7 Best Roach Traps Of 2022 – That Kill Roaches Effectively

Dealing with a cockroach infestation is annoying at best and frustrating at worst. Roaches always find their way into your homes and tend to multiply at alarming rate. How do you kill and get rid of the roaches. To combat a roach infestation, you’ll need roach traps that work for your situation. Some of the traps include, bait stations, foggers, contact killers, glue board, insecticides and more. All these are effective in killing and eradicating the roaches from your home.

Most of these roach traps contain toxins that may be harmful to kids or pets, so caution need to be taken while using them. The best and effective way to battle with an invasion of roaches is using a roach trap that will kill the adult roaches and eliminate their nest.

Best Roach Traps – Detailed Review

Best roach traps can help your home become pest-free and keep it that way for a long period. This post will discuss some of the best roach traps of 2021 and how to apply them. Read on for our best top picks:

1. Hot Shot Ultra Liquid Roach Bait

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This product is our best overall pick in the list of the best roach trap. To eliminate an invasion of roaches, just don’t aim on killing individual roaches but also eliminating the nest. This is where Hot Shot Liquid Roach Bait comes in handy.

This product has a dual approach to attract roaches. Inside each trap is a liquid bait that has food and water making it effective in attracting the roaches. Most bait stations only use food as roach attractant, but roaches are also attracted to water.

The bait should keep out of reach to children and pets. The bait has no irritating odor. You have to replace the bait station once the water is finished, probably after about a month.

According to online reviews by users, it has been reported as one of the efficient roach killer since there was a reduction of roach population within 24 hours.

2. Black Flag Roach Motel

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Thinking of a sticky trap? Think no further. Black Flag Roach Motel is one of the best sticky trap to contain and eliminate roaches. It can be used to battle both large and small roaches.

Compared to other glue boards, this sticky trap gives you assurance that all the roaches that come into contact will be trapped and you don’t have to see the roaches that have been caught. You may out of curiosity peek inside to check whether the trap is full.

This product can last up to 4 months depending on how fast pests walk into the trap. Once it is full, you just throw it away and replace it with a new one.

The other advantage is that, it is toxin and pesticide-free thus safe your children and pet.

The only disadvantage is that it only kill intruders but cannot deal with a serious roach infestation. It only kills individual roaches.

3. Syngenta Cockroach Bait Tubes – Best Gel

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If you think of using a gel to get rid of roaches then Advion Syngenta Cockroach Bait Tubes is all you need.

This package comes with syringes to make it easy to apply the bait. The syringes are filled with the gel to treat a number of different roach species and in some hard-to-reach places. The gel bait are used to attract the roaches and within minutes of application, roaches will begin to appear to feed on the bait. Just after a few hours of application, dead cockroaches will be seen.

The gel is squeezed onto floors, wall, hinges, cracks and crevices. These are places where roaches are commonly found.

You may need to apply over again once the roaches have consumed the gel to continue killing them. The good news is that roaches will take the bait back to the nest spreading the poison as well.

Use of gel bait is highly effective since it will result in a lot dead roaches. It is good for a serious infestation.


  • Highly effective of all different types of roaches
  • Use for both indoor or outdoor
  • Convenient form for application especially in cracks and crevices
  • Ideal for even a serious infestation


  • Can be time consuming
  • Pricey from $30

4. Harris Famous Roach Tablets:

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To think of tablets as one of the ways to get rid of roaches is surprising. Tablets are non-messy methods to attract cockroaches in those inaccessible places such as cracks and crevices. This makes Harris Famous Roach one of the best and top pick killing tablets.

The tablets have boric as one of the ingredient to kill the roaches. They are odorless and non-staining. You can use them under the sinks, behind the refrigerators, on top of kitchen cabinets and stoves.

They are easy to apply requiring minimal efforts as compared to gel or spray.

5. Bengal Roach Spray – Best & Top Pick Spray

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If you are looking for a spray that will eliminate roaches from your home including their hiding places, then Bengal Gold Roach is your best option.

Although it is considered expensive compared to other varieties of sprays, it is worth the price. Once applied, its effect can last up to four months. It is effective in reduction and treating a serious roach infestation.

It is a dry spray made such that it can flush the roaches out of their hiding places and kill them at the same time. It is not a contact spray which implies that you don’t spray on the roaches directly to kill them on contact. It is meant to drive the roaches from their nesting spots, poisoning them before eventually killing them. It is also used to inhibit the roaches from reaching their reproductive stage. Spray where the roaches are likely hiding such as under the sinks, baseboard, cupboard, around the entryways.

6. Best Fogger -Hot Shot Aerosol Indoor Fogger

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This product here helps in fumigating your home. It can kill many insects in addition to roaches. It kills the roaches and other pests on contact. It can also treat the spaces its effect lasting up to two months.

The fumes are toxic so while you treat you may be forced to leave the infested area for a couple of hours.

Key Features:

  • It has Tetramethrin and Cypermethrin as the active ingredients. Both have pyrethroids.
  • It kills the roaches as well as many other household pests
  • A singe can is designed to cover 2000 cubic feet or 16×15.5 foot room with a height of 8 feet.
  • It is non-staining but with a residual impact meant to last to two months after fogging.
  • It has no IGRs

7. Catchmaster Peanut Butter Scented Glue Board

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If you are looking for something to catch and kill roaches within a limited budget, then this product Catchmaster Peanut Butter Scented Glue Board is all you need.

This product comes in large pack. You can use it in any area of the house. It is safe to use since it is non-toxics, it contains no bait or poison.

You can improve its efficiency by placing peanut butter or other food that attract roaches. Place the food on the glue trap to encourage the roaches to crawl over the trap. As soon as the roaches are trapped, they will die and you can easily trash it off.

It is ideal even for large roaches since they are held tight and cannot move.

What to Look For in Roach Traps

Here are some of the things to look for in a roach trap:

a) Active Ingredients

All the roach traps discussed here have active ingredients that makes them unique in killing roaches. Most have toxic chemicals that harm your pets and children. While looking for a roach to eliminate roaches, choose one that is non-toxic and safe to use for instance the glue trap board.

b) Bait Type

Roach traps are either made with liquid or food bait to attract the roaches. These pests are always on the move in search of food and water. So, the type of roach trap that will be quicker to get rid of these insects would be one that hast both food and liquid bait. This type of roach killer bait will eliminate as many roaches as possible compared to only one that has food as the bait.

c) Application Method

To settle for any type of roach bait, consider the method of application that is best suited for your problem. A smaller infestation will only require simply setting up traps and trashing them off but if the infestation is serious, you may need to apply a product that can reach pests hiding places such sprays or powders.

What Are Pet (Cat, Dogs) Friendly Cockroach Traps?

While you struggle to battle with roach infestation, make sure the type of roach trap is not one that can harm your pets.

Try to pick the roach traps with non-toxic features such as glue board sticky trap. Although they don’t kill the roaches right away, but it guarantees the safety of your pets.

Tablets traps are effective if you have pets at home in the infested areas. Place the tablets in areas where the pets cannot reach such as under the cupboard.


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