Do Cockroaches Drown In Water?

Cockroaches are known to be the most resilient indoor and outdoor pests. Do cockroaches drown in water? You may thing that you can easily drown cockroaches, but the fact is that roaches are able to survive in water submerged.

Do cockroaches die when you flush them? Cockroaches are hard to kill with just water. Although they cannot swim, it is highly unlikely that they will die in water. They are able to hold their breath for half underwater and 40 minutes above the water. This gives them enough time to escape.

The good news is that, hot water can kill roaches. It is the heat that kill the cockroaches but not the water. Remember, roaches like all living organisms have bodies made up of protein. They cannot survive extremely high temperatures of over 125 degrees. Cold water can kill the roaches but it has to extremely cold, below the freezing point.

Do roaches drown in water? Can roaches swim under water? How long can cockroaches survive without air? Does hot or cold water kill roaches? These are some of the questions this post will attempt to answer in detail. Read more.

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Do Roaches Like Water?

While roaches are not known to be good swimmer, they still need water or moisture to survive as much as they need food. Most of the cockroaches species especially one that you daily encounter in your homes such as the German and American cockroaches don’t like water.

However, oriental roaches are known to like water. Their habitat is mostly found near open water sources like flooded basements, showers or bathtubs. This is why they are also referred to as water bugs. This doesn’t make them behave differently from other species. They are not great swimmers.

Do Roaches Drown In Water?

It is possible for the cockroaches to die in water. But this will depend on the period they are in water. Cockroaches are not different from any air-breathing organism. If you roaches are fully submerged in water such that they are unable to come up for air, they will definitely drown.

The fact that they will be surrounded by water and having no gills or organs that would make it easier for them to take up oxygen into their bodies, they will drown. But it may not be easy to drown a cockroach.

Here are reason why roaches may not drown in water:

They Have A Spiracle Respiratory System

Unlike most creatures that breathe with lungs, roaches rely on spiracle respiratory system. These are several holes or pockets layered across their bodies. To breathe in and out, the holes open and close just like valves to allow air and out.

It is possible for a cockroach to breath like this even if it is submerged in water. Naturally, roaches don’t need their face to take in air. When threatened or in times of danger, cockroaches can seal up the holes. It happens when they are sprayed with insecticides.

While in water, roaches tend to close up their respiratory system to keep water out of their body. With the holes closed, they can trap air inside them allowing them to float thus it is quite difficult to submerge a roach.

Ability To Hold Their Breath

Roaches have the ability to hold their breath for quite sometimes. When a cockroach is fully submerged, it can last up to 30 minutes without air. This gives the roaches enough time to scramble out of water.

While in water, roaches tend to play dead. They can lie in water and appear dead while in actual sense, they are just holding their breath. This gives ample time to find an escape route and scramble to safety.

 Ability to Climb

Roaches are known to have impressive ability to climb. Although they cannot climb entirely flat surfaces such as glass or slippery slope like the inside of toilet bowel, they can still struggle to climb. This means that if for instance a cockroach fall in a bucket full of water, it can possibly find traction within the bucket and crawl out.

How Long Does It Take For A Cockroach To Drown?

A cockroach is one of the most resilient household insect.  A cockroach can hold its breath and even survive in water being submerged under water for over half an hour that is approximately 40 minutes.

Do Cockroaches Die When You Flush Them?

You would think flushing cockroaches would kill them instantly. As mentioned earlier, cockroaches can hold their breath for about 40 minutes. This means that before you even think to flush the roaches down the toilet, roaches can hold their breath for 40 minutes or more. This said, they can even survive when submerged.

Flushing them down the toilet sound easy and quick way to kill the cockroaches. But this will not kill the roaches. This king of resilience allow them to move from house to house through the sewer and leaky pipes.

Can Cockroaches Swim Underwater?

Roaches aren’t biologically gifted to swim. Although some species like oriental roaches can navigate under water.

Remember a cockroach can seal up its spiracles, this allows it to hold air inside its body thus causing it float. This makes it easy for a cockroach to bob up to the surface of water. In the process of panicking, a cockroach will paddle its legs in a rush scramble as it struggles to wade through the water.

Cockroaches cannot swim under water for this reasons:

Have Dexterous Legs

Cockroaches have legs that allow them to climb on most surfaces. The shape of their legs aren’t build up for swimming. Although a cockroach can paddle when frightened, this is not enough to enough to swim effectively.

Wrong Instincts

Roaches are not meant to swim instinctively. They don’t know what to do when in water. In fact, they are always in a frenzy when placed in water. Rather than swimming, a cockroach in water will hold still.

If it attempts to swim, it will move in unsynchronized manner paddling its legs to guide it in direction. This is usually a mad scramble with legs working in different patterns in most cases throwing off its trajectory making no movement at all. A cockroach just don’t know how to swim.

How Long Can Cockroaches Survive Without Air?

Cockroaches like all living creatures need air to survive. If deprived oxygen completely, they will not live but die.

One would think that submerging a cockroach underwater will kill it. As discussed roaches are good at holding breath for quite long. Roaches a spiracle respiratory system that facilitates their breathing while under water. They can seal up the holes and remain floating on water for a quite some time.

Although they can hold their breath for half an hour or 30 minutes, they will eventually die past the 30 minutes.

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How Best Can You Drown A Cockroach?

Cockroaches’ resilience under water is something incredible. A cockroach can hold it’s breathe under water for quite some time. This is because of their unique respiratory system that is layered on their bodies.

The most direct and best way to drown a cockroach include; damaging or cracking its exoskeleton and submerging it in water.

Does Hot Water Kill Roaches?

Cockroaches like most pests cannot withstand extremely high temperatures. They are resilient against certain temperatures but anything beyond 125 degrees Fahrenheit is too much for their bodies to tolerate.

Air temperature within 115- 120 is also enough to sparse cockroaches. But the cockroaches have an exposure of 5-6 hours – according to University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Similarly, the water of an average washing machine in high settings of 130 degrees Fahrenheit or more is enough to get rid of roaches. This implies roaches hiding in your clothes won’t survive if you wash your clothes in such temperature settings.

If you boil water to reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit and pour directly on the cockroaches, this would be able to kill them. Simply submerge the roaches in the hot water.

Can Cold Water Hurt, Kill Cockroaches?

Can cold water hurt or kill cockroaches? Other than extremely high temperature, cold water below freezing point can damage roaches. Roaches tend to be resilient against cold unlike heat. A cockroach can only be hurt by water that is frozen which may be difficult to attain in the normal set up. Roaches can die when frozen at 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, this implies that normal cold glass water may not do any damage to the cockroaches. Unless you collect and freeze cockroaches in your refrigerator, which is unusual.


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