Elbow Rash, Symptoms, Causes, Itchy, Gluten Rash, Eczema, Bumpy Rash & Treatment

Having elbow rash can be discomforting and painful. The rash may appear as itchy and bumpy. What then could be the possible causes of this rash? The causes could include eczema or gluten rash which is caused by celiac disease. It could be caused by an underlying medical condition, in this article we shall cover some of this causes, their symptoms and treatment of how to get rid of the rash.

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I have a rash on my elbow-what does it mean?

A rash can be discomforting, depending on how long you’ve had the rash and how severe the symptoms are. A rash can be normal and most clear up on their own without medical treatment given. So what is a rash?

A rash is a common skin disorder. It may cause the skin to change color, texture and appearance. Most skin rash maybe accompanied with small itchy bumps. This causes the affected part of the skin to become painful and always have the urge to scratch. It is also possible for your skin to develop blisters or swell.

Treating elbow rash start with first identifying what is the cause of the rash then medication can follow. The most common causes of rash is contact dermatitis, this is where the body come in contact with an irritant or an infected person. The other cause is eczema or atopic dermatitis this is common in children and comes and goes periodically.

Treatment for rash include the use of topical ointments and anti-itching creams and anti-inflammatories. Simple home remedy such as  applying aloe Vera gel can be helpful I relieving the pain and speeding up the treatment for the rash. Please seek medical attention from a professional dermatologist for rash that fail to go away in a week or two. This could be a warning sign of an underlying medical condition.

Rash on elbow pictures, Images

Below are some images to give you a visual aid of how the rash on elbow look like.  The picture can also be helpful in diagnosing to establish what the cause of the rash are. NOTE, this cannot be substituted for a professional medical diagnosis, please visit a health care provider.

Rash on Elbow Picture
Rash on Elbow Picture
Raised Rash on Elbow
Red Raised Rash on Elbow
Itchy Rash in Elbow Crease
Itchy Rash in Elbow Crease

What are the symptoms of elbow rash?

The symptoms for rash on any part of the body will vary from person to person. The symptoms will also vary depending on what the actual cause of the rash is in the first place. The general health condition of a person will also come in play to determine how severe the symptoms can be.

The common symptoms among people with rash include the following;

  • The skin become itchy and painful
  • Your elbow becomes tender
  • Colored patches mostly red
  • A burning or a stinging feeling on arms and other affected area,
  • The rash may start to spread out to other parts of the arms
  • The skin becomes dried and cracked.
  • Painful and itchy bumps start to appear
  • Joint paint

This symptoms are not life threatening, with topical ointments and anti-itching creams, then the symptoms can clear up with time. However, they are some serious symptoms that maybe accompanied with the presences of rash on elbow. They could be life threatening if immediate medical attention is not given, for that reason, you need to visit your health care provider as soon as you develop them. They include but not limited to the following symptoms.

Causes of rash on elbows

As we have stated before, a rash can be very discomforting. A rash is not an infection on its own, but a sign of an underlying medical condition. The symptoms presented will be helpful during diagnosis. It is important for you to have a medical doctor check them out to identify the cause.

Overtime, the following medical conditions have been found to be associated with rash on elbow and other parts of the body.

Eczema rash on elbows

The common cause of ski rash is eczema. This is not a single infection but a reaction pattern to a number of skin condition. The common form of eczema is atopic dermatitis also called atopic eczema. This is more prevalent in people with 0hay fever and those with asthma.

Eczema can cause rash to appear on any part of your body. It causes the ski to become itchy, red, dry, scaly and at time may cause it to crack and peel off. A rash on elbow caused by eczema can have the following symptoms;

  • May develop red itchy bumps
  • The rash may spread to other adjacent part of the body.
  • Elbow skin may have colored patches
  • The skin become irritating with a constant urge to scratch.

The treatment option for eczema involves the following;

  • Avoiding the allergic reactants causing the rash
  • Topical ointments (anti-itching and anti-inflammatories) may be applied to reduce itching and swelling
  • Oral or injectable anti-inflammatories may be used
  • In cases of peeling and popping bumps antibiotics and antibacterial may be prescribed

Home remedy may also be used to treat mild symptoms such as itching and swelling. A bleach bath, aloe Vera and chamomile tea wash can all be helpful in reducing the itching and swelling.

Celiac disease

The Otis her possible cause of rash on elbow and other body part is celiac disease. According to publication by the celiac disease foundation, celiac disease is a serious genetic auto immune disorder where the intake of gluten leads to the damage of the small intestine. It is estimated that 1 out of 100 people in the world is at the risk of getting this condition.

When people with this condition eat food containing gluten, such as wheat and barley, their immune system mounts an attack on the villi of the small intestine. This are fingerlike projection that facilitate the absorption of nutrient during digestion. Lack of enough nutrients in the body will thus be manifested with symptoms such as rash on elbow and other body parts.

There is no treatment for the condition. However, those with this condition should maintain a gluten free diet. Beer and alcohol consumption should also be minimized. The condition is hereditary, for pregnant women should the doctor check on this to advice on diet.


