How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs With A Steam Cleaner – Best Steam Cleaners For Bed Bugs, Does Steam Kill Bed Bugs?

Fact is bed bugs are the most stubborn and irritating pests. The fact that they are good at hiding makes it difficult to deal with them. Does steam kills bed bugs? What are the best steamer for bed bugs?

Find out in this guide on how you can get rid of bed bugs with steams. In this article, we will discuss some of the best steamers you can use to effectively get rid of bed bugs.

Although there are various methods you can use at home to get rid of bed bugs, they are not enough. One of them is vacuuming which is quite often used but it is not enough to totally get rid of bed bugs. It simply calls for steaming to get rid of bed bugs at home.

Does steam kill bed bugs effectively? Steam like any other home remedy such as vacuuming, freezing or using hot water is effective in killing bed bugs. Exposing bed bugs to extreme high temperatures of 48 degrees Celsius and above is a sure way of killing the bed bugs.

Steam kills bed bugs and their eggs when it comes into direct contact with. This could be the only demerit when using steam as the alternative method to get rid of bed bugs.

Continue reading to get more details on how steam kill bed bugs and get detailed reviews on the best steamers.

Does a Steam Cleaner Kill Bed Bugs?

Absolutely Yes! A steam cleaner is effective in killing bed bugs. This method requires your dedication and time. But it will still give you the results you desire. One thing you cannot expect the steam cleaner to kill the bed bugs instantly when you turn on the machine.

The steam cleaner will have to come in contact with bed bugs or the eggs for work to be done effectively. Take your time and subject the bed bugs to high temperatures usually in hard to reach places such as cracks and crevice.

When applying the steam on the mattress or couch, make sure you slowly apply the steam on top of every surfaces and underneath as well. Do not forget to apply in the cracks and between the cushions and other places likely to have an infestation of bed bugs.

Keep in mind that steaming can only work well on certain surfaces and also the heat from the steam can destroy some surfaces or appliances.

How Does Steam Affect Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are likely to survive in places where the temperature is within 70 – 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range is ideal for the bed bugs to fully develop and reproduce. But if the temperature increases, the bed bugs are likely to die and their ability to survive decreases significantly.

A further increase and exposure to heat of around 110 – 120 degrees Fahrenheit will kill the bed bugs in less than an hour, usually 15 – 20 minutes. With a steam cleaner, the temperatures can reach up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat from the steam cleaner is enough to kill the bed bugs, nymphs and their eggs almost instantly.

What Temperature of the Steam Kills Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs cannot survive continued exposure to steam heat. But keep in mind that not every steam cleaner will be effective and powerful to kill the bed bugs. What is important in the steam cleaners is the temperature of the actual steam.

If the steam is not hot enough, the bed bugs will continue to survive in your house and cause more damage and keep on reproducing. The main focus is to get rid of bed bugs and kill them. As mentioned, the temperature should be above 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Long Does It Take For The Steam To Kill Bed Bugs?

To effectively get rid and kill the bed bugs, you have to expose the bed bugs on extreme high temperatures. This should be done at least 2 -3 times to ensure that all the bed bugs are killed. As mentioned, it takes less than an hour to get rid of the bed bugs with a steam cleaner, precisely 15-20 minutes. This period is enough to kill the bed bugs, nymphs and their eggs.

The trick is, the higher the temperature the faster the bed bugs will die. Bed bugs seen on the surface are easy to kill and makes the steam cleaner very effective.

A steam cleaner is also very effective to get rid and kill the bed bugs in fabrics and their hiding.

How to Get Rid and Kill Bed Bugs with a Steam Cleaner

Here is how to get rid of bed bugs with a steam cleaner:

a) Mark the places infested with bed bugs

One of the simplest and basic step is to mark the places that you want to go through. This places include your bed, couch and cracks in walls. If you prepare the places you want to steam, then it will save you time.

b) Monitor the movements of the bed bugs

Although this is optional but it is important to go extra mile. You want to get rid of bed bugs, then you have to monitor the movements of the bed bugs. You may be forced to use traps for bed bugs that will intercept the bugs.

Here is a Climbup Bed Bug Interceptors Traps – Buy on Amazon

In normal situations, you would have a few nozzles and actual steam. You should always read the directions indicated on the steam cleaner. For instance, you can totally use floor nozzle for furniture but for best results, it is advised to use the smaller triangular nozzle.

d) Develop your own technique

To effectively get rid of bed bugs, you can develop your own technique. It is recommended that first move with the nozzle from the top downwards. In the initial step, you can use the biggest nozzle to a smaller version.

If you want to effectively get rid of a steam cleaner make sure the heat reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit or 71 degrees Celsius. Bed bugs may survive if the heat is not high enough, but if the temperature is over 180 degrees Fahrenheit, the heat might destroy some surfaces. Be cautious.

