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Just noticed a lump on eyebrow bone or above the eyebrow? What are some of the common causes of the bumps or cyst? In this topic we shall tell you about the causes and treatment options of how to get rid of the bumps.

It is very important to have a physician evaluate any kind of growth on skin or any part of the body. The same should be done for new growth, those that are changing or when they get painful. A lump on the eyebrow will indicate something unique to the brow itself, this would include such thing as a stye. Stye are bright red, painful and sometimes itchy infection of the minor glands of the eyelid. Most will clear on their own with time or with a warm compress.

Lump in my eyebrow causes

There are a number of condition that can make lumps or bumps appear on the surface of the skin or on eyebrow. The bumps on eyebrow bone could simply be a skin cyst, a sebaceous cyst or a folliculitis. Below we shall discuss all these types and the possible treatment option to get rid of them. We shall also tell you about other bumps like lipoma and melanoma which are a type of skin cancer.

1. Lump on eyebrow cancer

Though rare, a lump on eyebrow can be caused by cancer. Cancer is the uncontrolled division of the abnormal cells in a part of the body.  The growth can also be aid to be malignant. Before ruling cancer as the underlying cause of the bumps on the eyebrow, some other symptom will have to be present. Have a doctor cheek the bump out to establish this.


If you are diagnosed with cancer, the doctor will discuss the available options depending on the type and stage of the cancer. The most common options will include a chemotherapy, where strong chemical drugs are used to kill the cancerous cell, a radiation therapy which uses high energy UV rays and surgery where the cancerous cells will be removed.

2. Skin cyst

For most people skin cyst will appear anywhere on the body. These cyst are small packets of body tissues that form under the skin and may be filled with blood or other body fluids to form bumps. Skin cyst can also form when the sebaceous glands become blocked or clogged. These bumps are smooth and painless and appear over a gradual period of time.


Depending on the cause of the cyst, antibiotic creams can be used o treat them. For large painful cyst, draining them is the most effective solution.

3. Cherry angioma causing eyebrow lump

Another common cause of the eyebrow bump is cherry angiomas. These bumps are common among those with 30 and more years. The bumps vary in size and can occur almost anywhere on the body. The cause of these bumps is unknown but they tend to be inherited.


Though you do not have to treat these bumps, some options exist for doing so. The option include eletrocauterization, cryosurgery, laser surgery and shave excision.

4. Melanoma

Another form of cancer that might cause these bump is melanoma. Melanoma is a malignant tumor associated with skin cancer.

5. Acne vulgaris

These is a long-term skin disease that occurs when hair follicles become clogged with dead skin cells and sebum from the skin. On face, the condition is characterized by areas of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and greasy skin.


Treatment for acne is directed towards the known pathogenic factors involved in acne. These will include follicular hyper proliferation, excess sebum, infection or inflammation. Topical retinoid and antimicrobial therapy can be used as first line therapy for the condition

6. Lipomas

Lipoma is a benign tumor composed of body fat. It is the most common soft tissue tumor. Lipoma bumps are soft to touch, movable and are painless.


Since most of them do not hurt or cause problems, lipoma is not treated. However, if the bumps become painful, infected or bothers you, you may have the doctor remove them through surgery.

Other causes include:

  • Neurofibroma
  • Keratosis pilaris
  • Benign Dermatofibromas
  • Folliculitis
  • Keratacanthoma
  • Epidermoid cyst

Lump on eyebrow swollen eye

A lump on the eyebrow may appear with gradual swelling of upper or lower eyelid. A common cause of the swelling is a condition known as Chalazion. This is a cyst in the eyelid due to blocked oil gland. They typically appear in the middle of the eyelid, they are red and non-painful.

A chalazion may form following a stye. As said, a stye is an inflammation of the edge of an eyelid caused by bacterial infection of the glands at the base of the eyelash. A common difference between a stye and chalazion is that, whereas a stye may be painful, a chalazion is not.

You need to seek medical attention especially if the bump is large enough or starts to block your vision. In rare cases, the bump maybe caused by skin cancer, a physician will help rule this out. Certain people are usually at the highest risk or getting the bump more than others, the common risk factor include the following:

  • people who do not clean their ands often
  • those with history of chalazia
  • those who have skin conditions like rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis and others
  • those with viral infections

Lump on eyebrow bone

Just like other living tissues, the bone is a living growing tissue made mostly of collagen. A collagen is a protein that providers soft framework. So yes it is very possible for you to develop a lump on eyebrow bone. The cause of these bumps will vary from person to person. Other symptoms like the swelling of the eyelid may also be observed.

Who is at risk of developing these bump? Well, these bumps can appear on anybody regardless of age r gender. To some people, the lump will be small and painless. To other people, the bump will be hard and painful and might come and go from time to time. Below are some of the common causes of the lump on eyebrow bone.

