are some articles that suggest that cockroaches release gas once every 15 minutes.

According to studies as mentioned earlier in the post, the number of times a cockroach will fart depend upon their diet, behavior and they type of microbes present inside their diet –Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

From the studies it was noted that when cockroaches feed on fiber-rich diet, they tend to fart more. The change in what they cockroaches eat causes variation of microbe present inside their guts. This change is the one responsible for production of methane, fatty acids and hydrogen gas.

Do Cockroaches Fart Every 15 Seconds?

Depending on their diet and their surroundings, cockroaches can fart quite often. But farting every 15 seconds is impractical nearly impossible. According to studies, this can only be a myth. The studies states that cockroaches fart much less then every 15 seconds.

Their diet, type of microbe present in their guts and behavior may contribute to farting quite often but not this much. It is possible for a cockroach to fart more when fed on fiber-rich diet than others.

Do Cockroach Fart Sound?

Do roaches have loud farts or sound? You have to be really keen to hear a roach fart. The fart sound is as a result of air being released as the cockroach get rid of the accumulated gases in their guts.

Cockroaches like many other insects such as termites are tiny, it isn’t easy to notice the fart sound. To hear the fart sound, you would need to listen very closely and be present when the roaches fart. This is quite impossible as roaches tend to run away from humans.

Is Cockroach Fart Harmful?

Cockroach fart are not dangerous or in any way harmful to your health. What constitute the fart is basically methane. It is non-toxic unless when combined with other gases. Did you know cockroaches make up to 1/5th of the earth’s methane emission? Clearly, they are part of the ecosystem and the contribution of methane through their fart is valuable.


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