The next possible cause of rash on elbow is psoriasis. Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition caused by hyperactive immune system. It is causes when the immune system starts to attack health body cells and tissues. According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, the condition can affect people of all ages, though it is common among people between 15-35 years.

The cause of psoriasis is unknown however dermatologist believe that the immune system and gee are associated with the attack. According to the American association of dermatologist, about 7.5 million people in the US have been diagnosed with the condition. Psoriasis is not contagious but may be hereditary. Some of the risk factors associated with the condition include the following;

  • Heavy smoking
  • Alcoholism
  • People with bacterial and virus infection
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes

Currently there is no treatment for psoriasis. However, when you are diagnosed with the condition, your doctor may prescribe some medication to try and reduce the symptoms, such as inflammation, itching and scratching urge caused by psoriasis. They may include the following;

  • Topical corticosteroids creams and gel for the inflammation and itching.
  • Skin moisturizers
  • Vitamin A and D supplement to boost the immune system.

Auto immune disorder

Rash on elbow caused by auto immune disorder happens when your body become hype-active thus start to react and attack active body cells. The effect can be felt in more than one part of the body tissues. According to the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association, there more than 80 different type of auto immune disorder. It is possible for one to have more than one type of this disorder at a go.

The cause of the disorder is not known but over time, different thigs have been found to trigger this disorder. They include things such as chemical irritants, change in environment, bacterial or virus infection can all trigger an auto immune disorder. The condition is also genetic, and can be found in blood of family members.

Auto immune is a chronic condition. There is no treatment option available. Medication and treatment for the condition aims at reducing the symptoms and the rate of spread of the condition. In most cases treatment will include;

  • Ensure you take in balance diet
  • Have enough of general body rest
  • Excesses often
  • Vitamin A supplement maybe taken to boost the immune system
  • You have to reduce stress

Lichen planus

Lichen planus is the other skin condition that could cause rash on elbows. It is a common skin disorder associated with the immune system. The condition is uncomfortable but it is not considered dangerous. The cause of this kind of response of the immune system is not known, however, the following are believed to trigger this kind of reaction, allergens, viral infection, genetics and general body stress.

Treatment may involve 0ver-the-counter anti-itching creams, you can bath with oatmeal or chamomile tea or simply applying a cold compress on the rash. If symptoms persist for a week please seek medical attention from a professional health care provider.


The other possible cause of rash on elbow is hives, also known as urticarial. This is a skin disorder causing itchy bumps red bumps and rash on the skin parts, mostly on arms, legs, neck and face. The affected part of the skin become swollen and itchy. The irritation can be severe and cause to much discomfort.

The cause of hive is allergy, it can also be as a result of bug bite or food and medicinal drugs such as ibuprofen. The common symptoms for diagnosis include;

  • Red bumps on skin surface
  • Itchy rash on elbows
  • Scratching and a burning sensation
  • The skin may become swollen

Avoid the substance causing the allergy can be helpful in the treatment of hives. Anti-itching and anti-inflammatory creams and gel can be used to relieve the skin of the swelling and itching.


The rash on elbow can also be caused by scabies. This is a skin disorder characterized by intense itching and bumpy rash on the surface of the skin. It is also possible for you to have red spot on the surface of the skin. The rash can be more itchy at nights and mild during the day.

Scabies can affect all body parts, it is however common on arms, legs, neck and face. It is a dermatologic condition caused by sarcoptes scabiei a microscopic mite. It is very contagious can be spread from one person to another through close physical contact. The most common symptoms include Itching, sores on skin, rash and thick crusts

The condition is very contagious, once diagnosed with it, all those you had physical contact should be treated of the condition to, even if they have not started showing the symptoms. General topical medication are recommended for scabies, this include anti-itching and anti-inflammatory creams and gel.

Dermatitis Herpetiformis

This is an auto-immune disorder associated with gluten-sensitive enteropathy. It is a blistering disorder common in people who are allergic to gluten and those with celiac disease. It is characterized with blisters that are filed with fluid. The condition has no relation to herpes, but most of the inflammation and rash may resemble those caused by herpes.

Once diagnosed with the condition, treatment for the condition will involve use of daspone and maintaining a gluten free diet. Dapsone can be oral or injected.

Treatment and drugs for eczema rash on elbows

As started earlier, eczema is among the most common skin disorders. Though common in children, eczema can affect people of all ages. Currently there is no treatment for the condition, however there are some treatment option that might be used to ease the symptoms and make the condition more bearable.

The common available option for treatment for people with eczema include the following;

  • Moisturizers also called emollients which are used to stop the skin from being dry
  • Topical ointments and corticosteroid creams, gel and lotion, this are used to reduce swelling, discoloring and itching
  • Antihistamines are used in cases of severe itching, swelling and inflammation.
  • Dietary change and improve your genera body hygiene
  • Avoid scratching the rash

People with weak immune system, those with chronic medical conditions or those with HIV/AIDS should only use medicine that are prescribed to them by a professional health care provider.