  • Osteoma: this is a new piece of bone usually growing on a new piece of bone. This is mostly on the skull. Ii is a benign tumor. When the bone grows on another bone it is referred to as homoplastic osteoma, when on the other hand the bone grows on other tissue, it is referred to as heteroplastic osteoma. Osteoma can be said to be hard lumps of bone that occur on the skull.
    • For osteoma, symptoms will include; facial deformity, facial pain and severe headache. It is unclear whether surgery helps with the headaches. If the tumor causes pressure, then removing it would help.
  • Benign tumor: this is not a cancer that is to say it does not spread neither is it aggressive in destroying healthy tissue or bone in the body. A common benign tumor in children is referred to as osteochondroma.
  • Osteochondroma is a common benign tumor in children and adolescents. Though not common it can occur. It is important to know that this is a benign tumor, it is therefore not cancerous. According to the Harvard medical school journal, the condition is common near joints.
  • Cancer: can also be the cause of the lump on eyebrow. Though also rare, there can be some sort of malignant bone tumor that exist. Malignant bone tumor are painful and are usually not always metastases. Metastases means the development of a secondary malignant growth at a distance from a primary site of cancer.

Lump on forehead above eyebrow

According to a plastic surgeon Dr. Amil Shah, most cases of hard lump on forehead above eyebrow are attributed to osteomas. Osteoma is a hard, bony growth in the skull. These growth are not common, but are usually benign, slow growing and asymptomatic. According to the National Library of Medicine, the condition may be hereditary or formed at birth.

Lump on Eyebrow above Eye
Lump on Eyebrow above Eye

Only cases of symptomatic osteoma calls for treatment. Those who symptoms fail to show up may do away with the treatment or may choose treatment due to their unsightly nature. A doctor will perform a general physical exam to diagnose the osteoma. A CT scan or a bone scan may also be done to confirm the diagnosis, and make sure the osteoma does not extend dipper in the skull.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, your doctor will be in a position to prescribe the right treatment procedure.  Surgical removal of the osteoma through a tiny incursion in the forehead is the best way to treat the condition and prevent future reoccurring. The doctor will use a special instrument to remove the bony growth and trim or grid the area smooth.

A hard tissue injury on forehead above eyebrow can also can also cause hard or small bumps to appear on forehead. A hard tissue injury is an injury to the bone tissue. This injury might cause the loss of continuity in the substance of the bone. Common form of these injury include fractures and dislocations. The injuries can also be referred to as broken bones or cracked bones. Seek immediate medical attention to gauge the extent of the damages.

Lump above eyebrow headache

Most people complain of severe headache whenever they have an eye infection. This is true if you have small, hard or panful bumps developing on your eyebrow. The cause of the bumps will vary from person to person. For some people, the condition will be asymptomatic whereas for other some symptoms will be shown.

It is important to have a professional health care provider diagnose the condition to be able to establish the underlying cause of the lump and the headache. Over the counter painkillers might help with the headache, but this should only be done after establishing the underlying condition causing the lump above eyebrow.

Hard lump on eyebrow

Osteoma, a benign bone tumor can be said to be the most common cause of hard lump on eyebrow. By definition, osteoma or osteomata in plural is a new piece of bone that usually grows n another piece of bone. This is most common on the skull just above the eyebrow.

Hard Lump on Eyebrow
Hard Lump on Eyebrow

The tumor formed may cause pain but does not spread to the adjacent tissue or bone. In young children, it may deform the host bone or stimulate the bonne to grow larger or longer. Osteoma occurs when certain cells divide uncontrollably, forming small mass of bone and other tissues. The growing tumor will then replace healthy bone tissue with abnormal hard bone tissue. The reason why this happens is not known.

A hard lump caused by osteoma will have the following symptoms:

  • A dull sharp pain that worsen at night
  • Bowing deformity
  • Depending on the location, some may experience nerve symptoms like sciatica
  • Muscles wasting

Small Lump in eyebrow

There are a number of conditions that can make small lumps appear on eyebrow. The condition and the symptoms presented will vary from one person to the other. To eliminate doubt of serious condition like skin cancer, you need to have a professional health care provider look at the bumps to establish what the underlying cause of the condition is.

Below are some of the possible causes of small lump on skin:

  • Skin cyst, can appear anywhere on the body including on the eyebrow. Cyst are small pockets of tissue under the skin that become filled with pus, fluid or skin matters as a result of infection. The cyst can also form when the sebaceous glans on eyebrow become blocked.

Skin cyst appear as generally smooth and are painless. They also appear over a gradual period of time. Antibiotic creams or draining the cyst can be done to treat the cyst.

