How to Kill Bed Bugs with Heat Treatment, Does it Work?

The fact is that bed bug infestation in our homes is menace. The thought of bed bugs in your home will send shivers if not panic. What comes in your mind is to think of a professional exterminators. But did you know you can kill bed bugs yourself with heat treatment? Does it work? Find out in more this post how to use heat treatment to get rid of bed bugs.

Over the years, one of the most used method to get rid of bed bugs is heat treatment. Bed bugs are known to avoid extreme temperatures, be it low or high. But often very high temperature are used to kill bed bugs. They can live in warm conditions but when the temperatures are extremely high, bed bugs are likely to die within a day or two.

How do you kill bed bugs with heat treatment? Does it work? It is simple, I suppose every household has a dryer or steamer. If you do, then you are good to go. A dryer or steamer is excellent in killing bed bugs through extreme high temperatures.

It is a DIY heat treatment that also works by using very hot eater. The hot water in a washing in combination with detergent is equally effective in getting rid of bed bugs in your clothes, bedding etc.

To get rid of bed bugs at home with heat treatment yourself is not hard. But if you are encountering bed bug infestation for the first time, it can be overwhelming. This guide here will help you go through the process effortlessly. Continue reading for more information.

Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs?

Although bed bugs love to live in warm conditions, extreme high temperatures tend to drive them away. This means that bed bugs hate the heat if it is above what their bodies can tolerate. This is why heat is commonly used to kill bed bugs.

In very cold conditions, bed bugs tend to survive and can do so without food a whole year. But extreme heat is not ideal for them thus it is a good method to get rid of them.

A steamer or dryer can produce much higher temperature enough to get rid of the bed bugs. This kind of temperature can kill then very fast.

Does heat kill bed bugs? Does it work? It is now evident that extreme heat kills bed bugs much efficiently. This compared to other methods such as entrapping the bed bugs in plastic box, heat is more direct and kill not only the bed bugs but also their eggs. 

Many people prefer this method because of its efficiency. It kills bed bugs very fast unlike other methods. Although some bed bugs pesticide can kill the bed bugs on contact but spraying a pesticide on a surface will only kill the bed bugs on that particular surface but not underneath. Heat treatment penetrates beneath the surfaces such as cloth, beddings and pillows make it very effective to get rid of bed bugs.

Can Bed Bugs Survive Heat Treatment?

The trick here is to know what temperature is ideal to get rid of the bed bugs. If you do it correctly, then bed bugs can’t survive heat treatment. If you cannot do it yourself, then it is advisable to hire a professional to have the job done for you. This happens in case you are not experienced.

It is highly likely that bed bugs can survive harshest of the conditions. This means that even high temperature may not kill the bed bugs almost immediately. It takes a day or two to get rid of the bed bugs with heat treatment.

If the general temperature is lower, then the time required to kill the bed bugs is likely to higher.

A good heat treatment is one that will always ensure that all the bed bugs are dead particularly where the heat is applied. It could be your mattress, if this is the case then heat treatment applied should ensure that all the bed bugs are going to die. Bed bugs closer to the surface are all likely to die but some especially those embedded deeper inside are likely to survive. You should apply heat treatment to both sides of the mattress to effectively get rid of the bed bugs.

At What High Temperature Do Bed Bugs Die?

This sections is valid to anyone who would want to apply heat treatment as a way of killing bed bugs. Ask yourself, what temperature do bed bugs die? Bed bugs can’t survive temperature beginning 113 degrees Fahrenheit. They will be begin to suffer at this temperature, but if you have to effectively get rid of them, make sure you expose them for a long time let’s say 90 minutes.

This temperature range is enough to kill the bed bugs but you must expose the bed bugs at extremely high temperature. In fact, professional exterminators use a higher temperature than this usually of about 122 degrees or more to kill bed bugs inside furniture and beddings.

To eliminate bed bugs with ease, aim at achieving this temperature, 122 degrees, or more and expose the bed bugs for slightly longer period as the one we’ve mentioned above.

What You Need to Kill Bed Bugs with Heat Treatment Method

To get rid of bed bugs with heat treatment, you need some specific equipment. For starters a simple dryer is all you need. Although a dryer is suitable to drying clothes, the fact that it can produce heat to extreme levels, it can still perfectly work to kill the bed bugs.

You can also opt for other equipment to eliminate bed bugs. Have you ever encountered propane heater packages? It has the potential to distribute heat evenly. It also has sensors and records temperatures. It can treat up to 1500 square feet making it a powerful weapon to eliminate bed bugs.

For a small infestation, you can use heat treatment like ZappBug Heater. You can purchase it online – Buy on Amazon. This small chamber has the potential to kill nymphs, adults and their eggs.

Step by Step Instructions to Kill Bed Bugs with Heat Treatment

Here is step by step instruction to kill bed bugs with heat treatment. Follow the procedure to eliminate bed bugs effectively.

a) Use a Dryer

A dryer is very convenient and easy to use. While using the dryer make sure your clothes or beddings are insulated inside a plastic bag.

  • Put your clothes or bedding in a plastic bag
  • Set temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Start the dryer
  • Wait for the cycle to finish before checking your stuff

The bed bugs inside the clothes or beddings should dead if not repeat the process to effectively get rid of all the bed bugs. You can purchase a dryer online – Buy on Amazon

b) Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is effective in killing the bed bugs on the surface. If you have used a steam cleaner before, it is one of the most convenient and easy to use. In eliminating bed bugs, you can use a steam cleaner however you want. The goal is to get rid of the bed bugs.

Note steam cleaners usually reach 245 degrees Fahrenheit. This implies the surface heats up pretty fast enough to eliminate the bed bugs. But also note that it also cools down fast. It is convenient if the infestation isn’t overwhelming. A steam cleaner will help you get rid of a number of bed bugs in your house.

You can purchase a steam cleaner online – Buy on Amazon


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