Rash on elbow STD

A rash can be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease. Most of the STD that attack your body weakens the immune system which is the body’s defense against infection and disease. People with herpes are also prone to this kind of attacks.

The time taken before the rash clears will depend on how strong your immune system is. Stick a balance diet and take in lots of fluids. You may also get yourself some vitamin A supplements and the rash will be gone before you realize.

Elbow rash gluten

Gluten rash can be a terrible condition to live with. In most cases, the condition happens to people with dermatitis herpertiformis, DH. This is a chronic disease, it causes severe skin rash and it is mostly associated with people with celiac disease, however, not all people with celiac disease develop dermatitis herpertiforms.

A gluten rash symptoms include;

  • Extreme itching
  • Blistering skin
  • Burning skin rash.
  • Small painful bumps

People diagnosed with celiac disease or dermatitis hertiformis should strive to maintain a gluten free diet. You need to visit your doctor as soon as the rash appears to avoid the risk of complications.

Itchy rash on elbow crease

The common cause of itchy rash on elbow is Intertrigo, this is a common rash that affects both male and female. It is also common for the rash to affect multiple site of the body. The affected part of the skin becomes inflamed, reddish and uncomfortable. It may also become moist and macerated, this is what leads to cracking and peeling of skin.

Intertrigo can be acute that’s is recent onset, recurrent or chronic, all this will depend on the underlying medical cause. The condition is common I people with obese, genetic tenderness to skin infection and those who sweet a lot.

Red bumpy rash on elbows

Red bumpy rash can be painful and discomforting. The symptoms exhibited will be dependent on the underlying medical cause of the rash. Topical ointments and simple home remedy like Applying aloe Vera, warm compress can all be used to relieve the itching and pain caused by the rash. You should avoid popping the rash since increases the chances of 0you picking up an infection.

The common causes of the kind of rash are;

  • Chicken pox is caused by a virus and only attacks a person once, after which the body develops antibodies and become immune to future attacks.
  • Psoriasis, this is a common cause of skin rash. The exact cause of the condition is unknown, however the immune system and gene are believed to be associated with this condition.
  • Shingles, caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox. People with previous record of chicken pox can get infected with shingles.
  • Hives, this condition is associated with allergic reaction to food, chemical and other irritant, however the exact cause of why the rash for this condition are formed is unknown.

Treatment for rash on elbows

Treatment for rash on elbows will depend on treating the underlying medical cause. Since the cause vary from person to person, so will the medication for treating the rash. Over-the-counter medication should be minimized.  People with weak immune system, recurring attacks or those with chronic medical condition such as diabetes, cancer or HIV/AIDS should seek medical attention as soon as the symptoms start to show.

Depending on how severe, or how long you’ve had the rash, treatment may include a combination or one of the following;

  • Topical ointments, ,good for itching, swelling and general burning sensation
  • Antibiotics, this can be helpful in preventing infection
  • Antihistamines to help control the inflammation and itching
  • Home remedy such as applying aloe Vera and simple warm compress
  • Dietary change especially for those with gluten intolerance
  • Hydrocortisone steroids for itching and swelling

Natural home remedies to cure, heal, get rid of elbow rash

Given the fact that most of skin disorders are harmless and not life threatening, natural home remedies can be used to relieve the skin of the pain and itchy. Natural herbs like aloe Vera has strong anti-itching and antibacterial qualities that can not only be helpful in preventing infection and but also in speeding up the time it takes to cure the rash.

The following are some of the home remedies you may use;

Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera has strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatories and anti-itching properties, just pluck a fresh aloe plant and squeeze the gel in a cup, rub the gel on the affected part of the elbow. Do this twice in a day for a week for optimal results.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a very good choice for drying the rash, relieving the skin of the itching and reducing the inflammation associated with rash. For optimal result, you can make a paste of baking soda and coconut oil, apply it on the affected part of the elbow and leave t own for 20 minute before rinsing it off. Repeat this twice in a day for a week and the rash will be long gone.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the other excellent choice for home remedy. It is natural and organic. It has acetic acid content which makes it a perfect choice for fighting skin infection. Raw organic apple cider is good for treating skin itching and rashes caused on skin.

Using a rag or small piece of clothing, rub the apple cider on the affected part of the elbows. Repeated this twice a day for a week for optimal result. For open wounds, you can use an antiseptic before apply the remedy.

Chamomile tea

This is the other natural home remedy that has been in use now to treat and cure rash. All you have to do is prepare the tea, allow it to cool then using a cotton ball or a piece of clothing say a face towel, apply the tea on the affected area. Repeat this twice in a day for optimal result.

  • Avoid scratching your elbows, this could cause the skin to rupture thus increasing the chances of you picking up a bacterial or fungal infection. Open wounds also leave you at risk of HIV/AIDS infection.
  • Avoid cosmetics and body lotion for a while allergic reaction to such product could worsen the rash or cause it to be more painful.
  • Avoid swimming in untreated pools
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight

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