Lump on Inner Thigh, Near Groin, under Skin, Male, Female, How to Get Rid

There are a number of conditions that might cause lump on inner thigh. The bumps can be in both males and female. These bumps can develop anywhere but are common near groin and under skin. Mild cases of these bumps do not require medical attention. For severe cases, medical intervention may be required to get rid of the bumps.

Understanding the underlying cause of the bumps on your thighs will help narrow down to the required treatment. Some common causes will include folliculitis which is caused by the damaging of the hair follicles. This can be through poor shaving method or wearing too tight clothes that irritate the skin. Other causes will include viral or yeast infection as is the case with genital herpes and warts. Read through for more on the causes and treatment on how to get rid of the bumps.

Lump on Inner Thigh Picture
Lump on Inner Thigh Picture

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Lump on inside thigh under skin – Causes

As stated, there exist a number of condition that might cause bumps on inside thigh. The bumps may be under the skin or protrude to form visible pimple like lumps. Depending on the underlying cause of the bumps, some people will complain or itching, irritation and burning sensation. Below we have provided a list of the possible causes of these bumps. We have also provided symptoms and treatment option available to help get rid of them.

1. Hidradenitis suppurativa

HS is chronic skin condition characterized by clusters of abscesses. The condition commonly affects the underarm, inner thigh, groin and buttocks. The condition occurs when dead cells and sebum build up and block the hair follicles. HS can be related to smoking, heredity or weight loss.


Maintain high levels of hygiene to prevent infection. Wear loss clothes and exercise regularly to cut weight.

2. Folliculitis

Similar to HS, folliculitis will result in red bumps on thigh.  If the bumps get infected with bacterial, they become painful and itchy. Folliculitis is caused by the damaging and irritation of the hair follicles. To treat the condition, apply antifungal and anti-bacterial creams

3. Abscess on thigh

An abscess is a fluid filled bump caused by staph aureus bacteria. The bacterial infiltrates the skin causing pain, swelling and redness. A warm compress can help relieve the pain and help when drain the pus out. Oral antibiotics can also help with bacterial infections.

4. Genital warts

Genital wart are dry red bumps on thigh that feel scaly. Wart are sexually transmitted and occur in the anal or genital areas. Wart are contagious and might be the cause of the lumps on your thighs.

5. Jock itch

Jock itch is a common fungal infection in males. It causes groin itching that latter spreads to the thigh. Jock itch can also affect the areas around anus and buttock. When left untreated for long, the rash will spread to other parts. In rare cases, jock itchy can be seen in females but it is not considered a sexually transmitted infection.

Maintaining high level of personal hygiene and applying antifungal creams on the infected area might help treat the rash.

6. Chafing thighs

Chafing or irritation of the thighs caused by constant skin friction can also cause bumps to appear on inner thigh. Chafing can also cause this irritation on armpits, nipples and buttock though not common.

To prevent chafing you can use undergarments shorts, bandelettes or anti-chafing creams.

7. Acne lumps on thigh

Acne, the occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in skin can also be the condition causing the bumps n inner thighs. Though common on teenagers face, acne pimple can appear anywhere on the body.

Most people develop mild cases of acne which can be treated with over the counter topical ointment. Seek medical attention if the symptoms do not respond to treatment and medication.

Lump on inner thigh male

The primary cause of bumps n male is jock itch. Jock itch is a fungal infection that cause groin itching which then spreads to the thigh. The bmp and itchy rash caused by jock itch can also spread to the anus and buttock area. In rare cases, jock itch can be seen in women but it is not considered a sexually transmitted infection.

Before apply anti-fungal creams to treat the rash, you need to wash the affected area with a mild soap ad clean water to cleanse it. The best choice of anti-fungal cream will include those with miconazole or clotrimazole. For blisters a worm compress can be applied before applying the cream. Seek medical advice if symptoms fail to clear within a week or two.

Other possible cause of these bumps will include friction from the thighs rubbing through one another, or from wearing tight fitting clothes. Folliculitis which occurs due to damaging and irritation of the hair follicles can also cause these bumps to develop on males thighs.

Bumps on Inner Thigh
Bumps on Inner Thigh

An abscess caused by staph aureus bacteria that infiltrates the skin can cause painful skin swelling, redness and small cyst to develop on inside thigh. To treat this, a warm compress and oral or topical antibiotic can be used depending on the extent of bacterial infection.