  • Folliculitis, is the other common cause of small lump or bumps on face. It is the inflammation of the follicles due to infection or chemical reaction. The eyebrow become red with pimple like bumps appearing on the face.
  • Sebaceous cyst, is when the bumps or cyst develop by hair follicle. The bumps are often painful and a dark area may be visible on the surface.
  • Lipomas, these are benign tumor composed of body fat. Lipoma is the most common form of soft tissue tumor. The bumps formed are usually soft to touch, are usually movable and are generally painless.
  • Melanoma a type of skin cancer can also cause these bumps appear. Melanoma appear as a mole, which is irregular in shape, multi colored and can bleed easily. Most of these bumps are itchy.

Lump below eyebrow

A lump below eyebrow will appear as an irregular swelling along the bow area. Depending on the symptoms, eyebrow lumps can be caused by medical condition such as folliculitis, acne vulgaris, sebaceous cyst or malignant melanoma.

Some of the conditions mention above could be painful, or harmful to the general health. You need to have a doctor examine the bump for treatment and medication. It is also important to rule the possibility of serious condition like skin cancer. Most cases of benign bumps will clear on their own and do not call for medical emergency.

Painful Lump under eyebrow

Any swelling or inflammation around the eyes call for immediate medical attention. You need to have a doctor examine the panful lump under eyebrow as soon as it develops. A lump on eyebrow appears as a raised bump of skin around the area of the eyebrow. It might not warrant removal depending on the cause and type of the bump.

Pain is one of the symptom reported when a person has bumps under the eyebrows. For some people the bumps could be asymptomatic. The lump will also vary in size from person to person. An eyebrow cyst is often nothing to worry about. However, when the bump becomes too large or uncomfortable, removing it might be a good option.

A common cause of these lump is acne vulgaris. This condition occurs when dead skin cell block the pores of the surface of the skin. An infection might occur, causing the affected area to develop a raised pouch we are calling a cyst. This is more prevalent in people with thick eyebrow as dead skin can easily accumulate at the base of the eyebrow hair.

Another possible cause of the lumps is folliculitis. This condition occurs when one or more of the hair follicle in the eyebrows become infected, inflamed or damaged. The inflammation is caused by the damaging of the hair follicle. The damaging can be caused by threading or shaving the eyebrow.  The swollen area of the eyebrow will appear as a small ump in the skin.

Melanoma a form of skin cancer can also cause these bumps to appear on the eyebrows. With melanoma, damaged skin cells fail to die off, they continue to reproduce resulting in random lump on the surface of the skin. The lump will often continue to grow over time.

Treatment for lump in eyebrow

The treatment for lump on eyebrow will depend on the underlying cause of the bumps. For itching and inflammation, topical ointment might be used to relive the skin. Steroid creams or injection may also be used for the inflammation. Over the counter painkillers can also be used to relieve the pain.

Unless the underlying cause of the swelling is known, you need to avoid self-medicating. Let a professional health care provider look at the lump and make the right prescription.

Above in this article we have provided a list of the possible cause of the bump and the treatment option for each of the cause. We hope you find it helpful.

How to get rid of Lump in eyebrow

Apart from the medication provided, mid cases of the lump on eyebrow can be managed at home. Below we have provided a list of natural home remedies that will help relieve the skin and assist in speeding up the healing process of the lumps on eyebrows.

a) Warm compress

Moist heat applied to sebaceous cyst or bumps on skin will speed up the draining ad healing process. Heat dilates blood vessel on and around eyebrow thus improving he circulation of in these area. It fastens the transportation of nutrients to the affected area making damaged skin to heal faster.

b) Witch hazel

Witch hazels is an excellent astringent. The barks and leaves of witch hazel are rich in source of tannins. Tannins are known to treat excessive oil producing glands which causes sebaceous cyst on eyebrows. When used, witch hazel will tighten the pores of the skin and contain the secretion of oil to prevent acne and cyst.

b) Tea tree oil for sebaceous cyst and acne vulgaris

For those whose bumps are caused by over production of sebum, the oil from the sebaceous gland, tea tree oil can be very good for cystic acne. The remedy can be used to reduce the occurrence of sebaceous cyst.

The remedy is an excellent microbial agent and can have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects. Tea tree oi can be effective for infected cyst due to its anti-bacterial properties.

c) Castor oil

To relieve the eyebrows of the inflammation and itching, castor oil can be very effective. The remedy has a chemical compound ricin that give it the anti—bacterial property it possesses. The oil can be effective for both infected and uninfected bump on eyebrow.

d) Aloe Vera gel

The anti-bacterial and pain relieving qualities of aloe Vera make it one of the best home remedy for skin bumps and cysts. For popped bumps, aloe Vera is known for its ability to hasten up the process of wound healing.

e) Apple cider vinegar

Another effective remedy you might use for the lump on eyebrow is apple cider vinegar. This is a strong anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic agent. The microbial properties of apple cider makes it a suitable cleansing agent. Thus the remedy can be used to cleanse infected sebaceous cyst.

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