Cockroach Smell – What Do Cockroaches Smell Like?

What do cockroaches smell like? What is the cockroach smell like? Does cockroach smell like urine? Cockroaches are the one the most common household pests. They hide in wall cracks and tend to creep in trash where they can find food sources. What does a house with cockroach smell like? Read more in this post to understand what cockroach smell like.

What Do Cockroaches Smell Like?

If you are having a cockroach infestation in your house, it may seem like a daunting task to handle. But if you know how to identify and locate both cockroaches and their nest, it may take a few days to eliminate the infestation. Spotting a few roaches running around your house is a common sign of cockroach infestation.

Did you know that there are other clues to help you identify roach infestation? Take for example the smell of cockroach in your house. Do cockroaches give off a smell? What is it like? Of course, cockroaches give off a smell that may be unpleasant.

What do cockroaches smell like? Roaches give off the smelliest or foul smell. You may not really tell the smell if the infestation is small but if the if the number is larger, cockroaches give off a disgusting oily smell that can be described as pungent, acidic and musty.

Do Cockroaches Give Off a Smell? – Information

Usually, when the infestation is small, the smell may go unnoticed. But as the number grows, cockroaches releases an unpleasant smell. The smell comes from specific chemicals or pheromones. This smell tend to vary depending on different situation.

First, the release the pheromone to attract other cockroaches or to send signal as way of communicating with each other. The pheromones released have an acidic or oily smell.

Second, if cockroaches die they also release a smell. It is common for the roaches to release the unpleasant smell to attract a mate for breeding purposes.

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Do Cockroaches Smell when You Squash or Kill Them?

Roaches release a unique smell when they die? The smell is to warn and communicate with other roaches about impeding threats or danger. It helps other roaches to avoid such places in order to survive.

The oily and musty smell is triggered by oleic acid or linoleic acid: a fatty acid chemical compound that cockroaches produce when they are killed. When they begin to decompose just like every other living organism, the death smell intensifies.

Do Cockroaches Leave a Smell?

The answer is Yes! Cockroaches are not just unsightly guest but also give off a pungent smell. Cockroaches feed on almost anything; rotten food, garbage or decomposing matter. This is one of the main reason why they leave behind a nasty smell.

 This smell tend to stay even after you get rid of the cockroaches. The reason could be remains of skin shedding, dropping or other body parts that may contribute to this terrible odor.

Do Cockroaches Smell Bad?

The smell that comes from the cockroaches is terrible. They leave a pungent, oily and musty like smell. The smell comes from certain chemicals like pheromones, fatty acids, or cuticular hydrocarbons. The smell is unpleasant and unbearable especially when the infestation gets larger and out of control.

The smell should help you to know the level of infestation. As mentioned, if the smell is pungent, musty or acidic you may be forced to call pest control exterminators.

Why is The Cockroach Smell So Bad?

The diet and the places where the cockroaches contributes to this terrible smell. They acquire the smell from microorganism and their habitat. Roaches are likely to be found near decomposing dead insects or animals, near molds, mildew etc. When they scavenge in trash, garbage and rotting matter, they carry germs and the smell that comes from these filthy places.

Smell That May be a Sign of Cockroach Infestation

One or few cockroaches may not cause the nasty smell. It may not be detected. But if number of cockroaches grow which happens so rapidly, the smell becomes so easily noticeable. The oily, musty smell becomes distinct.

This smell is released by the chemicals called cuticular hydrocarbons. The chemicals are attached to the body and legs of the roaches.  The smell helps the roaches to send signal to other roaches about their safety and available food sources.

How Do Different Cockroach Species Smell Like?

There are different species of cockroaches that invade homes. How do different cockroach species smell like? Let’s find out.

What Do Oriental Cockroaches Smell Like?

Oriental cockroaches are known for their unpleasant terrible smell. A larger infestation of oriental cockroaches tend to produces a strong pungent musty smell.

Their nesting spots are the worst. The smell is so terrible that it ca linger for a while unless you clean and disinfect the place properly.

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What Do Hissing Cockroaches Smell Like?

This kind of cockroach species are known for their hisses especially when they want to attract their mates or when in a fight.

When it comes to smell, it is reported that hissing cockroaches tend to produce little or no odor compared to other species meaning that you can easily handle them.

What Do American Cockroaches Smell Like?

 American cockroaches are one of the common household pests that invade your home for food and thrive in warm and moist places. Just like many other cockroach species, they give off a musty, oily, pungent smell and can be felt when the infestation is larger. The smell comes from their droppings, molts and body parts.

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What Do German Cockroaches Smell Like?

German cockroaches just like the American cockroaches are one of the common indoor pest. A small infestation of German cockroaches may go undetected but as their number grows which happens rapidly, the smell becomes terrible

German roaches also release a musty, oily and pungent smell. It becomes stronger when you approach their nest. This odor comes from their droppings, shedding of their skin and body parts.

