Do Cockroaches Eat Bed Bugs?

Cockroaches and bed bugs are some of the most common household pests. They are irritating and annoying especially if they both invade your home. But one would wonder, do cockroaches eat bed bugs? Can cockroaches and bed bugs live together? Is it possible to use cockroaches to get rid of bed bugs? This post will provide in details the facts and all information concerning this subject. Read more.

Surprisingly, cockroaches are natural bed bug predators. This means that roaches will turn to bed bugs and feast on them if need arises. Unlike bed bugs that feed on human blood, roaches are known to eat almost anything their mouth find. They prefer decomposing matter but they can eat almost anything to survive.

But chances of roaches and bed bugs infestation is likely only that they may not come into with one another. Roaches may feed on bed bugs but this is not a reliable source of food. This implies that you cannot rely on roaches to get rid of bed bugs. But you can independently get rid of both infestation with either heat or insecticides.

Do Cockroaches Eat Bed Bugs?

Yes, cockroaches can eat bed bugs including their eggs. Cockroaches move faster and in the event they are starving, they can easily feed on bed bugs to survive. Bed bugs are annoying and unlike cockroaches, the feed on human by biting and sucking blood.

Although the bed bug bites are somewhat harmless. They pain and irritation can be traumatic especially when you are in deep sleep resting. This is just annoying, isn’t it? Cockroaches are known to be natural bed bug predators. But can you use roaches to eliminate bed bugs? Read on to find out?

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Can Cockroaches Kill Bed Bugs?

According to studies, cockroaches are natural enemies of bed bugs. What does this mean? It simply imply that common household cockroaches can eat both bed bugs and their eggs. Roaches are in between 1 and 2 inches long, have wings but cannot fly. They can run very fast.

The diet of a cockroach include food like starch, leftover, crumbs. Roaches can also eat human hair and dead skin. Simply put, they can eat nearly anything. Since they can run so fast than bed bugs, it means that they can kill and eat bugs.

Cockroaches are also known to eat small insects and other bugs. Bed bugs are tiny, the size of an apple seed, meaning cockroaches can kill them with ease. Remember, roaches are cannibalistic, they can in period of starvation eat other cockroaches.

However, since roaches are natural enemies of bed bugs it is not a reliable method of getting rid of bed bugs. Cockroaches like to build their nest near the kitchen where they can access food source easily while bed bugs are known to hide in bed rooms.

Can Roaches And Bed Bugs Live Together?

You may both cockroach and bed bugs infestation at the same time. But this doesn’t cockroaches and bed bugs can live together peaceful. For obvious reason, roaches will eat the bed bugs to survive. It is can be overwhelming dealing with roaches and bed bugs at once.

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs feed on human blood thus they live in bed rooms while cockroaches are most likely to be found in the kitchen or bathroom.

While treating an infestation of bed bugs, the most common places to treat include: mattresses, cracks on bed frames, chairs, curtain flood, head board, and between cushions.

Although it is unlikely nearly impossible for cockroaches and bed bugs to live together. They have one or two things in common which include poor hygiene. Cockroaches thrive in dirty environment which forms their diet such as rotting wood, decaying food. Bed bugs too will thrive in untidy environment, especially unsanitary bedding.

Note that bed bugs feed differently, so they are never in competition for food. It is also highly unlikely to find cockroaches and bed bugs in the same space. Naturally they will remain out of each other’s way. This is why bed bugs and roaches living in the same house but different rooms; roaches in the kitchen while bed bugs in the bedroom. That said, you will be forced to deal with infestation separately to eliminate them both.

Can You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Using Roaches?

Note cockroaches move faster than bed bugs. Cleary, bed bugs cannot stand any chance against bed bugs. But if you are of the opinion that you can use cockroaches to get rid of bed bugs, then you got it all wrong.

Bed bugs are known to breed much faster than cockroaches. If let’s say cockroaches are to feed on bed bugs entirely, it will be impractical to feed on ever growing population of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are also tiny, size of an apple seed. So finding them will be daunting tasks on roaches. Bed bugs can hide in places where cockroaches find it difficult to reach. Roaches may only helpful in picking off a bed bugs, this means you may require a really large roach infestation to eliminate bed bugs.

It is not a guarantee you can depend on roaches to get rid of bed bugs. It is not practical and a futile task. These pests live in different environment, while roaches are commonly found in the kitchen or bathrooms, bed bugs live in bedrooms. It is unlikely of them to into contact.

But no one would prefer to have neither cockroaches nor bed bugs in their homes, would you? Dealing with either of them is a hard task. Imagine having to deal with them both? Your home will be overrun by pest and you would be in distress. You can however get rid of bed bugs and roaches separately with pesticides or heat treatment.

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Cockroaches or Bed Bugs- Which Ones Are Worse?