Sexually transmitted virus as is the case with genital herpes can also cause painful blister and small bums to appear on the thighs. Other virus that infiltrates the skin like those causing genital warts are also responsible for these bumps in males and females.

If you start developing bumps on your pubic area, you do not have to be worried or embarrassed. Visit a health care provider for early diagnosis to know what the underlying cause of the bumps is. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent further infection or spread too other people. Early treatment also increases the chances of curing or eliminating the underlying condition.

Lump on inner thigh near groin male

Bumps on inner thigh are not only present in males, even females develop them. These bumps are not only sexually transmitted but also occurs due to a number of reasons. In males, staph infection is known to cause these bumps on thighs near groin. Staph is a bacterial infection that accumulate on moist areas. The condition can be accelerated with poor personal hygiene. This will include not showering or changing your underwear regularly.

Other cause of the bump is friction from wearing too tight synthetic clothes. This will cause the damaging of the hair follicles which can then get clogged or blocked with dead skin cells, sebum and other materials to form raised bumps on your thighs.

Poor shaving method is also known to cause the damaging of the hair follicles. Sharp edges of poorly shaved hair might curly back into the skin forming ingrown hairs. This condition is common in people with coarse or curly hair. Ingrown hair may or may not be accompanied by an infection of the hair follicles.

Different symptoms might accompany the bumps depending on the underlying cause. This symptoms will include, itching, irritation, redness, burning sensation and in some cases painful blisters. Mild cases of these symptoms can be managed at home using simple remedies like aloe Vera gel and apple cider vinegar.

For severe symptoms, you will need to seek medical attention. Your doctor might prescribe oral or topical antibiotics for the cases of bacterial infection. Topical ointments and emollients can be used to relieve the inflammation, itching and burning sensation.

Lump on inner thigh female

Lumps o inner thigh as much in female as in males. A common cause of rash and irritation in female is vaginal yeast infection. It is caused by an organism candida albicans which affects approximately 75% of women. Common symptoms of these condition will include itching, burning sensation and pain during urination. Treatment for the condition will involve both topical and oral antifungal medication.

The condition is not considered a sexually transmitted infection since it can also occur in women who are not sexually active. The infection can however be transmitted to a male sexual partner. For infected males, treatment will also include both topical and oral antibiotic.

Lump on Inner Thigh under Skin
Lump on Inner Thigh under Skin

For females, you need to keep the virginal area dry and avid irritating chemicals. Consuming foods with probiotics can also help prevent virginal yeast infections. Probiotics are live microorganisms that may help prevent and treat infection caused by bacteria. Probiotics help promote a healthy digestive tract and generally boost once immune system.

Just as in males, other causes of these lumps will include folliculitis from damaged hair follicles. This damage can be caused by poor shaving of the pubic hair or wearing too tight fitting synthetic cloths. Contact dermatitis from allergic substance that come in contact with the skin can also result in these kind of irritation.

Symptoms like pain, irritation, itching and burning sensation will in most cases accompany the bumps on inside thigh. Depending on the severity of the said symptoms, treatment can include pharmacological and simple natural home remedies. See you doctor if the symptoms become unbearable or causes discomfort.

Lump on inner thigh near groin female

Regardless of age, bumps can develop anywhere near groin area or the thighs. Most females will have the lumps spread over to the buttocks and around the pubic area. For causes like virginal yeast infection, maintaining high levels of personal hygiene is key in minimizing the chances of developing the condition. Feeding on probiotic foods will also have the same effect.

Also you can employ the right shaving methods. Make sure you are not sharing shaving tools. Use a sharp shaving razor and avoid shaving closer to the skin to avoid damaging the skin and hair follicles to cause folliculitis. Apply shaving creams and was your pubic area with antiseptic solution to prevent infections.

For irritation caused by wearing to tight cloths, you can wear loss cotton clothes. If you have to wear them, then make sure you are not wearing them for too long. You can also wear an inner lining that protects the skin from direct contact with the cloths.

Seek immediate medical attention if you do not know the underlying cause of the lump on inner thigh near groin.