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Do Cockroach Nests Smell?

Like mentioned in the post, roaches release pheromones in their droppings to attract other roaches. This peculiar smell is common in their shelters too. The smell that comes from their nest can be quite terrible if compared to other areas. It can also vary depending on their food source.

You can easily locate their nest from this strong smell that comes from their eggs, skin shedding or droppings.

How Long Does Cockroach Smell Last?

The smell can last even after you eliminate the cockroaches. All you have to do is make sure all the body parts, skin shedding, molts and droppings are removed completely. The infested surfaces should be disinfected with disinfectants or bleach. This will help to remove the stench completely.

Can Pets, (Dogs, Cats) Smell Cockroaches?

Pets such as dogs and cats have a strong sense of smell, superior than humans. This ability to smell or sniff out even the faintest odor can help locate cockroaches in your house. If you notice your dog sniffing something, it could be the odor of the pheromones left behind by the roaches.

Do Cockroaches Smell Like Urine?

Cockroaches unlike most insects do not pee. However, they excrete urine like (nitrogenous) waste in a semi-solid state. This means that their poop is also their urine. The poops look like coffee ground or the specks of pepper. The dropping since it is nitrogenous it is fair to say that cockroaches do smell like urine.

The cockroach waste releases off a musty, pungent or greasy smell. The smell becomes unpleasant if it gets to accumulate in one place and also when the infestation grows larger.

What Do Cockroach Infestations Smell Like?

As mentioned earlier, a few cockroaches in your house would not make your house smell like cockroaches. But a larger cockroach infestation would make your house with an oily smell. The smell is terrible and can be described as extremely pungent and might strike you as quite musty.

If you notice smelling roaches around your home, then it means the infestation is larger and requires pest control professionals. Don’t forget the smell that roaches produces once they are dead. It is usually acidic during the decomposing. The smell is best described as death stench which adds the bad smell in your home.

What Does A House With Cockroaches Smell Like?

A house with cockroaches smell can be best described as a musty, oil, pungent odor. This smell tends to get bad or increase as the level of the infestation increases. It is easy to miss the smell when a few roaches have invaded your home but not entirely. The smell is distinct in most cases and it will alert once the infestation of the roaches increases.

Note that roaches are nocturnal and tend to hide from human. This smell should help you identify where the majority of the roaches are hiding.

If you begin to notice extremely strong pungent odor and you suspect cockroach infestation, the best approach is to contact a pest control professional.

What Smell Do Cockroaches Hate?

Cockroaches hat the smell of strong smell such essential oils and different perfumes. Any moment roaches sniff these smell, will avoid the direction and the path where the smell is coming from.

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What Smells Repel Cockroaches?

There are number of smell that roaches hate. Although they cannot entirely keep the cockroach away for long but smell can help you deal with the infestation for quite some time while you apply other methods to eliminate the roaches. Here are some of the smell that roaches hate. They include the smell of:

  • citrus
  • bay leaves
  • garlic
  • cinnamon
  • coffee ground
  • onion
  • bleach
  • vinegar
  • moth balls

You can also apply essential oils in various location of the house and possible entry points of the roaches to repel them. This is just a temporary measure but it can help if you combine it with pest control methods. The smell of these repellants will help to flush the roaches out of their hiding nests making them vulnerable and nowhere to run.

Here are some of the essential oils to use:

  • eucalyptus
  • lavender
  • peppermint
  • tea tree
  • citronella
  • mint
  • rosemary
  • oregano

Does the Smell of Lavender Repel Cockroaches?

Cockroaches hate the smell of lavender and most essential oils. Lavender releases aromatic fragrance that repel the roaches away. You can grow lavender plan in your home to repel the cockroach and prevent an infestation of roaches.

You can also apply lavender essential oil spray near the possible cockroach nesting points and entry points to repel the cockroaches.

What Smell Do Cockroaches Like?

Cockroaches are attracted to the things like smell of moist, decaying and rotten things. The smell of sweet, starchy and greasy foods also attracts the roaches. But generally the smell that comes from rotting items such as garbage, decaying debris, mulches or litter draw the roaches close.

Also the smell of damp such as that of wet cardboard, damp paper specifically attract the cockroaches. Cockroaches are also attracted to the smell of bread and beer.

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Bottom Line:

Cockroaches produce a terrible smell that can be described as a nasty and unpleasant smell. This smell is released from chemicals found in their molts, body parts and droppings. The roaches are known to release varying chemicals depending on their situations to send message, signal or warnings to other cockroaches.

The moment you starting to notice this unpleasant smell of cockroaches, know that it is time to call a pest control professional to eliminate them. A small infestation of cockroach may produce a smell that may go unnoticed but as the infestation grows larger the smell becomes detectable. In the post, we have provided a link on how to get rid of cockroach smell.


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