The fact is that both are pest and hard to eliminate. Bed bugs are tiny and tend to hide in hard-to-reach areas. Bed bugs as mentioned breed faster and their population can get out of control if you delay to get rid of them.

Cockroaches too breed rapidly but not as fast as bed bugs. This also make it hard to get rid of the roaches since they too can hide in areas you cannot access. But Bed bugs infestation is worse since they can; cause red itchy, swollen bites, are invisible to the naked eye, are nocturnal and tend to crawl all over you.

Cockroaches are not better either. They are worse in their own way since they:

  • Transmit harmful diseases like intestinal disease, diarrhea, stomach problem etc.
  • Trigger allergies and asthma
  • Tend to lay plenty of eggs
  • Give off a foul smell when the infestation is large
  • Contaminate surfaces and food

Both are pest and cause distress so none can be considered as better than the other. In fact, during summer their population grows faster thus their infestation can be hard to deal with. Summer gives them the warmth increasing their metabolisms. In this regard, the feed more often, lay eggs in plenty and grow from an egg to adult much faster.

An infestation of either of them shouldn’t be left otherwise it will become overwhelming to get rid of them. Deal with them as soon as possible. One cockroach or bed bugs is clear sign of infestation in your home.

Bed bugs are tiny and be hard to deal with but you can squash the bed bugs as soon you notice them. In both cases, you can use pest control methods to treat the infestation.

Bed Bugs or Roaches Which Are Harder To Eliminate?

One would ask, bed bugs or cockroaches which one are harder to remove? Both are pest and it requires a well layout plan to eliminate them. Squashing one by one will not work. Note that they both breed at faster rate. The principle is “seen one seen them all”. This implies that once you notice one bed bug or cockroach, it goes without saying that there are plenty in your house. Be ready to get rid of an entire infestation. But the question is, are bed bugs or roaches hard to remove?

Cockroaches like food a lot. The approach to get rid of roaches is through food. Use food bait to eliminate roaches. Bait traps is one of the most effective and quickest way to kill an entire cockroach colony. As soon as one cockroach eat the poisoned food before it dies, it may carry the food to the colony. This is how the rest will also succumb. Cockroaches are also know to feed on their dead siblings, eating the poison and dying later. This process will continue until all the roaches are dead. It requires patience but within a couple of days, the infestation will have been eliminated.

Bed bugs will require a completely different method to get rid of them. Baiting doesn’t work for them as they feed on blood and don’t fall for food baits. You can eliminate bed bugs using heat treatment. If heat treatment doesn’t work for you, try using other options such permethrin treatment.

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What Are Other Natural Predators For Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs tend to have more than one enemy: cockroach. There quite a number of predators that will eat bed bugs if need arises. They include:

House Dust Mites

House dust mites are included in the list of bed bug natural predators. They are commonly found in dusty environments. These tiny creatures cannot be visible to the naked eye despite the fact that they are translucent.

House dust mite diet included dead skin from animals and humans and mold. They also eat bed bugs since they are also likely to be found in the bedrooms where the bed bugs live. Other than bed bugs, they also feed on other allergenic mites and silverfish.

You can rely on house dust mites to kill bed bugs since they cause allergies. Dust mites are fond to live inside mattresses, carpets and furniture. They don’t feed on blood and rarely bite people meaning you can live alongside them without noticing their presence.

Note you can use house dust mites to get rid of bed bugs, instead seek the help of professional pest control exterminators.

Masked Hunter – Bed Bug Natural Enemy

Masked hunter is another on the list of bed bugs natural enemy. They are small, black and measure between 17 – 22 mm long. They are able to hide in dust while in nymph form. Other than bed bugs, the insects that are attracted to bats and pigeons are also a feast for masked hunters.

Being a predator insect, masked hunter hunt and kill all types of bugs including bed bugs which are one of their favorite delicacy. The insects that fall prey to masked hunter include the woodlice, lacewings, earwigs and termites.

Masked hunter can help to get rid of the bed bugs but not a reliable pest control method. They don’t feed on human blood but they bite which is painful.

Ants – Natural Bed Bug Predator

There are quite a number of ant species that feed on bed bugs but to be specific, pharaoh ants tops the list for specialized ant natural enemy. Ants may not be a reliable method to get rid of bed bugs since they multiply really quickly. This means that, your home will be overrun with ants. This is not good idea. Although they can help you locate where the bed bugs are hiding but the risk is too much since pharaoh ants tend to spread diseases such as salmonella and dysentery.

Centipedes – Thirty Legged Bed Bug Natural Enemy

Centipedes are large about 15 centimeters long and love to hunt insects. They hunt everything including ants, termites, moths, cockroaches, bed bugs etc. Although they post no danger to human, they can also eat clothes and other household pests.

No one would a centipede crawling around in your bed. But they leave as soon as they find food sources such bed bugs. Most people wouldn’t want to have centipedes. Their site is nasty and can even bite.


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