Lump on inner thigh not painful

It is very possible for you to have lumps on thighs that are not painful. The scary part of this is that the bumps could be cancerous or malignant. To be sure of this you need to have a professional health care provider look diagnose the bump to establish the underlying cause.

Immune system attack on hair follicle can also have these kind of effect. If this is the cause, immune system suppressive maybe used to reduce the activity of the immune system. Seek medical attention if you have had the bumps for more than a week.

Lump on inner thigh by bikini line

Most people strive to look good. This to most women means keeping the hair out, especially along the bikini area. Most of the bumps appearing along the bikini area is caused by poor method of hair removal this will include waxing and shaving.

When not done correctly, waxing will cause the irritation and damaging of the hair follicle. This will in turn cause small bumps to appear along the bikini line. If you have to wax, let it be done by a professional.

Lump on inner thigh Treatment

The treatment for lump and bumps on inner thigh will depend on the underlying cause. If the bumps are as a result of physical irritation or allergen, then avoiding them is the first step of treating the bumps. For bumps caused by skin condition, virus or bacterial infection, topical or oral antibiotic will be used depending on the extent of the infection.

If the bumps is accompanied with inflammation, itching, burning sensation and swelling, then topical ointments like anti-itching and anti-inflammatory creams can be used for the itching and inflammation respectively.

Oral or injectable corticosteroids can be used to relieve the cases of swelling. Those on other medication like immune system suppressive, diabetes, chemotherapy or pregnant women should consult first with they doctor before resolving to treat the bumps.

How to get rid of lump on inside thigh –Home remedies

Apart from the treatment option described above, you can also get rid of the bumps, lumps and itching on your thigh using simple readily available natural home remedies. These remedies will not only soothe the skin but also nourish it.

Below are some of the common home remedies you can use to get rid of the lumps:

a) Tea tree oil

Due to its strong antiseptic, antifungal and antibacterial properties, tea tree oil is among the best home remedies for skin bumps. To apply the remedy, soak a cotton swab in a solution of tea tree oil and dab on the affected area of the thighs.

Repeat this twice daily for a week for optimal result.

b) Warm compress

For boils and bumps on the inner thigh, a simple warm or hot compress can work miracles. When applied on an infected area, warm compress help increase blood circulation. This allows antibodies and white blood cells responsible for fighting infection to perform faster.

For boils and other fluid filled bumps on thigh, you can apply a warm compress until the bump erupt and the pus drains out.

c) Turmeric paste

Applying a turmeric paste can also help relieve the pain, irritation and inflammation accompanied by bumps on your inside thigh. Raw turmeric contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that ca speed up the healing process of most skin bumps. Turmeric contains a compound-curcumin that can help relieve pain.

d) Epsom salt for boils

Being highly absorbent, Epsom salt (a hydrated magnesium sulfate) can help draw out toxins and impurities from the skin and more so from a skin bump. When applied on a boil or abscess, it help bring it to the head and speed the drainage of bacteria.

e) Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is the other simple natural remedy for skin bumps. Vinegar acts as a natural antiseptic and has antimicrobial properties that can help fight skin infection. To apply the remedy, just dilute some vinegar in water. Use a cotton swab to apply it on the bumps. Do this for several times until the bump (boils) opens and drain.

f) Cinnamon and honey paste

Honey and cinnamon makes an effective remedy for acne on skin. Combined, they will have both antimicrobial that stops bacterial from growing out of hand and antibacterial properties that helps fight the bacterial infection.

To prepare the remedy, use 2 part honey for 1 part of cinnamon. Rinse and dry the infected area then using a face towel, apply the mixture gently on the affected arts of the skin. Leave the paste for 20 minutes before rinsing it off.

g) Maintaining high levels of personal hygiene

For bacterial infection on thighs, maintaining high levels of hygiene will help prevent the accumulation of these micro-organism to these kind of levels. Wash regularly, dry yourself with a clean towel and make sure you change your underwear regularly.

h) Strawberries and honey for clogged pores on thighs

Strawberries are rich in salicylic acid, the primary compensate for commercial acne medication. When used with honey, the remedy will encourage the epidermis to shed its cells more readily, opening up clogged pores (folliculitis) and neutralize bacterial infection. Honey also contains anti-inflammatory agent that can help reduce the inflammation.

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