The triangular one is usually great for steaming in strips.

e) Increase the Steam cleaner Temperature

You can use this Etekcity Infrared Thermometer, it can be helpful – Buy on Amazon. It is important to measure the temperature of the floor immediately as soon as the want passes. If the heat is not enough, then draw the steamer bit slower. But if the temperature is too high, do the opposite.

If the fabrics is too damp, then it is wise to decrease amount of the steam. Always make sure the items are dry.

Always make sure you carefully follow the manual instructions that will give you instructions on exactly what you need to do. Again, remember that the bed bugs and the eggs that have not come in contact will likely to survive.

When you are steaming your floor or any other flat surface, do not use pin-point nozzles. It can simply blow the bed bugs away instead of killing them.

Best Steam Cleaners for Bed Bugs- Reviews & Tips

Before looking for the best steam cleaners, there are features and qualities one you should look for.

Features to Look for in Steam Cleaners

Here are the features you should look for in steam cleaners to get rid bed bugs:

 A Model Designed with a Large Boiler

Although a large boiler may not be necessary but just in case your steam cleaner can store a great amount of water, it makes you spend quite more time hunting down the bed bugs. This saves you time in refilling the whole thing time and time again.

Very Hot Steam

Note, a regular steam that is commonly used at home is not ideal for the job as the temperature is not usually high enough to get rid of bed bugs. You have to take into consideration this important feature of a steam cleaner if you are going to effectively get rid of bed bugs.

Different Nozzles

A steam cleaner should be the one that is broad and should be at least half foot. This will save you time. Note, a smaller nozzle is effective for cracks and crevices.

Here are some of the best steam cleaner to use to get rid of bed bugs. We have also covered their reviews.

1. Vapamore MR-100 Steamer

Check Price on Amazon

This steam cleaner usually has a lot of different tools and accessories. It can produce 210 -220 degrees of steam. Also included is a 1500 watt water heater, and a 1.6 litter stainless steel boil that can effectively work for one hour straight.

2. Atrix HEPA Backpack Vacuum

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To get rid of bed bugs with a steam cleaner, use this powerful model that you can use both for residential and commercial use. It has a lightweight backpack vacuum can be used to get rid of pests. The good thing with this model it has an extended wand having 3 different nozzles, a crevice tool and a shakeout bag. It has 1400 watt water heater to give enough heat to kill the bed bugs.

3. Housemile Anti-Dust

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To get rid of the bed bugs effectively with a steam cleaner, this is the perfect option for you. It works perfectly fine for mattresses and sheets. It kills the bed bugs instantly. You can also use to get rid of dust, mites and other microorganisms.

It is fine to use the steamer on your cushions and sofa. The dust collector is fitted with a large 200 ml capacity. In addition, it has a UV light that can get rid of bacteria.

4. McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

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When using this device note that the water in this device will be heated up to 200 degrees in 8 minutes only. It gives you the laxity to work for 45 minutes continuously.

It is fitted with a large water tank, a floor mop attachment and a powerful nozzle, a triangle brush, an extension wand among many others.

In terms of steam power, it provides 1500 watts enough to get rid of bed bugs on contact.

6. Steamfast Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

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When looking for a powerful steam cleaner to get rid and kill bed bugs, here is what you need. This device has a 1500- watt device with a large water tank that can last for 45 minutes straight. Again, water can easily be heated up to 200 degrees in minutes.

This device is fitted with a jet nozzle ideal to use in furniture.

7. Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner

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Although carpet cleaners are not considered as the best devices for bed bug control, this device here is the best to do the job. Other than getting ¾ gallon tank, you will get 8 different tools that will be effective to clean hard-to-reach surfaces even better and easier.

8. PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner

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This device is the best. Why? It only needs 2 -4 minutes approximately to heat water and it is fitted with 9 different accessories including heavy-duty attachment for more specific cleaning, an extension hose and many more.

The device has a water capacity of 250 ml and at a 3 bar pressure, the steam will be around or more 290 degrees.

9. Wagner SprayTech

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This device here can hold up to 48 ounces of water and can work for 45 minutes straight. Note this steam cleaner can reach a temperature of about 212 degrees. There are various attachments included in this device that will can help you steam the floors.

This device has a 120 –volt steamer with green and a red light that will help you know when the water is hot enough.

10. Dupray Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer

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With this device you can heat the steam up to 275 degrees. Note the water tank in this steam cleaner is large can allow you to use the steamer for 50 minutes continuously.

With device you can heat the water for only 7 minutes. Another key feature, it produces a low-moisture steam meaning you shouldn’t bother with any wet spots.

The device has also an extra-long power cord and it is fitted with 18 different tools including extension tubes, nylon brushes, and a triangular tool and so on.


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