The Top 6 Natural Best Bed Bugs Sprays, Reviews & Tips

 A good spray is all you need to get rid of the bed bugs infestation. So, what is the best bed bugs spray to use to get rid of the bed bugs? There a quite a number of bed bugs sprays that can eliminate bed bugs and other pests. This guide will narrow down to the top 6 natural best bed bugs sprays, their reviews and tips.

Although, some people can have allergic reaction to the sprays but manufacturers have come up with the most natural and powerful sprays that won’t mess up with your health but focus on eliminating the bed bugs.

In this post, we are going to look at the best top 6 natural bed bugs sprays as well as the things that you should consider before buying the sprays.

Top 6 Best Bug Sprays

Here are our top pick 6 best bugs sprays and their reviews:

 1. Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer

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This is one of the best natural bed bug sprays. It has over 400 positive reviews on Amazon. According to users, it represent the best natural be bug sprays commonly used to eliminate bed bugs.

Although it is a natural spray, keep it away from pets and kids. It has a high power therefore it has the potential to even harm you when you spray on your skin.  Take precaution while using it.

This bed bug spray is effective in killing bed bugs fast and their eggs and greatly reduce and eliminate bed bug infestation for 90 days straight.

This bed bug spray is made of natural ingredients meaning you cannot inhale dangerous fumes.

2.  Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

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If you have a large infestation of bed bugs, here is a natural spray to use to get rid of the bed bugs. This bed bug sprays comes in one-gallon bottle.

Its effectiveness is top notch, as it kills the bed bugs on contact. Be sure when you apply this treatment, not just the bed bugs are killed but also the eggs and nymphs.

The other merit of Eco Defense bed bug, it leaves no stains on your bed. It is safe to use in your house, you don’t have to bother whether it will harm you, kids or your children. It is natural and powerful in eliminating the bed bugs.

The good thing about it, the product can be used for prolonged periods and you may not be forced to buy another for a few days or so.

The other merit about this product, it has 60-day return period and if you are not satisfied with the results.

3. EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray

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Here is another natural bed bug spray to use. It comes with two options – a 16 ounces and 1 gallon. You should probably go for the 1 gallon, reason you get more for less money.

This product is field-tested in public spaces and has been found to eliminate the bed bugs even in the harshest environments.

This product can kill eggs, nymphs and the adult bed bugs in the shortest time.  Bed bugs are known to be resistant to traditional pesticides but this product destroy them like nothing.

This residual effect of this spray is long enough to last and eliminate the bed bugs in two weeks even after it dries out.

This product has been proven to be safe on skin. So when it comes to your skin, it will not cause any harm. It can be used on mattresses as well as any other infested areas. You don’t have to worry on the safety of this product on you, kids and pets.

4. Exterminators Choice Bed Bug Defense

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This product is known for eliminating bed bugs globally.  Don’t be deceived by the name and assume that it is used as by professional to get rid to get rid of the bed bugs. But the truth is, it is just a name.

This bed bug sprays comes in a huge bottle of one gallon. You also get a remote sprayer that you can easily set it up. Just open the lid, put the sprayer inside and spray directly on the bed bugs.

This is a natural spray and doesn’t have any fumes and smell shouldn’t be bother you.

5. Terminator Bed Bug Killer

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This bed bug spray comes in a small 32-oz bottle. It is one of the best product to get rid of the bed bugs in your house.

It has been scientifically tested in the lab and proven to be the best product to get rid of the bed bugs. Other than killing bed bugs, it can also kill millipedes, cockroaches, fleas and beetles.

Forget about the quantity, the quality is superb making one of the best product to get rid of bed bugs and other pest.

The price is equivalent to the quality of the product. This product kills the bed bugs on contact. Can you imagine that a natural bed bug sprays killing bed begs on contact!

You don’t have to worry about the scent or any fumes that might end up affecting your respiratory system.

 The product has a residual effect that can last up to 4 weeks after initial use. You can also get your money-back in 60 days. Guaranteed!

6. Hygea Natural Travel Exterminator Spray

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This product comes in the smallest package. A single bottle is 3 ounces and in the package you get 3 bottles. So, basically you get 9 ounces.

It is odorless so it can be used without bothering he smell on mattresses, beddings, walls and carpets.

It is made from natural ingredients thus it is safe to use for your children and pests.

What to Consider Before Buying a Natural Bed Bug Spray

Here in this section, we will discuss what to look out for before buying a natural be bed bug spray.

 1. Residual Effect

When buying a natural bed bug spray, pick one that has a longer residual effect. This is important especially if you have a large infestation of bed bugs. Why? Even after eliminating bed bugs, some might be hiding somewhere and it is easy for them to re-infest.

Residual effect makes the spray to stay on the surface thus preventing bed bugs from coming in there again.

2. Packaging

The packaging of the bed bug spray is also important when looking out for that spray. If you want a lot of the spray, then go for the larger spray but keep in mind the quality and the price. You may spent a little more but it should be worth it.

3. Safety

Most of the natural bed bug spray discussed herein are all safe. But if a spray pose any health risk say to your kids and pets, you shouldn’t buy it. The fumes or scent can be risk on your respiratory system thus affecting your general health.

It is always important to read the manufacturer’s product description and make sure the product is safe.


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